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Quips and Quotes: Flames beat Coyotes 6-1

The Calgary Flames returned to the win column, beating the Arizona Coyotes by a 6-1 score on Sunday afternoon. Here are selected reactions from players and coaches following the game.

An offensive explosion

Sunday’s game was the fifth game this season that the Flames scored six (or more) goals, and the third time in the past week. Following the game, Flames head coach Bill Peters noted it was a team effort.

“I thought it was a good effort all the way around,” said Peters. “I thought we bounced back good from our first game on this trip. I thought Smitty was excellent in net, real solid, very calm and composed. I thought we got contributions from throughout the lineup.”

The Flames erupted for three shorthanded goals, doubling their total for the season. Forward Mark Jankowski scored the third shortie, and broke down precisely what made the team so effective at generating breakouts while a man down.

Our stands at the line when they were trying to get their entries,” said Jankowski. “We were really tight with our stands, and we created some turnovers and we got to go the other way pretty quickly. I think the good defense leads to offense there.”

Bill Peters plays through the pain

The Flames were without Peters for much of the second period after he took a puck to the face on the bench 3:37 into that period. He returned to the bench before the end of the period sporting a few stitches on his chin.

“I think it’s gonna hurt more tomorrow, right?” joked Peters. “One of those things. There’s not a lot of room out there, you’ve gotta be paying attention.”

His wound probably would’ve stung a bit more had the Flames not captured two points against a divisional opponent.

  • The GREAT WW

    To be an Edmonton sports fan…..so sad for them!

    The Stampeders are drinking champagne in your locker room…..

    The Flames dominate the Pacific…..

    Sorry Edmonton; your big brother down south dominates your charity teams!!!!!!!


  • Spider you muda&@#ker

    What the hell did Edmonton do to the field terrible! Kudos to the Stamps resilient bunch especially Bo Levi Mitchell to bad the recieving core was decimated or it wouldnt of been close. Offense definitely has to be thanking the defense and special teams man those guys dominated the game! Like they say DEFENSE wins championships so in saying that I think flames are setup well in that regard GFG!

  • Getpucksdeep

    Go Kings go, make this a complete night for Flames and Stamps fans. Regards the skating rink at Commonwealth did the Edmonton organizers think it was an outdoor hockey game? Both teams had to play on it but still the best team did win the Grey Cup in spite of the field.

    • Spider you muda&@#ker

      I agree it was a level playing field for both teams but I think as fans we wanna see players play at there full potential just makes the game more exciting and when its not snowing or raining why does it look like the players are running on ice WTF!

  • buts

    Did Connor set the field today? Awesome to win in coiler field. 2 years ago for the cup I was in Mexico and this drunk edmontonian was calling Ottawa the esks all game while blowing cigarette smoke in my face at the bar all day….just a jealous loser and calling Ottawa the esks. All I can say after seeing that esk fan on tv who goes to the cup game who has nothing better to do than bring a sign saying Calgary chokes……you friggin loser, get a life. Total jealousy….. city of chumps deadmonton.

  • Alberta Ice

    Great day for Calgary and fans. Winning in the desert and winning in the Northland makes the day pleasantly pleasing. Great going Flames. Congratulations to the Stampeders!

      • SgtRoadBlock

        well he doing better then Ryan and Neal so it hurts a bit as a Flames fan…
        we dip to deep in the Ufa market when we need cap room for Matty and Sam..
        Plus a Big year for AHL Flames a lot RFA at the end of the year, GFG

      • Cfan in Van

        Yeah, honestly boo because he’s an Oiler, but I’m supportive of Chaisson and his success this year. Totally understand why they didn’t bother bringing him back a couple years ago. It’s not like they were thinking, “Oh hey, he’ll probably start shooting 34% for the first couple months of the season-after-next, so lets pony up for this guy while we have the chance!”.

  • aye

    Missed the game, only watched the highlights, so maybe I’m being overly critical, but it looked like we caught Raanta on an off-night, he had a terrible game (at least 3 goals were fairly weak). And despite almost picking up a shutout, Smith still looked shaky and not confident (not sure where the puck is after making saves) and got lucky with a couple of pipes, so I’m not convinced he’s turned it around yet.
    Anyway, great win, and great to see depth scoring the last few games!
    Congrats to the Stamps on a solid Grey cup victory!

    • Korcan

      Actually, this was probably the most composed Smith has looked in the net this season. The Flames defense was pretty tight, so there were not many grade A chances, but Smitty did make a couple of pretty big saves. This game should relly help build up some of his confidence moving forward.

      I am curious to see if Peters lets him start again on Wednesday against Dallas, another of his old teams. Personally, i would prefer Rittich to start and let Smith’s next few games be road games before facing the pressure of performing in front of the home fans.

      If Smitty can get his game back on track, and Rittich continues his strong play, the Flame’s goaltending situation may actually become one of the team’s strengths. Wouldn’t that be something.

  • Fat Tony

    It’s nice to see production out of the bottom six for a change. Not exactly 5v5 production but nevertheless, encouraging. Hopefully a sign of things to come. Also, Smith impressed me in this game. I like him as a backup and now when you look around the league, we a very fortunate to have a backup as experienced as him. L.A, Pittsburgh, among others would love to have a Mike Smith to fall back on with their starting goalies going down.