19Dalton Prout
Photo Credit: Sergei Belski/USA Today Sports

Austin Czarnik and Dalton Prout to play on Tuesday in Columbus

The Calgary Flames skated on Monday morning in advance of Tuesday night’s meeting with the Columbus Blue Jackets. The skate produced a bit of lineup news.

Czarnik was scratched in Sunday’s win against Chicago, his first night off in awhile. Prout has only played one game for the Flames this season, way back on Oct. 6. Based on line rushes tweeted by Sportsnet 960’s Derek Wills, most likely Prout will swap in for Oliver Kylington while Czarnik will replace Ryan Lomberg.

Mike Smith has started each of the Flames’ last three games and won all of them, but that has meant that David Rittich has sat on the bench during that span. It’ll be interesting to see how Bill Peters manages his netminders with both of them seemingly finding their grooves in recent weeks.

  • FlamesFanOtherCity

    Actually, Smith has started 2 in a row, and won both. Rittich started against Dallas and lost in OT. Smith started the game before that and beat the Coyotes.

    Games were:
    vs VGK – Rittich – win
    vs WPG – Rittich – win
    @ VGK – Rittich – loss
    @ ARI – Smith – win
    vs DAL – Rittich – OTL
    vs LA – Smith – win
    @ CHI- Smith – win

    • everton fc

      We’ll see. Many here think Lomberg’s looked okay, in his role thus far. Seems a lot of guys who have slotted in w/Jankowski and Hathaway have done well. Here’s yet another chance for Czarnik to prove he’s not another Kenny Agostino.

  • Garry T

    I look at Chicago, Los Angeles, Toronto and Edmonton as capbound and I do not think Calgary goes there, Tkachuk is a great player but I am not going 6.5 mil plus for him as a restricted free agent. I give him 5,0 or 5.5 for six years and 8,0 for 4 years after that if he is everything everybody thinks he is. It seems like everyone thinks they are worth 8-10 mil per and they are not. Think about this, 20 minutes a game x 84 games equals 16,400 minutes a year .translated into hours that is 27 hours a year. 42 home games x 16,000 fans at an average ticket price of $ 130 a seat translates to $87,000,000.00 plus TV plus food and beverage plus fan attick. The player being paid 5 mil makes $ 3049 a minute or $ 6000. A shift based on 20 minutes a night. Those of you wanting to pay Tkachuk 8.0 mil per are paying him $ 4828 a min. Or $9656 a shift.
    Or$185,185 an hour. What are you making $ 15 20, 40 an hour? So you score 30 goals a year and get 45 assists for 75 points total and a lot of assists are gifted. Every penny of seat sales go to the players for the year. TV money is pretty good but if a team is netting $20,000,000.00 a year or losing that like Carolina, the Islanders, Phoenix and other teams are, as an owner, you have to come up with that dough. No wonder the owner of Ottawa is having conniptions as he watches his wealth base turn into dust. So now you have a goalie, 4 D and say 7 forwards averaging $6.0 mil per year. That means the other 11 /12 players are playing for peanuts by comparison. Yet they are working just as hard. Everything is relative. So before you armchair as a GM
    Think about feeding, flying, hotels, support staff, management, rink rent etc etc etc.
    Before you fling out numbers that are not realistic.

    • BendingCorners

      A hard cap eventually forces a steep curve in the salary structure. The top-end players get nearly all the money. The NHL is moving slowly towards that. The mid-range players will see their salaries constrained the most. Until recently teams could use a player’s RFA status to force a cheaper deal on the player, leaving more money for the mid-range players.
      some recent signings, and Nylander’s is the most obvious, appear to be putting an end to that. Top-end players will be paid full value on their second contracts.
      Tkachuk is top-end and will be paid accordingly.

  • FlamesFan27

    I have to admit that I didn’t really expect to see any more good goaltending from the aging Smith (my words as I recall in some posts were “Smith is clearly done”). I’m glad I was wrong. I’m not sure how long it will last, but if we have 2 guys that can be trusted most nights, then this team will keep winning more often than not and could run away with the Pacific. I haven’t been this excited to be a Flames fan for a long time!