152Elias Lindholm
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Rumour: Flames talking to Carolina about Elias Lindholm

The National Hockey League’s 31 clubs have gathered in Dallas, Texas for the 2018 NHL Draft. Since all the hockey operations staffs are in the same city at the same time, there’s bound to be trade rumours that pop up. Our friends at TSN revealed a doozy of a rumour involving the Calgary Flames and the Carolina Hurricanes, with the Flames reportedly considering a swap for Elias Lindholm.

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Lindholm, 23, will be a restricted free agent on July 1. He’s best known as the player that was drafted immediately before Calgary’s goal-scoring machine Sean Monahan in 2013. It probably won’t shock you to discover that the Flames – figuring they’d get either Lindholm or Monahan – scouted the heck out of Lindholm. He’s a two-way forward (who plays center and the wing) that’s more of a distributor than a shooter, but he could potentially complement Monahan and Johnny Gaudreau quite nicely. He’s been a perennial 40-45 point scorer, which probably means he gets a similar cap hit as Max Domi just did ($3.15 million) if he signs for a similar length of time.

In the TSN segment, Pierre Lebrun speculates that the Flames would send Dougie Hamilton to Carolina and potentially this could be part of a larger transaction. The big question here is what else would be coming back, because swapping out Hamilton without replacing him with somebody of similar stature – and there aren’t many of those – would be quite dumb.

(And I’m not wholly convinced that Hamilton would be moving, because of course the first player you’d ask the Flames to send you for anything is Hamilton.)

Swap out Hamilton, and Calgary’s three defensive pairings become some combination of:

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  • Mark Giordano & TJ Brodie
  • Juuso Valimaki & Travis Hamonic
  • Brett Kulak & Michael Stone
  • Rasmus Andersson

And all due respect to Brodie, but he’s struggled on the second pairing for the past two seasons. It really wouldn’t make sense to bump him up to the top pairing, no matter how impressive Valimaki has been as a junior player.

It’s an interesting proposition, though, as the right-handed Swedish forward sure would fit the Flames’ needs. We’ll have more on this – and all the wacky rumours that pop up this weekend – as draft weekend continues.

    • Atomic Clown

      50 points from a dman for 40 points from a winger. I’ll stop being a flames fan if that happens, unless there’s 5 first round picks packaged with Lindholm. I hear the jets have some nice jerseys…

      • buts

        See you later in another jersey bud. Hamilton is getting moved…..get used to that happening. Doubt that it’s for Lindholm. I’ll drive him to the airport……wait DH was gone out of town before exit interviews started. And you think he’s a future captain. Ya right.

        • buts

          I apologize AC as I have been harsh on DH. I see so much untapped potential in him both offensively, defensively and physically. The guy could win the Norris easily if he just gave a crap. Warrener said in the winter that his give a crap meter was stuck in low. He doesn’t stick up for teammates, at crucial moments he has mental lapses. Was he misused by GG absolutely, the bottom line is we don’t know what he was like in the room, my guess is quiet, his brother was on the team for more reasons than we know. I’d love to see him on right wing for a few games ala Burns and Byuglin then throw him back on D. Regardless he gets us the biggest return and we have depth on D.

          • Atomic Clown

            If you get an offer you cannot refuse, you absolutely trade him. And I’ve never said he’s captain material. I think he’s the exact opposite, since he doesn’t have the edge or heat that someone like Gio or Tkachuk brings. I understand as fans we expect different things out of players, and that’s fine. I personally am more than happy with him if he can consistently put up 50+ points and be defensive reliable. I understand not everyone can be Doughty or Lidstrom.

    • oilcanboyd

      Toronto media hoping the Leafs could get Dougie cheap if this is what the Flames are asking…. Any rumours out of Long Island (Lou Lam) that the Flames are shopping Hamilton?

    • The GREAT WW

      Oh, and I forgot; they could have had Byng too!?
      And now they are complaining they don’t have any wingers!!!!
      Eberle for strome?!

      Unbelievable Chia “the equalizer” still has a job!


  • knappsacked

    Lindholm is an ideal target, but not for hamilton. More realistic and ideal is brodie for lindholm.

    If hamilton has to move, and believe me when i say i really advise against it, it would require 2 of the following 3 pieces: lindholm, hanafin, 2 overall pick.

    Again, i dont think hamiltin should go anywhere, but if we get 2 of those 3 pieces then the value is there.

  • withachance

    The video clearly states that if Dougie is moved, it is part of a bigger package. Don’t know why everyone here gets the idea that it’s going to be a 1 for 1.

    I’m in the camp of not trading Dougie unless it’s for a legit RW (like Panarin or something). Wouldn’t even trade Dougie for Marner tbh. A deal for Lindholm would probably need a Faulk deal to happen first, as Carolina would need a Top 4 D to replace him with.

    Brodie for Lindholm and a 3rd seems reasonable.

    • ALowry

      Yes, we all realize it’s not going to be a Hamilton for Lindholm trade straight up… What I’m most concerned about is that I just don’t see a scenario where we get back the best player in the deal. Hanifin, Lindholm, Faulk, none of those guys are better than Hamilton, unless you chuck in Carolina’s pick, which isn’t happening.

  • Korcan

    The only way trading Hamilton makes any sense to me is that there is more to Dougie than meets the press. Does management have an undisclosed reason for considering a trade? It is so baffling, but also intriguing because the rumors simply don’t go away.

    If they do trade him, the return had better be an indisputable win for the team because IMO Dougie is going to be a perennial 20+ goal scorer for years to come. So hard to replace that.

  • MDG1600

    Wow, wish I had some of the FN quotes about Hamilton after last years playoff loss to Anaheim. Everyone wanted him run out of town. Now FN thinks he is the second coming of Paul Coffey. Clearly he is better than everyone thought he was 2 years ago but don’t hold your breath waiting for him to get nominated for a Norris trophy. I’d make the trade if it was Hamilton for Lindholm and the 2nd overall.

    • supra steve

      “I’d make the trade if it was Hamilton for Lindholm and the second overall.”

      Well….yeah! Who wouldn’t. Last year, reports said ARI refused moving OEL for the Auston Matthews pick. I expect they would have said yes if it was Matthews plus Nylander…which is more like the Hamilton for #2 overall plus Lindholm.
      No idea if there’s any meat on this bone, but it’s fun to consider.

      • SmellOfVictory

        I don’t think the return is really comparable. Matthews is a full step up on Svechnikov (maybe two), and Nylander is a full step up on Lindholm (maybe two). Svechnikov and Lindholm combined don’t have the value that Matthews does alone, much less with Nylander included.

        • supra steve

          Perhaps you knew exactly what Matthews was going to be at the NHL level but a lot of the rest of us did not at the time the trade was proposed. We all did know what OEL was though. So either way it would be a young first pairing star D man for a top draft pick and a young high skill NHLer with loads of potential. That was my intended comparison. As for Svechnikov, time will tell what he will become to the club that calls his name tomorrow.

  • Squishin

    If you trade Hamilton, you do it for nothing less than their 2nd overall pick plus a depth player (perhaps Lindholm, perhaps someone else). If you do a Hamilton trade without that 2nd overall pick involved, they win the trade.

  • ALowry

    I think everyone here is hitting the nail on the head. Lindholm is a nice piece, and would help our depth, but Tre would never send Dougie away just for that. I imagine Hanafin would have to be in the conversation. I’d be thrilled if we get their #2 pick but don’t see that happening at all.
    Still curious as to why Hamilton is the one in the rumors (probably because he’s the one everyone is asking about). The only thing I can think of is maybe management has had it with his lazy dumb penalties, but let Peters coach it out of him. Or maybe Dougie is just immature and didn’t like Freddie leaving. I have no idea. It’s still slightly mind-boggling to me.

    • whysoserious

      what people are overlooking is Tre’s earlier comment about changing the culture of the dressing room in light of what transpired the last few months of the season. Could that be why DH is being shopped? that is what happened in Boston according to another GM’s insight in a matchsticksgasoline article. If we can package DH for 3 pieces that we desperately need AND improve the dressing room, you go Tre!!

    • Fat Tony

      This would actually be best case scenario if Hamilton is going the other way. If we can get Lindholm and Svechnikov that would be epic. This is one particular case where I’m saying it’s okay to trade DH but it will take more than that to get that pick and that player from Carolina. I believe we would have to throw in a Dillon Dube or a prospect of that caliber and maybe swap a late round pick, our forth rounder for their 5th or 6th.

  • everton fc

    I can’t see them moving Hamilton, though there has always been something about Hamilton I haven’t liked. We’d have to backfill w/someone like Faulk. I just think it’s tire kicking. (Perhaps Brady Tkachuk pulls a Vessey, and simply doesn’t sign, so he can play w/his brother…)

    Any trade I’d make w/the Canes would have Zykov coming to Calgary. Or are the Flames targeting RW Svechnikov? I’d be interested in Svechnikov. And Zykov. Maybe more than Lindholm. How do we get all three??!! Hamilton is certainly the best asset we have, to pull of something like this…

    How can we fleece the ‘Canes, and add Zykov , their 2nd (Svechnikov), and backfill Hamilton, with Faulk? Then you reunite Brodie w/Gio, and see how things go. Interesting concept.

  • The Beej

    Odd. Last thing CAR needs is D. That said they could move one of their D in another trade or this could have more parts and pieces.

    Hamilton for 2018 1st + Lindholm. This is supposed to be a big year for D in the draft.

    • SgtRoadBlock

      that not a lot for the Dear you think they would ask for Lindholm the 2nd and Haydn Fleury, and the ott part would gut the d core real bad unless we signing a ufa D man and we going rookies 5,6 and 7 slot i’m fine with

    • Kevin R

      I would still be down with Hamilton for the #4 & Stone. But Lindholm & the #2 is just as sweet. Im shocked Detroit arent in this. Mantha & the #5 for Dougie. Lol

    • Sobueno

      I was just wondering what options would be available if we got the #2 and decided to trade down a few spots. If this whole scenario played out we’d have just gutted our top 4, but you’ve got to open up space and opportunity for the plethora of high end D prospects we have coming up. Peters would be a good man to help them come along too. I wouldn’t be too upset if this happened to be honest, and that’s with me being in the Dougie fan club.

  • Christopher Rogers

    My guess it will be Hamilton for Lindholm and Carolinas second overall pick. The flames have depth on defense coming and Hamilton is kind of a softie.