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Post-Game: Flames double up on Oilers 6-3 in Red Deer

On Sunday afternoon in Calgary, the Flames dressed most of their top prospects and beat the Edmonton Oilers prospects handily. On Wednesday evening in Red Deer, they scratched three of their best players and pulled their top goalie prospect midway through the game. The result was still pretty similar, as the Flames skated to a 6-3 victory to conclude their rookie camp.

The Rundown

This will sound familiar, but the Flames weren’t great in their own end early on and the Oilers – on a high after laying a pummeling on NAIT and Grant McEwan on Tuesday – came right at ’em. Tyler Parsons held the Flames in, which allowed them to get their legs under them. Dillon Dube sprung Dmitry Zavgorodniy on a partial breakaway, allowing the young Russian to blow past Dmitri Samorukov and tuck the puck behind Olivier Rodrigue to go up 1-0. Shortly after, an Adam Ruzicka initial shot rebounded around the net-front and D’Artagnan Joly jumped on the loose puck to go up 2-0. Dube found Zavgorodniy again late in the period with a no-loose pass, allowing the Russian to one-time the feed to make it 3-0. Luke Esposito scored late in the period on a nifty back-hander that caught Parsons moving side-to-side to make it 3-1. Shots were 10-6 Oilers.

Parsons left the game at the midway point and was relieved by Mason McDonald. He allowed two goals on the first four shots he saw. The Flames got caught running around in their own end, leading to Cameron Hebig lasering a shot from the faceoff circle to make it 3-2. Later on, Josh Healey played the pass on a two-on-one. Samorukov’s shot was stopped by McDonald, but he booted the rebound right to Evan Polei for the tap in to tie the game at 3-3. Shots were 10-9 Oilers in the second.

But the Flames came back in the third period, with the Oilers putting Stuart Skinner in net. Jordan Ernst found Adam Ruzicka streaking into the offensive zone and he beat Skinner five-hole to make it 4-3. After three failed power plays the Flames finally scored, with Glenn Gawdin knocking in a rebound after an initial Matthew Phillips chance. That made it 5-3. Brett Pollock scored on a one-time feed from Zavgorodniy on a subsequent power play to make it 6-3. Shots were 14-5 Flames in the third.

Why The Flames Won

Two teams went into the third period with a chance to win. The Flames stepped on the gas pedal and out-scored the Oilers 3-0 and out-shot them 14-5. With the game up for grabs, the Flames grabbed hold of it.

Red Warrior

Dube was easily the Flames’ best player, but Zavgorodniy and Parsons were also good.

The Turning Point

Ruzicka’s goal, the eventual game-winner, put the Flames on top and got their feet under them after allowing three consecutive goals to blow a 3-0 lead. They got their confidence back and never looked back.

This and That

The young Flames never trailed in either of their games against Edmonton. It doesn’t count for anything, but it’s probably nice for their pride heading into main camp.

In four and a half periods of pre-preseason hockey Parsons gave up four goals. In one and a half periods McDonald gave up two goals.

Up Next

The Flames are off tomorrow while the non-China veteran players undergo medicals. The on-ice portion of main camp kicks off on Friday morning.

    • Redleader

      If I put who was best in the game probably something like
      Parsons but I missed the first period so from what I saw in the second and third , found out after zavgornov scored a couple in the first , this guy really stuck out too , trev keeps finding diamonds !!!

  • Al Rain

    Based on watching two games for Dube and one for Valimaki, Dube is now my fav Flames prospect.

    Also, Phillips has to be the smallest person ever to wear an NHL uniform.

      • Off the wall

        I think you’re correct about Phillips. He’s definitely the smallest player I’ve ever seen.
        Having seen him in person, he’s about 5’7 and 140- 145lbs.

        But when he turns on those jets, he’s really something to behold.
        He’s got a lot of grit for a lil guy and fearless as they come.

        That’s why I love this kid so much!

  • Zalapski

    Adam Ruzicka could develop into something. I liked his game a lot. I was about to say how invisible Phillips was in the first, but he was one of the best players on the ice for the last half of the game, the kid has great vision, and can really turn on the burners. He made a couple of plays going to the net that were fearless, and that is what will get him to the show.

    Valimaki may have had some bunk plays, but he sure is around the puck a lot and didn’t really hamstring himself, just didn’t really “show” He had some gross puck handling mistakes but it’s a rookie game. I think he’ll start in the AHL for sure unless he completely blows the doors of this camp.

    Dube is legit. He’s going to make the team.

    • LannyMac

      Valimaki struggled maybe his game will pick up if not no biggy he is young. I can see the raw talent but if this is the best he shows this camp he is no where close to making the show

      • cberg

        Don’t agree Valimaki struggled much at all. I noted 1 misplay but many many the other way. Other very good D on the night were Ollas-Matson, Merezhko and to a lessor extent Healey. Merezhko has made an impact both nights and think there may be a good chance the Flames sign him if he keeps it up since they don’t have a lot of his type D.

  • Off the wall

    Two games and we’re seeing a theme. Dube has been amazing!

    Valamaki , needs more time.

    Parsons is looking good.

    Oilers have crap for goaltending.

    No fights? I thought for sure big Igor would find a dance partner.

    I love that we beat the Oilers twice, even if it was prospect games.

  • Opi

    Dmitry Zavgorodniy, a seventh round pick of the Flames, was better than any Oiler player on this night. Super quick release with a howitzer for a shot netted him his second. His first was a beauty toe drag deke that left Rodrigue still wondering what happened.

    It’s players like this that are the reasons that Tre was able to trade higher draft picks recently & not only not miss a beat but continue to excel, yes …

    • Redleader

      I actually missed the first period and didn’t know he even scored two goals , my impression was left from what I saw from Zavgor
      In the second and third now I find out he scored two in the first . How does Trevling do it ? This Zavgorny could have had 3,4 goals then , definitely might have a panarin in this kid .

    • BlueMoonNigel

      Hold on to yourself, joy boy. Apart from Monahan and Tkachuk, Tre doesn’t have any of his draftees earning a regular NHL pay cheque, and when he finally does, will they just be uniform fillers who have made the team because they work cheap? Think Clarke Wilm. Great guy! Played 4 full seasons here but did he really make the Flames a better club? He did not. Nice to speculate that Dube and Phillips and other lower round selections might prove to be sleeper picks, but until they make the Flames and actually make the team a better club, they are Clarke Wilm wannabes.

      • Redleader

        Nope sorry budds Zavgornovy fella is another great late round pick, I realize the lack of skill in the opposition and I’m not talking about his goals ,I didn’t even see them I left the centrium not even realizing that he scored two in the first,but he still stood out big time ,I thought he was Matty Phillips a few times ,similar height, similar speed , as far as Trevling he drafted Monahan who is right up there with McKinnon for top player from that draft and TKACHUK will also end up being likely a top player from his draft ,that’s all you can ask for , but he could be crowned the late pick King , Mangy,Phillips, and now Zad!!! The impaler !!!

      • Derzie

        I seldom agree with Nigel, but this time I do. Flash, hope and promise are good things but that’s all that they are. NHL production is the true measure. We wait.

  • Hockey4life

    Was also at the game and to be honest there was anyone who really “stuck out”. Dube definitely has the best shot at cracking the line up this year but I thought Valimaki had a pretty meh showing and there’s no way he’s ready for the nhl yet. Mason McDonald scares the hell out of me every time someone shoots the puck lol. That kid won’t be in the nhl…ever.

    • Redleader

      Can’t really blame McDonald on the two goals but his demeanour did not egzude confidence and he looked defeated after the second goal . Two goals on his first 3 shots lol poor fella . Settled into the 3rd a little. Valimaki had a couple decent pp quarter backing the point had a few gaffers but looked like he tried too much sometimes , going for a long hard pass instead of the easy play , just needs to learn a bit of patience but could be that he’s just confident,looked like he was on the ice slit but you definitely noticed him .

      • Rudy27

        I agree. Tough coming in cold in the middle of a period, and the first shot was a laser to a perfect spot and the second was a rebound off a 2 on 1. Still, he’s no Parsons but he did hang in rather well in the 3rd.

  • MDG1600

    I agree with people suggesting Valimaaki needs some time in the AHL but I see some things I really like about him. What I like most is he really wants to control the play and take charge on the ice. He is decisive and he wants the puck. What he needs to adjust to is the speed of the pro game and to learn he can’t get away with some of the stuff he is used to doing in junior. If he can adjust to the speed of the NHL he could be a legit top pairing D because he has the intangible desire to be a difference maker. Guys like Hamilton and Bouwmeester used to drive me crazy because they have so much raw talent but neither of them really had a thirst for the puck so they could take control of the game and be a difference maker.

    • Redleader

      It’s what Valimaki can do ,more than a few mistakes that he made , he has the ability to settle down the puck and make quick plays , moves around the ice effortlessly with great instincts and positioning, he can gain entry at will although didn’t seem like Oilers had weaker prospects. I could even see him rounding things out in the AHL and even being called up . Looked great on the point.

    • Kzak

      Good point about Hamilton and JBo. What really worried me about Dougie (and the main reason I’m glad he’s gone) is in pressure and clutch moments, he mishandles the puck. I remember him in that playoff series and he was constantly flubbing passes and nervously mishandling it along the blue line, and I really think that that is perhaps the main reason why he was traded. If you don’t remember it, when/if the Hurricanes make the playoffs, watch him.

  • freethe flames

    So after reading all the comments on the other thread and on this one is there anyone who gets sent back to the CHL by Friday. Tomorrow morning we should have some idea of BP thoughts for line ups in China; practice should just about be starting.

    Dube seems to have made a good case for himself to get a serious look with the main group when they get home.

  • freethe flames

    So based upon two prospects games against the Oilers’ prospects things look hopeful for the organization. We have 3 or more prospects up front who are either NHL ready or nearly so in Mangiapane/Dube/Foo and I would add Klimchuk to that grouping (Rychel is he still a prospect or a tweener), we then have a second wave of prospects who need at least a year of AHL hockey or Euro pro hockey in Pollock, Gawdin, Phillips and the Euro forwards and then a third wave of guys returning to the CHL in Z, R, Joly. This looks good for the long term prospects of this organization.

    • Jumping Jack Flash

      There was a shift in the game where Dube and Phillips were on together and it looked like men against boys even if these men can’t grow facial hair. You can tell they love playing with each other and it will be 2/3 of the top line in Stockton midway through the season.

    • cberg

      For a guy who scored twice and had an assist Gawdin was quietly outstanding both games. Dube has the speed and makes things happen (the Edmonton announcers were comparing him to TBL’s Brayden Point) while Gawdin is just there (like Monahan) and does the little things like back checking and D coverage and screening very well, but quietly.

  • Redleader

    Apparently there are more Oilers fans than Flames fans in red deer, the won the loudest contest but not the score as a flood of orange and blue were oozing out of the centrium early lol

  • buts

    Dube and Zav were by far the best in last night s game with many others looking very good like Gawdin, Ruzicka, Phillips plus more. The teams systems look already better this year especially the forecheck. Here’s hoping the main group plays like this. I have to be critical of the flames goaltending approach from it’s coach’s. I see Parsons going down into the butterfly on a rising shot numerous times, I see MacDonald down and deep in his net… the same with every goalie currently, they all go down before the shooter even shoots and previously on this team they all go down and the one constant to all this is Signalet. I’ve coached goalies and yes with traffic in front you have to go down but when its clear and the guy is coming over the blue line there’s no need to falling to your knees especially a super quick talented goalie like Parson’s who can stand there and trust his reflex’s. Just brutal coaching for the goaltending on this team. Be patient goalies and trust your abilities.

      • Derzie

        We do know that Calgary goalies are not very good and haven’t been since Kipper. Don’t need to know what Sigalet is teaching but it isn’t working whatever it is.

    • Brian McGrattan's Salute

      Hard when there is a power imbalance — I.e. young kid just assuming the old goalie coach knows better, wanting to look good for the goalie coaches approval cuz he has power, wants to make a good impression, etc.

      I agree that Siglet is sub par. There are common threads in his influence I think we can tease out.

  • Burnward

    Just watched the full game from last night…and all I can say is thank the good lord we are not the Oilers depending on those kids to make a difference in the NHL.

    Absolutely scary.

    • freethe flames

      I just watched it as well. Some observations AOM was sound all night; he did a very good job when Valimaki took some chances, the Flames forward prospects; Dube, Phillips, Z, Ruzica were clearly better than any Oiler’s forwards. Pollock was okay but not special and the same could be said for Gawdin after that the rest of the forwards were meh.

  • Redleader

    Decent game I think I passed peter chiarelli and a few other Oilers guys. Valimaki was decent Phillips really stick out to me , he’s looking very promising and it’s true about his stature strong on his feet ,engaged,never gives up on plays ,

  • freethe flames

    I just watched Cail Mcleans post game interview on the flames site and his gushing praise for young Mr Dube. Dube has played very well and I hope he continues to play well as the level of competition goes up. Many here have him making the opening night roster and I’m okay with that if it happens. But I worry that he might become a “Lazar” kind of guy if he does get some AHL time.

    • Baalzamon

      Unremarkable. You twist my arm I’d say Ollas Mattsson was the best one in this game. Valimaki was uneven again, and the rest were either unnoticeable (Merezhko, Rippon) or straight-up bad (Healey, Pachal)

      • Redleader

        I was calling Healy mr .crunch crunch , this guy was laying out white jerseys pretty much every time he touched someone, I think he could have injured a couple Soilers prospects, I thought he was fairly steady but he hits really hard !

        • Baalzamon

          He hit a lot but it rarely accomplished anything. He’d knock a guy down and then fail to get the puck in time (and then handily lose the puck battle if there even was one).

      • freethe flames

        The key for a guy like AOM is to be just solid. Do you think Merezhko will get an AHL contract. One area of concern for me is the Heat’s blueline. It looks like: Valimaki, Kylington, Holgstrom(I think that’s his name), the PTO swede(sorry I can’t remember his name) AOM and Healy. That’s not much depth.

      • cberg

        Valimaki was overall the best and played solid outside of 1-2 puck fumbles. He was all over the ice and very involved offensively and was very proficient at moving the puck from behind his net even with two guys on him. Ollas-Matson was solid and physical and played good positionally. Merezhko was very physical and great along the boards, while Healey also had a couple good moments. Not much from the rest.