Flames sign Noah Hanifin to six-year, $4.95M AAV contract

The last remaining drama of the Flames’ offseason is over.

Sportsnet’s Elliotte Friedman has reported that the Flames have signed prize acquisition Noah Hanifin to a six-year deal, worth an annual average value of $4.95 million.

There is no word on any clauses in the deal at this time. It buys up two of the 21-year-old’s unrestricted years, and for a pretty reasonable price at that.

Hanifin came to Calgary from Carolina along with Elias Lindholm in exchange for Dougie Hamilton, Micheal Ferland, and Adam Fox.

Having just completed his entry-level contract, the 2015 fifth overall pick was an RFA in need of re-signing. Early lineup projections suggest that Hanifin will fill in on the second pairing next to Travis Hamonic. He looks to build off a very solid season, and will get to work with the only NHL head coach he’s ever had in Bill Peters.

The major holdup was likely related to contract length, as there was uncertainty whether Hanifin would receive a long-term extension or a shorter bridge deal. Now that the dust has settled, it appears the longer-term deal is the way both parties would like to go.

The deal seems to be a pretty confident bet on Hanifin’s potential. There were thoughts that Hanifin might get a bridge deal given that he only has one year of top four action under his belt. Signing for six years and making him the second highest paid defender on the roster, however, is a pretty strong statement to make about what they think Hanifin is.

The Flames now have three players under contract through the 2023-24 season: Mikael Backlund, Lindholm, and Hanifin, at a combined cap hit of $15.15M.

The Flames have about $2.59M remaining in cap space, although they don’t have any players left to sign. The team plays its first preseason game in two weeks’ time.

    • SouthernFlame

      He’s only 21 years old! If he doesn’t pan out dont protect him in the expansion draft. But he will pan out!! I don’t know if I will be losing sleep or sleeping peacefully for the next month. I need the season to start now!!

      • Stew_Catz

        If he progresses we’ll this season, the contract is friendly and he becomes a potential marquee trade chip to address other organizational shortcomings when Valimaki is ready to make the jump.

  • everton fc

    A very good contract. I like this deal.

    As for Stone – he won’t be moved until they are 100% certain Andersson is NHL-ready.

    (Unrelated – I see the Leafs are still struggling to get Nylander signed. He wants term. They don’t. Imagine if we could add Nylander, somehow…)

    • Atomic Clown

      They would want someone signed to a cheap term that fills a need. Their biggest needs are the back end. They’re also pretty high on Andersson. Bennett and Andersson for Nylander signed to $5 million for 5 years?

      • Denscafon

        in 2 years nylander has scored 61 pts in a row. He will probably command minimum 6×6 and deserves it. Monahan had similar stats when he was an RFA and signed at a discount of 6.3. Yes centers get paid a premium, but no way should Nylander accept 5×5. Also while i agree that Bennett/anderson would be a start, I’d think they’d want a 1st rounder as well. Issue with that even is that we don’t even have any cap to sign nylander at 5 mill if that was the deal. Stone would need to be traded as well and even potentially frolik to make room. I doubt leafs are willing to take either contract in the deal.

      • BlueMoonNigel

        I am still of the opinion that the well-reported dispute between Babs and Matthews is more of a rift than a tiff which might only be fully healed when either Babs is fired or Matthews moves on. I suspect the latter more than the former. The addition of JT was not to complement Matthews but to replace him.

        The logical landing spot for Matthews and it would come with the divine blessing of Bettman is Arizona. Can’t think of any NHL player who could more butts in seats in Glendale than Matthews.

        Don’t be shocked if this season or next Matthews goes Coyote Ugly.

        You heard it here first, folks.

  • Off the wall

    $50,000 saved. Now what are we going to spend that on?

    I know… pizza for everyone on FN!
    C’mon Treliving, we know you read these comments.

    Pizza and beer please, cuz we have supported you through all of this!


    Oh yah, congrats to Hanifin…

  • supra steve

    Just checked D payrolls for some other NHL clubs. Flames aren’t the highest, or the lowest…and it looks like their blueline will probably be a bit cheaper than the one that starts the season in Edmonton (after Nurse deal is signed). Tre knows what he’s doing, Chia does not.

  • Stu Gotz

    By now I’m sure you may have heard of potential ownership changes to the Calgary Sports & Entertainment group. I suspect the arena deal remains a major point of contention and will not be resolved within the current ownership group. I’m also hearing a few of these owners want to get out and now is time for change. What is not clear is if Murray Edwards is leading this change for more control or if in fact he wants out as well. Rumour has it that either/both of Shaw and Atco are interested….going to be an interesting season in more ways than just hockey.

    • FuNky ANGER

      Sources? I heard something on theFan960 this morning. But it sounded more like Edwards wanted more control while others wanted out. Nothing about Atco or Shaw family, so curiois to hear where you heard that part.

  • Jeremy

    Assume that in 2019-20 the cap is 83 mill.
    Also assume that Dube ,Ras, and Valamaki are on the team.
    Then the Flames will have 16189000 to sign Chucky, Bennett, Kulak, Mangy and a Goalie.
    Very doable.

  • Brian McGrattan's Salute

    I’m really excited that we have an even younger team now, with so many guys with talent. Like, I read that Hanafin got the news he was signed while in a theatre (again), but also that he was hanging out with Austin Mathews and Charlie McEvoy and such. What good company to be in.

    I’m just hoping that guys like Jankowski, (and perhaps especially) Bennett, and the prospect that might get a look on our forth line, really get it going.

    Hopefully all this youth (and new coaches) will make this a team to really want to play for (unlike last year), and guys will make each other better and can push and support each other.

    Wishful thinking, but I read also what Hanafin was saying about how excited he is to play on our team. And maybe that’s just what all players say, but I think it’s genuine, and if so it’s super nice to cheer for a team that players are actually excited to play for.

  • freethe flames

    Good contract. Flames still have about $2.5m left in cap space. $850 for Tkachuks bonus, $700 for player 23 and [email protected] $900 in cap space for the trade deadline. There is not much left for BT to do this off season; maybe add an AHL depth player or 2; that’s it.

    This contract also sets a good precedent for contract talks with Tkachuk.

  • fumanchu1968

    This is the most optimistic I’ve been about our team since the Kipper years. We might not win it all this year but we’re moving in the right direction and I wouldn’t doubt that we can go deep into the playoff with Smith and the character and talent on this team. Neal was a huge addition also.

  • Jagrrrrr, baby. Yeah.

    This is how I figure it will go this season:

    CapFriendly.com Armchair-GM User-Generated Roster

    FORWARDS (14)
    Right wing: J. Neal ($5,750,000) – E. Lindholm ($4,850,000) – M. Frolík ($4,300,000) – A. Czarnik ($1,250,000) – G. Hathaway ($850,000)
    Centre: S. Monahan ($6,375,000) – M. Backlund ($5,350,000) – D. Ryan ($3,125,000) – M. Jankowski ($1,675,000) – C. Lazar ($950,000)
    Left wing: J. Gaudreau ($6,750,000) – M. Tkachuk ($925,000) – S. Bennett ($1,950,000) – A. Mangiapane ($705,000)

    DEFENSE (7)
    Right: T. Brodie ($4,650,400) – T. Hamonic ($3,857,143) – B. Kulak ($900,000) – M. Stone ($3,500,000)
    Left: M. Giordano ($6,750,000) – N. Hanifin ($4,950,000) – R. Andersson ($755,833)

    M. Smith ($4,250,000) – D. Rittich ($800,000)

    T. Brouwer ($1,500,000) – L. Bouma ($766,667) – R. Murphy ($137,500)

    Roster Size: 23
    NHL Salary Cap: $79,500,000
    Cap Hit: $77,622,543
    Cap Space: $1,877,457

    • Jagrrrrr, baby. Yeah.

      Not a lot of cap space there. Hopefully Stone gets traded for a pick or prospect during the season. Even retaining some salary would still be a net positive for the cap space, and make some room for Juusy or Oli next year.

        • Jagrrrrr, baby. Yeah.

          True, they don’t need it, but more wiggle room is always nice in case something bad happens. Maybe Smith stinks up the joint and they need to bring in another starter for more than $1M – the most likely bad scenario that could require cap space.

          • mrroonie

            What if Smith doesn’t stink up the joint and that bad thing that happens is one of the top-4 D going down? Having Stone available to step in is a better option than throwing one of the rookies to the wolves. If something happens that they need cap space, Tre can make a trade at the time.

          • Baalzamon

            Having Stone available to step in is a better option than throwing one of the rookies to the wolves.

            Why? Why would it be better to promote a worse player? That doesn’t make sense.

            And don’t say experience. Andersson is never going to become experienced if he never receives an opportunity to gain experience because he’s inexperienced. That’s the worst kind of circular logic, and I don’t understand why every organization in the league seems to be trapped by it.

    • everton fc

      If they can’t/won’t move Stone (I think it’s the latter), then either Andersson spends one more year in the “A” (I hope not), or Kulak becomes the #7 d-man (I hope not). But I don’t think they’ll move Stone.

      And if any of the guys above get cut during camp, and picked up, a bit more salary is dumped. I also don’t see Mangiapane on the opening day roster. It’d be nice if he made it, but…