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Flames waive Brett Kulak, Curtis Lazar and Anthony Peluso

In advance of Tuesday’s league-wide roster deadline, the Calgary Flames have seemingly made some final decisions. The club has placed defender Brett Kulak and forwards Curtis Lazar and Anthony Peluso on the waiver wire, with intentions of sending the players to the American Hockey League’s Stockton Heat.

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Presuming that nobody else goes on waivers tomorrow, here are the conclusions to draw from these waiver exposures:

  • David Rittich is going to be the backup, as Jon Gillies can be sent down without requiring waivers.
  • Dalton Prout has made the team, as has one of Juuso Valimaki and Rasmus Andersson.
  • Garnet Hathaway, Dillon Dube and Andrew Mangiapane have made the opening night roster.

Kulak, 24, was a fourth round pick of the Flames back in 2012. He’s been a depth defender on the team for basically the last three seasons, but hasn’t really kicked the door down in this year’s camp – to contrast with Juuso Valimaki, who has. Kulak didn’t dress for either of the last two preseason games. He was waived over the summer in advance of his arbitration hearing.

Lazar, 23, was a first round selection of the Ottawa Senators in 2013. He was acquired at the 2017 trade deadline for a second round draft pick but has failed to materialize (so far) into an impactful NHL player. He didn’t dress for either of the last two preseason games.

Peluso, 29, has been a depth forward basically everywhere he’s gone. He was useful depth for the Stanley Cup champion Washington Capitals last season (spending much of the season with the AHL’s Hershey Bears) and was signed this summer to be that for the Flames.

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The Flames must submit their season-opening 23-man roster to the league office by 3 p.m. MT on Tuesday. They open their season on Wednesday night at Rogers Arena against the Vancouver Canucks.

  • Porcupine at a balloon party

    I think these three guys going on waivers today instead of the flury 24 hours before the roster cap is indicative that they would not be opposed to them being claimed on waivers. Calgary is a cap team but they do run on a budget (as any business should do) and paying these guys NHL salaries in AHL is not what the Flames have preferred to do in past. My guess is they’ve been written off.

    Which is unfortunate as they are good guys (Lazar) and to be assessment Kulak is still a serviceable 5/6/7 guy, but seems like management may disagree. Time will tell

    • Hockeysense9393

      Kulak may be back up. Valimaki will get his 9 games to prove himself. Kulak already went through waivers without any trouble so I’m sure they felt that they could do it again.

      • Porcupine at a balloon party

        My guess is he’s claimed. Byron (ish) familiarities here. Don’t think he’ll go on to have success with another club like Byron (could be wrong), but his underlying numbers have shown he’s above replacement level and there’s a lot of teams (ahem, Oilers) in need of 5/6 guys of his calibre.

  • freethe flames

    I’m going to play devil’s advocate on Dube. He played great in the prospects series and was clearly above his peers in either organization for those two games; there is no doubt in my mind of that. The first few games against mostly AHL and with AHL players he was good and at some points great; however since the competition and the supporting cast has changed he has not been a difference maker; he’s been fine but not a difference maker despite being given plenty of opportunities to do so. Case in point; how much PP time did he get vs Edmonton and how successful was the PP? He had lots pf PP time and the PP was not as effective as it could have been. Meanwhile a guy like Janko who scored 17 times as a rookie has had virtually no PP time. I get what BP was trying to do and preseason is the time to do it but let’s put Dube’s performance the last few games into perspective. Let’s not expect the world from the young man.

    I think he has earned a spot on this team but I want to have reasonable expectations for him. In many ways he and Mangiapane have been very similar and I would dare say Mangiapane has been more consistent game in game out; not better but more consistent.

  • 左翼二

    CapFriendly.com Armchair-GM User-Generated Roster

    FORWARDS (13)
    Right wing: Elias Lindholm ($4,850,000) – James Neal ($5,750,000) – Michael Frolík ($4,300,000) – Austin Czarnik ($1,250,000)
    Centre: Sean Monahan ($6,375,000) – Mikael Backlund ($5,350,000) – Derek Ryan ($3,125,000) – Mark Jankowski ($1,675,000)
    Left wing: Johnny Gaudreau ($6,750,000) – Matthew Tkachuk ($925,000) – Sam Bennett ($1,950,000) – Dillon Dubé ($778,333)
    Extra – Garnet Hathaway ($850,000)

    DEFENSE (7)
    Right: TJ Brodie ($4,650,400) – Travis Hamonic ($3,857,143) – Rasmus Andersson ($755,833) – Michael Stone ($3,500,000)
    Left: Mark Giordano ($6,750,000) – Noah Hanifin ($4,950,000) – Juuso Välimäki ($894,166)
    Extra – Michael Stone ($3,500,000)

    Mike Smith ($4,250,000) – David Rittich ($800,000)

    BUYOUTS (3)
    Troy Brouwer ($1,500,000) – Lance Bouma ($766,667) – Ryan Murphy ($137,500)

    Roster Size: 23
    Salary Cap: $79,500,000
    Cap Hit: $77,540,042
    Cap Space: $1,959,958

  • Off the wall

    How long does it take to acclimatize yourself to a new environment? I’m asking, because I really don’t have an answer.

    Every player is different. You spend the offseason getting stronger, faster and better at your trade. Goalies spend time honing their angles, leg strength and flexibility. Everyone is focusing on getting better.

    You get to training camp. You’re meeting new players, you’re chatting with them about the offseason. You’re making new friends. But you’re all back to square one. No real test on your abilities. Not so far.

    Player x, has a more lethal shot then you remember. Player y, has increased his speed and strength. Goalies are surprised by the sheer amount of pace, accuracy and speed of the game. One bad angle and you’ve exposed yourself to players who are eager to make you pay.
    They all want JOBS!

    Everyone is feeling a bit uneasy. Except for the real veterans who’ve been around for years and know how this story unfolds.

    We’re worried about goaltending. We’re worried about secondary scoring. We’re worried about defensive pairings. Who plays, who doesn’t? All valid, all important.
    But it doesn’t address the original premise. How long does it take to acclimatize?

    Preseason. It’s ended. What does this team really look like?
    Where are the holes? How do we minimize those?

    We’ll find out soon enough. Treliving has done as much as he possibly could- at this point- to merit a successful season for our team.

    Whether we get off to a fast start or slow one, I think we should expect a little bumps along the way.

    Really, how long does it take to acclimatize? We’re about to find out!

    • freethe flames

      Acclimatize to a new system as well. As fans what have we liked about the changes? What are reasonable expectations of the team; of each player? I’m excited about the upcoming season. I’m hopeful that this team can be competitive and entertaining this year. If I take time to access the preseason here’s my observations:
      1. I watched the first day of practice and liked the pace of practice and got a sense of how they want to play. Offensively there were 3 things I have noticed: 1. they are not afraid to dump the puck in a forecheck like demons, 2. The skilled players are not afraid to hold onto the puck on a zone entry and keep possession and 3. the defenders are not afraid to join the rush. All of these things require skating hard and skating with pace. When they have done these things they have been very good and have been fun to watch. This has improved as the preseason has gone on.

      If you are going to forecheck effectively a number of things must happen: defenders must make good reads as to when and where to pinch, other defenders and forwards must read the play effectively and communicate that they have know what they are doing to help and finally everyone on the ice must work hard to get back and cover when the forecheck has been broken. This is a work in progress and there some players who seem to have it consistently and others who have a lot of work to do. Defensive zone coverage needs to get better and should over time.
      The PK has for the most part been very good but the PP has once again let this team down and has killed momentum; the strength of this team is skating and the PP is very methodical and slow; hopefully this will change.

      Goaltending has been average at best and I have to say I do not like the goalies positioning as a whole; far to often they seem to deep in the crease, down to early on shots and handle the puck to much.

    • oilcanboyd

      Time for the action to start! Enough guessing as to who should play where with finally a total NHL lineup. Order the beer for the season and enjoy the season as it unfolds – for better or for worse…and hopefully the beer won’t be gone after the first month because of dodgy result…


    Honest question not trolling. Do you guys think if Backlund was put on waivers would he be claimed. Im in no way saying he should be on waivers it was just something a few of us disagreed on last night.


        I said he would get claimed. The two fellows I was with said his salary is not attractive and would clear simply because of the dollars. Thanks for being Dic-ks though.

        • Rockmorton65

          The only teams who wouldn’t put in a claim for a guy like Backlund would be teams that didn’t have the cap space. He would be an instant upgrade on most teams third line. They would claim him and then waive their 3/4 centre.

          It’s a very obvious answer. Sounds like your friends aren’t that educated about hockey.

        • TKO

          it really is a childish desire you have to engage is juvenile name calling… if your going to troll, at least do it like an adult, so you don’t make a complete fool of yourself. you have to up your game 500% just to even get anyone angry.

          • The GRAND BALLSUCKER

            Settle you down there big guy. If I was to troll trust me you would know it. I was simply asking a question to prove a point to my fellow fans from a discussion I had with them after last nights game.

    • BendingCorners

      You’re a lightning rod, kid. Could be the moniker. But yes, Backlund would be claimed. A bunch of teams have cap space and room on their roster for a solid two-way center.

    • oilcanboyd

      If Lucic were put on waivers would he be claimed? It depends on a number of factors – the worth of a playr his age (or Backs), perceived ability to maintain or even upgrade their play over the next 3 or 4 years at least, team salary caps. At this time of the pre=season when all teams are juggling prospects, veterans, hasbeens and the cap, it is highly unlikely they would be picked up.

      • BendingCorners

        If it weren’t for his NMC you mean? Given how Ton Wilson impacted the Caps’ Cup run, I could see a contending team making room. If he cleared all the other teams then Nashville I think would take Lucic. Their cap management wizardry has left them space, even though they are the best team in the league.

    • Dunk

      He plays soft. He has managed to fool many. If there is a challenged puck he always manages to lose the race or turn away. He never takes a hit or hits. Just watch him..

  • buts

    It is sad that this is probably the end for Lazar. Puzzling on why he couldn’t make it but there’s a ton of first rounders that didn’t pan out throughout the years. At least BT has the guts to cut bait. I really like this years team……except for goaltending. I’m sure some change is coming if not no playoffs.

  • Please smith .... play well !!

    Necessary and I thought fairly obvious moves for the most part . I always liked Kulak as a third pairing guy but I don’t dispute that anderssen and Valimaki look to have much more upside

    Too bad lazar didn’t work out but at least management isn’t holding other players back to try again to support Lazar’s Emergence …

    Hoping for a great season .. if the keepers make some stops I think this team will be just fine

  • Off the wall

    Sometimes I like to read other Nations sites. It gives me a broad overview of the (state of) other fan bases. I must admit the Oilers most recent blog, (admittedly I don’t recognize the writer, as I don’t frequent much ) has me baffled. Somehow they’ve launched themselves into a possible playoff spot (4th) in the division..whilst relegating the Flames to 6th place in the Pacific. Huh? Did I miss something? Did our off season acquisitions – new players- make absolutely no difference? Am I out to lunch again? Is this a spoiler alert or an Oiler alert?

    I think it’s the title of the blog that confuses me more than anything;
    “ A Somewhat Accurate Pacific Division Preview”

    I think I’d like to write a blog. You all know I love a great story.
    I could bring you all with me on this fantastic voyage to parts unknown, although they will appear absolutely real to you. Because in fantasy you’re allowed to go beyond the normal parameters of reality.

    I think I shall title it:
    “The Quest for the Cup”
    Remember Vegas? Our story will be much more entertaining and so much more realistic.
    In summation, it will entail,
    not only winning the Pacific Division, but also breezily dancing our way to the ultimate dream…Mr Stanley himself!!
    Oh -and Old man Smitty with his weather wrinkled face- wins the Vezina.

    When can I start my fantasy writing gig?

    • aye

      Don’t really care for predictions, whether it’s Hockey News having the Flames 1st in the Pacific, or the ON writer placing them 6th, but do have a problem with his reasoning, which was health of Smith. Fair enough, as Flames fans have the same concern, but the same can be said about other teams as well. Quick, Gibson, Fleury have all had injury issues in the last few years, and there is no guarantee Talbot will bounce back to the .917 he’s hoping for.
      Pre-season viewing has me believing the D with Hanifin will be better than with Dougie, and if Valimaki and Andersson gets in, it’ll be even better.

    • Derzie

      To a fan that is not a Flames/Oilers homer, the Oilers are better than the Flames and will finish higher in the standings. McDavid makes it so all by himself. If he plays the way he can and Talbot is solid, they make the playoffs. I don’t like it one little bit but that doesn’t make it false.

  • BendingCorners

    I’ve just finished my tea, and the leaves at the bottom of the cup are telling me something. (I know, dead and decaying vegetable matter is not universally recognized for its hockey expertise, but the leaves insist).
    Mango and Doobie are on the roster as insurance in case Chucky misses time in October. Eventually one or both will find themselves in Stockton for further seasoning.
    Kulak was sent down to maximize roster flexibility; if Valimaki struggles they will swap places. If not, a star is born.
    Prout is only still in camp in case Stone is dealt – it really isn’t a close contest between Prout and Andersson at the NHL level. If Stone is dealt then it will be to Toronto for Pickard, maybe also involving retained salary in exchange for a pick. Buffalo’s backup is waiver exempt and Sparks and Pickard are too tempting for a team trying to escape the basement, so Toronto will keep Sparks, waive McElhinney, and trade Pickard.
    If that happens then Rittich is gone, either to Europe or to the waiver wire.
    The tea leaves also tell me that things will go well this year for the Flames, and they will go to the Western Final. Maybe they are hockey savants, after all.

  • Stockton's Finest

    Heat lose 4-3. Rychel with a bad penalty with less than a minute left leading to a Bakersfield goal with 5 seconds left. Shots on goal: BAK – 49; SKTN: 24. Parsons was fantastic. Needs help on defense. Offense needs to show up starting Friday against Bakersfield to start the season.

    • Roger the Shrubber

      Wow. Parsons with 45 saves on 49 shots. That’s awesome for him. Did he play the first game or did McDonald?

      SF you’re gonna need to come in clutch this year when it comes to Parsons. I’m really interested in how he looks live!

      • Stockton's Finest

        McDonald started yesterday’s game with a 17 shot shutout into the second half of the 2nd period. Schneider came in and was beat by a laser shot high (it glanced off the crossbar) that nobody could have stopped. The second goal Schneider gave up he had in his glove but could not control. Easy put back for Bakersfield.

        Tonight, Parsons gave up 3 power play goals, one on a bad clear by Buddy Robinson, one where he was completely screened, and on a 5-3 late in the third. If the defense did its job, we would have won.

        Yesterday’s game in Bakersfield was more of an AHL tryout. Tonight’s game fielded close to what I expect to see next week.

        Line combos were as follows ( in no particular order):
        Klimchuk – Quine – Phillips
        Lomberg – Graovac – Robinson
        Rychel – Gawdin – Foo
        Ehliz – Kujawinski – Fischer

        Kylington – Samuelsson
        Paliotta – Falk
        Watson – O’Brien

        Parson in net for the entire game

      • Brian McGrattan's Salute

        Parsons makes me feel SO much better about goaltending for us this year. If all three of our goalies in front of him crap the bed at least we got him!

  • MWflames

    Gotta say, such a positive camp: 4 rookies pushing vets to the waiver wire with dube, mangiapane, Andersson and valimaki. That doesn’t even take into account the added depth through the line-up. This will be far and away the best team, top to bottom, we’ve iced in long time. Calgary will be very fast this year which is super exciting.

    Goaltender is a major risk right now tho and despite the team in front of the net, poor goaltending and injuries could sink the season. I think we need to ship out rittich + for a proven back-up.

    Next year we’ll be talking about Phillips, kylington, parsons and maybe Gillies pushing for jobs… Makes you wondering how they’re gonna fit everyone…

    • everton fc

      I can see maybe Gillies and, maybe, Kylington pushing for jobs. I can also see Klimchuk pushing for a place, in the bottom 6. Ditto Foo.

      How to fit these guys? Move Stone. Frolik’s contract will end (though I’d re-sign him for cheap, if it do it). I don’t see Phillips ready next year – a season in the AHL will determine is he can play at this level, against bigger players. And don’t forget Gawdin and Pollock. Maybe even Parsons…