Photo Credit: Sergei Belski-USA TODAY Sports

Johnny Gaudreau pulled from Wednesday’s game by concussion spotter

The Calgary Flames beat the Boston Bruins on Wednesday night. But the win was somewhat marred by some uncertainty surrounding Johnny Gaudreau’s status.

Gaudreau was walloped by Bruins defender Charlie McAvoy in the third period.

Gaudreau played one shift on the ensuing power play, then was pulled from the bench. Following the game, head coach Bill Peters told the assembled media that the NHL’s concussion spotters pulled Gaudreau for an evaluation.

The Flames are off tomorrow and Peters didn’t have any updates on Gaudreau’s condition following the game, so the earliest there will be any information on his status will be at Friday’s morning skate.

  • RKD

    Something needs to change last week Weber smoked Gaudreau in Nashville then was hit and slashed in St. Louis and now gets smoked. Someone needs to send a message or else other teams will take liberties with Gaudreau.

    • WildfireOne

      Eye for an eye is what other everyone understand. So for Nashville, you take out Gaudreau, then Forsberg is what you lose.
      It’s what nations do, and history is witness.

      At the very least, a viable power play and getting scored against should be the start of deterrence.

    • everton fc

      Whilst I like Hanifin and Lindholm… A lot…

      They cost us Ferland, who was/is one of the best “deterrents”, in the league. I remember when he fought Nate Thompson either last season, or the season before. Thompson said, pound-for-pound, Ferland was (is) one of the toughest guys in the league to fight.

      Which is why guys like Ferland don’t fight much…

      We need to have a guy like this on the roster, who can also play the game, who can score, play defence, forecheck, backcheck, play PP minutes…

      Like Ferland. Ferland would have been on the ice, w/Gaudreau. And like Rinaldo found out last season, when he took a cheap shot at Stajan, Ferland would have made McAvoy pay.

      This is the one area our team, somehow, needs to address. Peluso and Prout are not NHL players. Lomberg, on the farm, is to small – man, if he were only Ferland’s size! Hathaway is not this type of a player, though McAvoy is in his “weight-class”.

  • Ringadingdongdandy!

    Hit was late (puck was well away from Johnny by then), appeared targeted, and the head was the principal point of contact. This deserves supplemental discipline for sure. The league needs players like Gaudreau on the ice doing Gaudreau things and not in concussion protocols. The league wants to stop fighting- then hand out serious punishment for injuring/targeting the players who put butts in the stands and eyes on the screens.

    Having said that, someone… anyone should have stepped in to deal with McAvoy. The Flames have no reputation for making an example of those who slash, cheapshot our stars.