Quips and Quotes: Flames beat Sabres 2-1 (in overtime)

The Calgary Flames beat the Buffalo Sabres by a 2-1 score (in overtime) on Tuesday night. Here are selected reactions from players and coaches following the game.

Another good start for David Rittich

For the third consecutive game, the Flames minimized their chances against. For the third consecutive game, the Flames got good goaltending. On this occasion, they had a bit of a slow start – three of the first four shots in the game were by Buffalo – and David Rittich had to be sharp.

As you’d expect, head coach Bill Peters praised his netminder after the game:

He was great. He allowed us to build a game, especially in the first period. He was really solid, itotal control of everything around him.

The end-to-end overtime winner

While the highlight reels will commemorate Johnny Gaudreau’s nice passing on the game-winning goal, all three Flames on the ice made nice plays.

Flames captain Mark Giordano broke the whole play down after the game, and joked about only having the energy remaining to get to the Sabres net:

They came back three on two. To be honest, just trying to take away the drop-pass and not give [Rasmus Ristolainen] that one-timer to Eichel, we know what kind of shot he has. So played it, and then it was a bit of a scramble. Monny did a good job to get it up to Johnny and [I] tried to… That’s all I had left, I think, in the tank was that length [of the ice]. It worked out well, I’m happy we put it away.

  • Garry T

    The Toronto and Buffalo games were impressive in that for the first time in a very long time, they were determined to win. They fore checked and back checked both teams to such an extent that they took two very high scoring teams and showed a containment game that was a pleasure to watch.

    They were taking the body, lifting sticks, clearing bodies away from the net,
    Doing things the right way and any accolades they receive for these two wins are well deserved.

    If they can manage to maintain that style of play for the rest of the season,
    It will be exciting times at home and away and the Calgary Flames Fans will be well pleased.

    Good job boys. You are learning how to win and winning is fun, so keep it up as best you can.

    • Pete80

      Aside from wins and losses, the last two games were as enjoyable to watch as any team in the last two decades. Even teams that made the playoffs played a lot of rope a dope. Very few Flames teams have really pushed teams around in their own buildings. I love watching this year’s team when they’re working hard

  • Sven

    another two points

    because –

    Johnny G is the worlds best shinny player….

    ESPN (Nov 2017)

    “Simply put: Gaudreau is the best 3-on-3 player in the NHL today. Johnny Hockey has four goals and seven assists for 11 points in 41:43, a league-best 15.93 points per 60 minutes for players with at least 30 minutes in the 3-on-3. He has been on the ice for 11 goals for and just one goal against, which is remarkable. In overtime, size matters not.”

    Keep Rittich in net

    play for overtime

    and ride Gaudreau to 110 points and a deep playoff run

    and how sweet to knock off the Leaves in Toronto

  • Chucky

    Three good games in a row from the entire team.
    Smith and Rittich seem to have gotten their balance and the team defense is looking solid.
    The concerns are in the forward positions, specifically the two high priced UFAs.
    Ryan needs to start looking like a hockey player an not a spectator. It is unclear why the Flames thought that they needed him but it is very clear he has not delivered. 14:15 on the ice with 3:27 PP and no shots on net, he is looking like a perimeter player who eventually coughs the puck. He also doesn’t have any excuse about system and new coach.
    Neal needs to start scoring, he is getting plenty of ice time and PP time and was not brought in to do anything but put the puck in the net. He is another guy that needs to deliver soon!
    Over the next 11 days the Flames only have 4 games and 2 of them are against teams that are not having a good start. If Ryan and Neal don’t pick up a few goals over that period the coaching staff has to make some tough decisions about those two particularly their PP time.

    • everton fc

      ‘Canes sites I read prior to his signing here mentioned his linemates. They may/did (?) help his #s.

      Ryan is what he is. He’s being deployed and juggled, as expected of a player with his pedigree. No sportswriter’s thought Ryan was a bad fit, for the Flames. But again, like Brouwer before him, and maybe Neal, now, it’s the contract – the annual cap hit, and the term. This is where BT struggles, with free agents.

      If we get 10 goals from Ryan, with the current role he seems to have here, that will surprise me, but may also be adequate production… For a player paid what Czarnik makes.

      I like the lines, and the juggling when needed, “as is”. The only open issues; “Who plays, Ryan, or Czarnik?” And why Ryan is on the PP… ????? (He did have a 100% face off percentage, vs. the Sabres, but I’m not sure how many Ryan took).

      In order to be dominant… We need a better PP, and much more scoring from guys like Ryan, Backlund, Jankowski… Ryan… Bennett (he’s playing well, though, so no issues there)… Dube… Hathaway…

  • Dunk

    Andersson is a winner. He should replace Gio on PP. DUMP Ryan. A little physical play goes a long way.
    Everyone should get some contact
    Early in every game…GFG….?

  • Pete80

    I’m really liking the rookies, not a lot of points for them yet but Dube looks like he might explode once he gets one and gets the monkey off his back. Even in the win the other night something looked off with Smith. He looks nervous every time he gets up from splits. I hope it passes but even after the last 2 games Rittich looks more comfortable and better positioned right now