Quips and Quotes: Flames lose to Canadiens 3-2

The Calgary Flames lost to the Montreal Canadiens by a 3-2 score on Tuesday night. Here are selected reactions from players following the game.

“If we want to be a playoff team – I know you guys are probably gonna laugh, this game, whatever – these are the games we have to win. And I don’t know, it was a bad effort after we got away with one in New York because of our goalie.” – Flames forward Matthew Tkachuk on the result.

“This one was pretty frustrating tonight, especially after we had a little talk yesterday, kinda a player’s only kinda thing, and talked about how our efforts having been great recently and how our goalies have been bailing us out. Kinda similar thing today, that’s the frustrating part.” – Tkachuk on the team’s effort.

“I thought we got out-played for the first two periods. They were the better team. They generated a lot more and were doing the little things better than we were, got their lead. So that was the difference in the game. I thought we pushed hard in the third. But yeah, we had some chances down the stretch but you can’t keep chasing games. It’s not a good thing to do in this league and eventually it’s going to come back to bite you, and we chased this one all night.” – Flames captain Mark Giordano on how the game played out.

    • Korcan

      I’m sure he’ll be back in next game. Question is, in place of who? To be honest, i wouldn’t mind Monahan getting a seat upstairs for a game. That would send a huge message, not just to him but to all the “untouchables”. Could be just the tonic this team needs. Then when Hamonic returns, let Brodie enjoy some popcorn for a game or two. I don’t think Peters would hear fans complaining if he took that tack.

      • BlueMoonNigel

        Genius move! Bench the team’s second-leading point getter against the high-octane offence of the Pittsburgh Penguins and then goat horn Czarnik because he doesn’t have the offensive prowess of Monahan. Late last season you had a good taste of the Flames without Monahan in the lineup. How’d that work for you?

        • Korcan

          I know it sounds extreme, and I’m certain it will never happen, but Peters wouldn’t be sitting him for his lack of offense, it’s his defense that is atrocious. It doesn’t matter how much you score if the opposition is scoring more than you are when you are on the ice. Monahan had a great start, but the last few games he has trailed off and the defense is simply not there. He is an assistant captain, but is not buying in to the 200ft game the coach wants. His line should be outscoring the opposition at a tremendous rate, yet they have the worst plus/minus on the team. If your leaders don’t buy in, how can the coaches expect the rest to? If he sat a game, what would the ripple effect be on the rest of the team? Pretty strong message i would presume. And it’s one game. One thing i can guarantee you, they would not play any worse against Pittsburgh with him out of the line up than they did tonight against Montreal with him in.

  • Franko J

    Sorry Tkachuk until they change the captain all those player’s meetings mean diddly squat. This team has nobody in that dressing room who makes the other players accountable. Simply put all this team has is a few good, honest, hard working souls with high compete level. The rest have to start playing with more of an attitude and pick it up a level, however I don’t know if it is possible with this group of players.

  • RKD

    Matthew Tkachuk “That was an embarrassing effort…We hung our goalie out to dry…We can’t expect him to be God out there…” Truer words never spoken.

  • LannyMac

    Everyone discusses who deserves to go in who needs to sit. I am 100% convinced since 1990 it doesn’t matter what name you put on the back of the jersey it is always the same results. A group of gifted athletes that refuse to work hard. Even coaches that you would assume could turn a sh!tty attitude around like Brent Sutter had no effect. It appears Peters , cut from a similar mould is running into the same problem. Hartley seemed to get a strong work ethic going but what happened to him. Oh ya the players ran him out of town.
    Lanny was running out of time in 89 and it was he and his assistants that, in my opinion, were the coaches that year. Since that time I think the Flames organization has hired coaches/captains in other words I have not seen an strong internal leadership from the players in the organization since. Yes Iggy was a hard worker for the first half of his career culminating in 04. After that I would argue his value other than an amazing shot. It is Bullsh!t that a coach has to be the single motivator in a dressing room. But that is exactly the role every coach that has been hired in the last 30 has had to assume. That makes me want to puke when I realize I am a fan of this putrid organization. There is a cultural problem with this organization and you can sit or place in the lineup who ever you want it won’t change a thing. Until what is happening btwn the ears with this whole organization changes nothing will change and you can take that to any bank.

    • BlueMoonNigel

      What a bunch of bull! Consider the Penguins. Following the glorious 1990s, the Pens hit the skids such that between the 2001-2 season and 2005-6, the club never registered more than 69 points and twice finished with 58–a low water mark the Flames have never come close to in an 80 or 82 game schedule. Enter Syd Crosby and the 2006-07 Pens almost their points with 105 and two short seasons later start their second dynasty.

      In a nutshell, the Flames have had lots of elite talent over the decades, but they have never had a superstar–the great player who can and will make a difference. The Oilers have had 3 of them in the same time the Flames have had zip. Call it rotten luck that the Flames have always been too good to have never drafted first let alone draft first in a year where there is a generational talent available. The absence of the superstar is what has kept this team in perpetual mediocrity since 1988-89.

  • Sea of Redd

    “We partied a little too hard in NYC and Montreal. Great nightclubs and strip clubs. The food and drinks were amazing! I was still a little tipsy on the ice.” – the entire team