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Flames re-sign Garnet Hathaway (one year, $850k)

Historically, the Calgary Flames tend to avoid salary arbitration hearings when they can. They’ve managed to avoid four of their five scheduled hearings this summer, as they’ve re-signed forward Garnet Hathaway to a one-year, one-way deal worth $850,000. The deal came just hours before they were scheduled to head into the hearing room for Hathaway’s arbitration.

Found by the Flames’ college scouts, Hathaway was signed first to an AHL contract in 2014 and then to an entry-level NHL deal in 2015. He broke into the NHL as a fringe energy body and bounced up and down from the farm, but eventually he broke out offensively in Stockton while playing on the top line in 2016-17. He spent much of last season with the Flames, playing on the third line with Mark Jankowski.

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He’s probably still a fringe body with all the right side depth the Flames have signed, but at least he’s not terribly expensive depth – he’s making just $200,000 above the league’s minimum salary.

The Flames have two restricted free agents left to sign: Noah Hanifin and Hunter Shinkaruk. As now their salary arbitration cases have all been settled, their second contract buyout window will open for 48 hours beginning on Thursday.

  • Off the wall

    I like Hathaway. Is he an offensive juggernaut? No, however he’s a good penalty killer and a decent energy guy.

    I don’t understand why we’ve all of a sudden want to get rid of him. It’s not his fault he was misused by GG. At least he tries to stick up for his fellow players!

    Rebar will know better. Whether he ends up playing in the AHL or is on the roster this season, I’m happy he’s got another season with us.

  • Oil Spilly

    Well the flames and oilers have the same amount of cap space left. Oilers still need to sign Nurse. Flames still need to sign Hanifin and Shink. This is gonna get interesting folks. As much as the oilers rule and the flames drool I would still love to see the flames in the playoffs this year only if it means a frickin first round matchup with the Oil. Can you imagine the energy in the saddledome and Rogers if that happened!!!!!!!

  • buts

    I’m not a fan of Hathaway but the lineup needs some sandpaper and grit which we don’t have a lot of. GG misused so many players and when you see how Gallant in vegas used his guys from Engelland on thru his lineup I would hope that the chemistry can develop under BP with everyone including Hathaway and Brouwer (I’m trying to be positive with TB which would be a miracle)

    • Off the wall

      I guess we have to accept that Brouwer is here for another year, like it or not.

      I doubt that he would be in the Stampede parade riding a horse, ( alongside Peters’) if Treliving was going to buy him out…

      Giddy up Ernie! That’s the horse, but should apply to Brouwer as well..

      • Jumping Jack Flash

        Here is my thinking on Mr. Brouwer. I think he is a by-product of the game getting too fast for him. I can’t imagine how the negative press has had an impact on his young family. I do realize that this type of criticism goes with the territory of signing a big contract… to some degree.

        Personally, I never thought the Bryout was an option this year. I am sure Brouwer’s professional pride will drive him to have a more productive season under the tutelage of Peters. I also believe that GG mis-managed Brouwer as poorly as any player not named Bennett or Brodie. GG overplayed players like Brodie and Brouwer when neither the analytics nor eye test supported this.

        Personally, I believe that Peters will be able to get more out of the returning players simply by empowering them. Most coaches should be able to get production from their top players but good coaches should be able to demonstrate faith and trust in the other players so the believe they have a legitimate defined role in helping the team succeed.

  • SGRietzey

    Serviceable depth and penalty killing for not much over league minimum and can be fully buried in the AHL – or less likely, picked up on waivers – so not much inherently wrong with this deal (aside from the noted lack of cap space after the Hanifin contract, barring a move or buyout of Stone/Brouwer). Personally don’t feel like they should’ve qualified him in the first place, as I’m not sure he brings anything substantial to the table that they couldn’t immediately replace with a prospect, but at least it’s low-risk.

  • Just a Fan

    “The Flames have one restricted free agent left to sign: Hunter Shinkaruk.”

    I can’t pin it down but I have this weird feeling you are missing someone. It’s not Hamilton because he was traded and it’s not Lindholm. Not to worry. It will come to me.

  • RealMcHockeyReturns

    Check the Math on capfriendly regarding salary distribution: 14 forwards is 61% of roster and now (assuming Hathaway stays) is 61% of salary cap for this year. Defense is 7/23 or 31% so if Hanifin gets about 4.5M (expect this on long-term deal) then 31% salary cap. Only goalies are below the cap percentage expectation but will change in 2019 when actual Brouwer-buyout happens, Stone traded, and Tkachuk gets his $6.5M.

      • SgtRoadBlock

        we don’t have to worry about Matty he being resign .They will make room by moving a core player or Buyout a over 30 player…
        The main worry is what the Goaltending going to look like after that..

  • Kevin R

    Sooooo hearing Brady is probably not going to sign his ELC with Ottawa & go back to BU. Looks like a smoke signal saying get me out of here to his bro out here. Who do we offer for him? :->

          • Bob's Hockey Stick

            If were giving away Bennett, Kylington and Stone. Then I’d hope we got a package of Brady, and either ceci or a pick like a second or third . help recoup picks we’ve given away for busts like Lazar. But I like the thinking of grabbing Brady if he’s actually available.

          • piscera.infada

            It’s actually a compensatory second round pick, equivalent to the spot in the first round in which the player was selected. In this example, it would be 36th overall (assuming Seattle is drafting by that time).

            That said, I don’t think this is any sort of harbinger of Brady’s unwillingness to sign with Ottawa. In fact, going back to college for another year is probably the best move for both parties. He needs the development (his draft-year production doesn’t scream “NHL ready”), and Ottawa probably doesn’t want him around what is likely going to be one of the worst teams in the league.

  • Bean-counting cowboy

    People keep talking about Brouwer and Stone as the cap dumps to re-up Tkachuck and I don’t disagree that either if not both of those could happen… but don’t be surprised if it isn’t one TJ Brodie who may be a trade piece after a stronger season beside Gio. If Hannifin improves and the Flames are happy with him in a top 4 role, Brodie could be traded for help in net (or some picks/prospects) if one of Valimaki or Andersson really impress as well. Remember Brodie will be looking for a re-up pretty soon and if the younger guys hold the fort… he may be gone.

    Next year could be:
    Kulak as #7

    • SouthernFlame

      But Gio is 37 years old after this year it may be his turn to go? And I would rather protect the younger crowd coming in than 38 yr old Gio for the expansion draft. Thoughts?

      • Getpucksdeep

        He was phenomenal last year. Even his giveways were plus which is rare for a 1st pair defender. I know he is getting older but as long as he can still defend by seemingly always making the right play and then jump into the attack the way we know he can, I’m for keeping him. I’d have to see his game really fall of a cliff first. I get “Sell high” but he’s been a legit Norris and Olympic candidate very recently. 2 years until expansion? 1 season at a time I guess.

        • Jobu

          Gio retires a Flame unless he chases a cup in his last year of the contract. Who knows, maybe the Flames will be the best option for a cup by then anyway. One can hope!

    • FL?MES

      Yup, me too but at the end of the day it is a business. If a potential trade partner for Gio comes up that benefits both parties it should be seriously considered.

      If Gio could retire a Flame without becoming an anchor that would be amazing. Unfortunately, it’s imposdible to say how his career will unfold. Who knows….

      • SouthernFlame

        Gio has been less and less physical. Used to be that you don’t mess with Gio and it’s understandable and you still don’t. But we all know Brodie isn’t a huge physical guy either. We all know Gio shows up at camp being the most physically fit and I know Gio can hit and fight but it’s now turned into that it’s not worth Gio fighting because he is worth more on the ice rather than in the box so who is gonna be that D that you don’t go up against? Prout is now that guy? Hamonic can throw some punches but what other D can? Stone won’t throw and I don’t think Kulak will either. So if Gio is too important than what? You have to rely on someone else to step up. I remember Iggy stepping up the other year and Enngland had to step up because Gio wouldn’t. I love Gio and hope he continues to live up to his name but we need some kinda D to say hey you have to deal with me now. I feel like we don’t have that D presence anymore. I hope I’m wrong?

  • Redleader

    Mr.Magoooooooooooooooo !!!! Otw ? Lolol that’s your new name ,I want you to change your avatar to a piece of toe Jam it’s more fitting for your personality!! Lololol

  • freethe flames

    $4.538m left in cap space to sign Hanifin. This should be more than enough if he is bridged but it does not leave a lot of cap space. The Shinkaruk contract will not impact the cap space unless he makes the team out of camp which means someone making more money is on the farm. If Brouwer does not impress he could be sent down; if claimed he saves a great deal of money if he clears waivers almost anyone who replaces him results in a net savings.(It’s just over $1m in savings for a guy being sent down). If Andersson replaces either Prout or Stone there is a savings although slight. The only way Hanifin gets a long term deal is if he signs for @ $4.5m if it’s more one of Brouwer, Stone or Frolik will need to be moved or bought out. Time will tell.

  • Sea of Redd

    and one more test He’s probably still a fringe body with all the right side depth the Flames have signed, but at least he’s not terribly expensive depth – he’s making just $200,000 above the league’s minimum salary.

    • Sea of Redd

      He’s probably still a fringe body with all the right side depth the Flames have signed, but at least he’s not terribly expensive depth – he’s making just $200,000 above the league’s minimum salary.