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Quips and Quotes: Flames lose to Oilers 1-0

The Calgary Flames lost to the Edmonton Oilers by a 1-0 score on Sunday night. Here are selected reactions from players and coaches following the game.

Derailed by penalty-filled third period

The Flames weren’t a bad team in this game, but they also weren’t great. Overall, Flames head coach Bill Peters phrased it as the team was running on fumes – in terms of a few guys were leaned on too much due to a string of penalties taken in the third period.

“I liked us in the second period,” said Peters. “I thought we built a game. I thought we were real good in the second, we stayed out the box and then in the third we took three and taxed some guys. Hard to mount a push when you’re on the kill.”

For the second consecutive game without Mark Giordano and Mikael Backlund, the Flames seemed to take the first period to figure out what kind of game it was going to be. They began to push in the second period and into the third, but they just didn’t have enough gas in the proverbial tank to finish the job.

Some weekend positives

The Flames head back home for a day off on Monday after capturing two points against a pair of strong conference rivals after out-scoring their opposition 5-3 – all while missing two of their most important players.

Peters noted there were positives from the weekend, including a strong six-for-six performance from the team’s penalty kill – and that’s without a pair of players that play a ton on their special teams units.

“We’ll take some positives,” said Peters. “Some good ice time for some guys. I thought Jankowski really did a good job in Backs’ absence. And we don’t know long that’s going to be, so he’ll continue to grow and evolve as a player.”

    • Luter 1

      Don’t like Peters allowing-the boys an excuse for mailing in two points to Edmonton, that is inexcusable. Most guys took the night off for some reason. Big guys were non-existent and Matthew caused zero fuss. Jankowski played good shutdown and Hathaway was visible. My used to be fav. Bennett is turning into a won’t/can’t pass puck hog, coaches better get on him, becoming very ineffective. Raz way over his head last night and Hamonic back to his bonehead giveaways. No intensity = zero success

  • Garry T

    Sometimes it’s good to lose a game even if it is the Oilers. In reality they lost 1-0 and gave the Oilers the 2 points and that is ok too! Going through the process, you learn and what I saw from an analytical perspective was 1. The McDavid effect. They watched him all night long. Anderson had a bad night giving the puck away in generous proportions but that is a learning process and the video team will clue him in. I love Gaudreau, I really do. He can usually put on a show anytime he wants. But
    Found myself screaming at the TV, “ For Christ sakes, keep on driving the net and SHOOT the puck. His lack of abilitie to get shots away leads me to think another hack job slashing event has damaged his hands again. Johnny was there in body but not in soul Monahan and Lindholm looked ambivalent. I thought Tkachuk missed the charter up because that was the worst game I ever saw him play. All in all I think other than Rittich, the team should send a quick note to management saying the do not need to pay them for last night. In talking about the “ missing “, I think number 77 needs to be given a wake up call and send him to Stockton for the remainder of the year. Mark thinks it his god given heritage and right to be in the NHL. He was not skating like a lot of the others and he sure did not like being hit. He is along for the ride at the moment and Jankowski as much as I think one day he could be a special player, needs a trip to California for about six to eight weeks to learn how to develop some fire in his belly.

    Do not get me wrong, I live and die with this team. But the effort last night was non-existent. Tomorrow, I think think Gio should introduce the boys to the “ ladder “. Take about 5 or six guys and put them across the ice near the boards and tell the rest to line up on the other side. Point to the six and say they played there asses off and you lot looked like a bunch of puppies at treat time. All excitement and not knowing what to do! Does driving to the net and getting hard accurate shots off come to mind? Shots that do not go high or wide! Tomorrow is another day. I hope they can get on another roll.

    • FlamesFanOtherCity

      Brodie playing his “weak” side created the only goal they were able to score. Ras had the man at the net, but Brodie decided he needed to be there as well, and not bother with the most dangerous guy on the line. If you are going to trash a player and his effect on the game, look no further than Bennett. Tries to deke the puck into the net, taking out the goalie in the process. Penalty. He’s done nothing useful since laying the body on Nurse and fighting him. His effect on Tkachuk is to neuter him. If the 3M line used to be more effective, the 1M line is has negative value.

      Don’t need to get into excuses for the Flames here. I would say that EDM didn’t play a good game at all. They didn’t do anything to really limit the Flames, other than showing up. Their goalie had a few edecnt saves, but nothing great. The McDavid line looked dangerous on maybe one rush and a couple of PP’s. Other than that, the Oiler fans are going to have to settle for low event hockey, where you win by getting a timely PP or challenging an offside or goalie interference. And this is a 99% healthy team.

    • Luter 1

      Agree with everything Gary but Jankowski was playing shutdown and did a pretty good job, what about Matty, invisible. Lindholms worst game of the year. Raz was sleepwalking.

  • FlushedOut

    Watched the game on my PVR. The game against LA was bad enough to watch but what a boring f’ing game. I felt like fast forwarding to the end by the start of the 3rd period. I know making the playoffs feels like everything but a season full of Hitchcock hockey would make me give up watching. LA – Edmonton are definitely must not see TV this year.

  • FlushedOut

    Quick survey, who sucks more at video review, the NFL or the NHL. Apparently the NHL has gone back to the 90’s rule where a foot in the crease cancels goals. Watched the Philadelphia – Dallas NFL game also when I got home, even though a Dallas player clearly fumbled the ball and 3 Philly players jumped on it with no Dallas players near by somehow Dallas kept the ball. I’m a Dallas fan and even I couldn’t believe that one. So if you think the NHL is worse give me a cheer, if you think the NFL is worse give me a trash.

  • Getpucksdeep

    The loss of Gio was most evident on the power plays. I really thought having Brodie on his “wrong” side on the PP was a mess. Really hope Backlunds back soon. That game more than any showed us how important his shut down role really is and how good he is at it. He deos so make Tkachuk and Bennett more effective. Hope he’s back on the ice at practice.

  • SgtRoadBlock

    Maybe call up Rychel or Foo up, cause the bread kid falls down a lot i’m counting about 4 to 6 times per game..

    Janko should be the 2nd line center if Backland on the IR
    don’t sit this kid on the 4th line on his 2nd year in the NHL


  • Jourflamesfan

    I was disappointed to lose like this. It’s not the loss that hurts but the fact they couldn’t generate even one goal!?
    All their momentum gained and then a huge donut to our most hated rivals.

  • Rudy27

    The whole team looked tired. They couldn’t make a pass and couldn’t take a pass. I have never seen Lindholm struggle with the puck like he did last night. No bag skate for this effort. They clearly need a good rest to re-energize.

    And speaking of the boring “Trap” that Edmonton now plays. Gaudreau circling around and around by his blue line reminded me of a game a few years back against a trap team where the opposition defense just passed the puck back and forth in their own end for a minute or more just to prove a point.

  • ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

    The difference between 1st and 8th place in the West is ~5 points or about one week of suck v. one week of shine. The Oilers have a better pts% than the Sharks, Knights, or Wild and are well within striking distance of the lucky Ducks. So regardless of the three games in four nights or Gio’s cheap shot suspension, there’s no real surprise that team 8 beat team 1 when playing at home with a goalie who’s 6-0, with a .937 sv%, and (now) has three shutouts.
    This lack of surprise is compounded by the fact that the now Hitchcock-coached Oilers play D like a Hitchcock-coached team: aggressive forecheck, no room between the dots, active sticks, capable of hitting teams into submission, and full discipline on penalties after the whistles or related to things like Tkachuk-like instigation. If you’re playing against a Ken Hitchcock defence, there’s a pretty good chance you’re going to lose–both over the career of Hitchcock and over his brief tenure as the Oilers coach (where he’s 7-2-1).

    I have little doubt that if the goaltending holds up the Flames will challenge for first overall in the West, but should the Oilers continue to play Hitch hockey, they’ll be right there, too.

    So buckle up sports fans, we’re in for a bumpy ride.

    • Jourflamesfan

      I have this feeling that if we played a 7 game series vs Edmonton they would win.
      Their goaltending is better and McDavid just absolutely owns us. Also they are listening to Hitchcock and the results are there.
      I HATE them but I cannot dismiss how good they are playing especially vs flames.

      • Cfan in Van

        I don’t agree. It might be a close series, but Edmonton’s one-man offense wouldn’t get it done.

        We’ve won the last 2 of 3, and goal tending is a wash right now. As soon as Backs has returned, he’ll go a long way in keeping McD at bay. The Gio bump will return the Flames D to a position of strength, starting next game onward. One goal isn’t going to beat a full-strength Flames team.