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Quips and Quotes: Flames beat Blue Jackets 9-6

The Calgary Flames beat the Columbus Blue Jackets by a 9-6 score on Tuesday night. Here are selected reactions from players and coaches following the game.

Flames triumph in a track meet

Despite scoring first the Flames were trailing for a good part of the game, still managing to come back to capture two points. Head coach Bill Peters noted the game had an interesting flow to it.

“It was a bizarre game, obviously, right?” said Peters. “We score the first one, they get four straight, we ended up with five in the second. You’re not going to see that very often.”

Both starting goaltenders – Calgary’s David Rittich and Columbus’ Sergei Bobrovsky – were chased from the game and replaced with their backups. Mike Smith came into the game for the Flames in the second period, gave up a goal on the first shot he faced… and still managed to pick up the victory.

With the Flames’ fathers on the road trip, Smith noted the game likely unfolded differently for parents of Calgary’s masked men.

“I just told my dad it was probably a very exciting game for a lot of dads up there and a very non-exciting game for a parent of a goaltender,” said Smith. “Obviously not the way you drew it up, but at the end of the day we’re obviously happy to get the two points.”

Line shuffling pays off again

Peters has developed a reputation as a line shuffler, something that’s set him apart from predecessor Glen Gulutzan. As has become the habit when the Flames are in a tight game, he shortened the bench in the third period.

The lines in the later stages of the game were:

  • Johnny Gaudreau – Sean Monahan – Elias Lindholm
  • Matthew Tkachuk – Mikael Backlund – Austin Czarnik
  • Andrew Mangiapane – Mark Jankowski – James Neal

Derek Ryan and Sam Bennett saw zero shifts in the third, while Garnet Hathaway saw just 23 seconds (all on the penalty kill). Peters explained a bit of his short bench philosophy following the game.

“When you’re going down to three, you’re just looking for your nine best guys,” said Peters. “You don’t care who they are, you really don’t care what position they play, you just find a way to make it work. Every time we’ve done it we’ve been rewarded.”

  • FlamesFan27

    Very fun game to watch, but how can the Flames score 9 goals, and Bennett, Neal & Ryan don’t even have a single point? Also, Mangi and Hathaway, which would be expected.

    • mrroonie

      Easy, the first line or PP1 was on the ice for 7 of the 9 Flames goals with the second line (MMA) on for another. Neal made the long breakout pass to Janko on the Hanifin goal and would have had the third assist if they gave them out.

  • Off the wall

    Tortorella, “ They ( Calgary) had 11 scoring chances, they scored on 9 of them. I’ve never seen that since I’ve been coaching “
    Can’t explain it..

  • Albertabeef

    Did you know? After Iggy retired, Dion Phanuef became the Flames active leader in Flames Franchise career playoff points with a whole 12 points lol. This needs to change this season, because that is just sad. Now you know, and knowing is half the battle :).

    • Puck Head

      I’m here. Just busy doing my part to exploit our natural resources and stuff them down your provinces throat.

      Missed the game. My biggest concern is secondary scoring. If the bottom lines don’t start producing it could force BT to do something but our cupboards are bare and we need to keep our picks. BT might be hooped.

      Torts is a wiener.

      • Heeeeere’s Johnny

        Keep stuffing … Canada needs it to happen. If Alberta builds an upgrader so no bitumen goes down the pipe then most of the arguments in BC disappear until the obnoxious minority gets out of their cars.

          • Burnward

            And Oil builds everyone’s computer/cell phone they complain on.

            Indigenous folk needs trucks like we do.

            This line of thinking is about the easiest way to get the anti-pipeliners going.

            Arguments based in economics can be won. These cannot and only hurt the cause and make you look like a clown.

      • Off the wall

        I moved to the land of the free’ in BC 8 years ago. Coming from Alberta was a real eye -opener for me.

        I’m not going to get into every resource and such, it tends to create more animosity than I care to mention. Protest is the norm here. About everything.

        Suffice it to say, that trees that are not indigenous to this region are protected. Trees have more rights than the citizens who live here. It’s true and it’s unfortunate.

        I love our natural resources, however I must admit that our government here has gone a bit far in protecting everything, while our families have been struggling to find affordable housing for the low to mid income earners.

        I make a good living here and I watch 50% of my earnings go towards a roof above my family’s head. I love BC, however the idiom “ Bring Cash” pretty much sums up living here.

        I always believed that resources and people could live in harmony- if expropriated properly. Maybe I’m too simple, however I’d like to believe it could exist, without hurting our environment.

          • Off the wall

            You too Calgary Fan? I know, I can’t believe the vast difference between the two provinces.
            It’s almost like you say. Different countries.

            It’s nice to know I’m not alone amongst the masses!
            Cheers mate!

    • Mickey O'Reaves

      Watched the highlights of the game…Ryan Reaves had already knocked Wilson on his arse a couple of times and then laughed in his face.
      Then Mr. Reaves blew up Wilson real good. There won’t be too many tears shed over that hit around the league.
      I might have mentioned once or twice that I am a big fan of Mr. Reaves.

  • FlushedOut

    Remember when Hamilton was proclaimed the best player involved in the trade. Lindholm to me is now clearly the best player involved in that trade. If Ferland walks at the end of the year and Fox goes to free agency their GM should be fired for this trade (although their owner not wanting to pay Lindholm and Hanifin didn’t help). Dougie reminds me of Mike Green, a guy you’ll never win with as a top line D man

    • Chucky

      Try watching him alone, forget the puck and you will notice that he never gets engaged.
      Then watch Gaudreau and you will see that he is always involved in the play. With Gaudreau you will be watching the puck when you watch him.
      The are the same height and Czarnik is heavier but one plays a strong on the puck game and the other floats.
      While you are watching Czarnik other things that jump out are”
      He seldom gets to the player with the puck in time.
      He passes as soon as a checker approaches if he is within 20 feet of the boards.
      He spends the majority of his shift inside the area defined by the faceoff dots.
      He never uses his body to protect the puck or take the puck away from an opponent.

      Other small players don’t play small and muck in the corners. They don’t need to be really tough like a Paul Byron but engagement is essential. There are plenty of comparisons that we have played recently DeBincat and Kane in Chicago, Sheary in Buffalo and Kerfoot in Colorado they all play big.
      Czarnik plays small and that does not invite ice time.

  • SgtRoadBlock

    i was shock the jackets didn’t try to fight someone to change the game up..Maybe cause Prout was in the line up scared them to do that who knows…