FN On Air: the opening week ‘media tour’

On occasion, members of our team get called upon to do appearances in various other media properties. Being the first week of the regular season, this was one of those occasions where FlamesNation’s roving reporter Ryan Pike was invited to rove to additional media.


Watch: James Neal on After Hours

After Saturday night’s furious 7-4 win over the Vancouver Canucks, new Flames acquisition James Neal partook in the Hockey Night in Canada tradition of sitting down and shooting the breeze with Scott Oake. Here’s the highlights for you.


Flames 7, Canucks 4 post-game embers: Third period heroics

The same problems that plagued the Flames through the 2017-18 season – and the 2018-19 season opener – appeared to be hurting them again in their home opener. Bad special teams, an inability to score despite a ton of shots; the usual. But come the third period, the switch completely flipped, and once the Flames…