Quips and Quotes: Flames beat Flyers 6-5 in overtime

The Calgary Flames beat the Philadelphia Flyers by a 6-5 score on Wednesday night. Here are selected reactions from players and coaches following the game.

The Flames looked rough, but got two points

The Flames were not perfect in this game. They gave up many, many chances. They were quite scrambly and their puck management was pretty shoddy for the first 45-50 minutes of this game.

But this is also a team that has a lot of offensive weapons and the confidence that their best players can pull victory from the jaws of defeat. On this occasion, they managed two goals in the final 68 seconds to force overtime and then scored early in extra time to capture two points.

“There’s a lot of belief and it is a resilient group,” said head coach Bill Peters, assessing the game. “We had a lot of chances and we gave up more than we would have liked, but we got a lot of chances, too. Stolarz made some big saves and then we were fortunate enough to get enough action at the net late and got rewarded.”

Several players noted how engaged the Saddledome crowd became when the Flames began getting chances late in the third period. Flames forward Matthew Tkachuk seemed as blown-away by the game’s wild finish as many members of the media were.

“I’ve been here for basically two and a half years now and that’s the loudest I’ve heard the ‘Dome,” said Tkachuk. “It was unbelievable. It was a great atmosphere and, I mean, you knew we were going to win in that first shift in overtime.”

Why was Mike Smith pulled?

Flames goaltender Mike Smith wasn’t great in the first 40 minutes, particularly a stretch in the second period where he allowed four Flyers goals on five shots – punctuated by a Dale Weise shot from 52 feet that somehow eluded him.

But Smith’s absence wasn’t performance-related. The coaches were working on figuring out new lines for the final period when they were told Smith wouldn’t be available for the final period.

“I got news he wasn’t right after 40, and real late,” said Peters. “It was real late, just before we went out on the ice and so I was told Ritter was going in. Smitty wasn’t feeling right, tried to play through it, couldn’t, and Ritter went in and did a good job.”

Peters said he didn’t know if it was an injury or health situation.

We’ll have updates on Smith’s availability for the weekend games as they become available.

  • Sven

    Didnt we just go over this..??

    Out shooting your opponents two to one with below average goal tending and winning barn burners in overtime

    is likely more fun but less optimal than out shooting your opponents two to one in front of above average goal tending and winning yawners in regulation

    or is that just me?

    • BendingCorners

      This won’t happen but wouldn’t it be great if it did?
      Mark Stone from Ottawa for Frolik and Neal at the TDL; if Stone signs in Calgary then also send some #1 picks.
      As long as Stone does sign for something reasonable (8MMx8) BT can still afford to give Tkachuk a big raise.
      And Ottawa gets two useful forwards (nudge, wink) for a bit more than the same total salary and some draft picks.
      Calgary gets a good shot at the Cup.

      • Albertabeef

        Nobody forward makes more than Johnny. I’d only take him if he signed for 6×6-6.5 similar to what Tkachuck will be offered. Have to keep the finances balanced and BT will still to his “Internal Cap”. It would make for an interesting summer of negotiations.

    • Phockey

      Agreed, he was minus 4 last night and standing still. This is not the same player. Maybe he’s feeling the effects of the last couple of years of playoffs. He’s played in 88 games of playoffs since 2013. 42 extra games in the past 2 years in the harshest most competitive time of year. Peter’s says he’s not worried. My hope is that he can be useful in the playoffs when the Flames get there. Not pretty to watch now though. Can’t imagine a trade that works. That said Brouwer is still playing.

  • buts

    Was at the game and Smith definitely was injured and not moving properly. Neal looked terrible as in his skating ,effort and overall play…..trade him away ASAP. Flames played flat yet still won which is the sign of a very good team. BP knows how to run a bench which is so refreshing after the last two years.

  • Albertabeef

    My thoughts when it was 5-3 just before Andersson’s goal:”OMG I can smell the Oily troll sweat all the way out here in Victoria”. I was cringing at the thought of all the possible troll comments on here. And then the Flames won and so far I have yet to read any oily troll comments since the game ended. So nice to have grown up conversations.

    • Cfan in Van

      So funny. Was it Tkachuk drinking from Johnny’s bottle after the 5th goal? Nice to see them sharing it around and not hoarding it for the 1st line exclusively. Spread that magic around!

      • oilcanboyd

        Yeah Byng was responsible for the two shorties, including a deliberate shot off the backboards for a juicy rebound in front of the net for the game tying goal.

          • Albertabeef

            It was a shorthanded goal against. When either team is shorthanded and scores it’s a shorthanded goal. We call them shorties. If the team with an extra attacker due to a penalty it’s a powerplay goal as the players on the ice are 6-5 or 4 including goalies. Empty net extra attacker is still 6 vs 6 including goalie therefore considered evenstrength marker.

  • Fat Tony

    Neal has been showing some positive signs as of late, but he was hands down dog sh*t in this game. I was also screaming at the T.V at one point last night after Mike Smith gave up the fourth goal of the period. That was shameful but if wasn’t feeling himself why did he insist on playing, you only hurting your team and BSD is quite capable of taking over. Anyways we got the win so lets keep it coming!

  • FlushedOut

    That was insane. This team is definitely going to give me an ulcer. The find-a-way Flames have mutated into the purple Gatorade flames. I’m buying enough purple Gatorade to get me through to summer tomorrow. So who are we getting rid of and how many line changes are we making today (P.S. that means leave Bill Peters alone)

  • Garry T

    Fire Wagon Hockey! I am screaming at the TV on the shoddy give always , which were far too many with a number of players involved. The next minute we are ahead and I am happier than a pig in sh…..t. Then we get beat in our own zone, my wife say for Christ sakes, sit down and shut up, we have a fan on to move all the hot air around. Then we are down and nobody in net with 2 minutes to score.Christ, we do, then we tie it up. The Flyers have scored some beauties and they are big and fast and their 1st two lines are so scary. This might not be so good if we do not win that 1st face off on o/t and now are in their zone banging away and in it goes in. Jesus My arms are flailin, I am jumping up and down, all 260 of me, Christmas Tree decorations are bouncing off the tree and my wife is going nuts. She is screaming, we bloody won. I am having heart palpatations and I cannot believe what has just happened. I am picking up Christmas tree decorations and she is still jumping. Another one falls off and hits me on my head as I am bent over. I can’t take this anymore. Please win three laughers in a row so I can get my heartbeat back in rhythm. Boy was that exciting.. I need some of that purple Gatorade. Go Flames. I am going to bed so that if I have a heart attack, I can die in my sleep. I need some uppers, no downers, no uppers , maybe downers. My cat looks at us like we are crazy, puts his head on his paws, farts and now I am gagging and promise myself I will have that bugger put down tomorrow, then I realize I could not do it. Good win!

  • FlushedOut

    Rittich so confuses me. As the clear back-up he is Big Save Dave. Just when he appears to be the #1 he becomes OK Dave. Then when he looks like the backup again the last 2 games he’s Big Save Dave again.

  • Toma41

    What a win!! If I didn’t know better I would say Smith was drunk. He was cackling like a hyena waiting by the bench after that 4th goal during commercial break….no way he lets that 4th goal in evsn with a groin problem.

    • Chucky

      Just watched the Weise goal and it looks like Smith tried to push off his left leg and could not. He put himself into a bad position and needed to really drive off the left leg to get across. Probably an groin injury.
      Oddly this is a good time for this to happen, The Flames can use Rittich as starter and if he is not up to the job make adjustments. Expect that Rittich will play better than last year when he was thrown into the #1 role with a team that was discouraged and a coaching staff that could not connect with the players.

      • Cfan in Van

        I agree that the timing is OK, as there’s some time for management to react if it’s a long term injury. What I hate is the uncertainty, and knowing that we can’t dive into the Stockton reserve in this case. Parsons is just coming back from a long injury, and I’d rather have Schneider in net than Gilles (both poor options).

  • Chucky

    This team seems to have the ability to play both types of hockey and be successful. In 32 games they have given up 2 goals or less 18 times, they have also exploded for 6 goals or more 6 times. It is all well and good to say that in games like last night they gave up a lot of scoring opportunities but that is what happens when you are down and playing firewagon hockey to catch up.The ability to turn it on and play with reckless abandon is an asset.
    If Treliving was to never sign another UFA it would be OK with me. This year the UFA’s account for over $10 million in salary and have provided 9 goals and 12 assists.
    On the last power play Peters decided to leave the first unit out for the entire 2 minutes. He had to change Bennett for Tkachuk because a Flyer pulled Tkachuk’s helmet strap off. Hopefully that is the end of the ineffective second power play unit and we get to see Anderson on the point and someone who will go into the slot playing in Neal’s place. He is allegedly playing the same position as Monahan but he is 15 feet closer to the blue line and cannot get to rebounds time for a new shooter on the second unit.
    From watching him for years we can be sure that TJ Brodie has a good shot so we have to wonder why he doesn’t use it more often, the propensity to pass until the other team intercepts is very annoying. Thankfully Peters has diagnosed the problem and put in Anderson who will shoot when they need a goal. 100% of shots not taken don’t go in.

    • BlueMoonNigel

      Fair enough but without FAs Neal and Ryan, who would be filling out the roster? Lazar? Would Brouwer have been brought back? Last offseason Flames’ fans and experts all agreed that the club lacked NHL-ready talent. That was the main reason the bottom 6 was so putrid last season. Without free agents, how was Tre going to close this talent deficit and not have to surrender more draft picks?

      Free agency just isn’t Tre’s thing, but just like Albertans always talk about economic diversification to protect us from the boom and bust of petroleum, we are addicted to the oil and gas industry and Tre, like all GMs, will forever be a sap of free agency.

  • Alan Trammel

    So what Peters is saying is that he was actually going to keep Smith in for the 3rd period until he found out at the last minute that he couldn’t? Thats kind of effed that he was planning to trot Smith back out there after that putrid 2nd period.

    • Cfan in Van

      I felt the same way, but if there was a time to pull Smith it would have been right after that horrible goal. I couldn’t believe they left him in after that display.
      And injury-wise, I agree with the comment above. If he felt something that prevented him from making a small lateral adjustment with plenty of time… Go to the freaking bench and tell your coach!

  • Looooooob

    I don’t usually post much, but I did want to bring up a subject that hasn’t been talked about much lately. Elias Lindholm- 32 games played 16 goals 18 assists for 34 points and a plus 16 rating. Mikey Ferland 25 games played(already been out for concussions) 11 goals 4 assists for 15 points and a plus 4 rating. Noah Hanifin – 32 gp 3 goals 11 assists for 14 points with a plus 5 rating 53 shots on net for a 5.7 shot percentage. Doug Hamilton- 29 gp 3 goals 7 assists for 10 points with a minus 10 rating 103 shots on net for a 2.9 shot percentage. I personally think we won the trade.

    • BlueMoonNigel

      Still early days. Hanifin was freaking awful last night. He had terrible positioning in both ends, numerous giveaways, and generally looked more like he was 41 than 21. I get it, every one has a bad day at work from time to time.

      The early returns on the deal look like a Calgary win, but what if this is as good as Hanifin gets and somehow Hamilton finds another level and becomes the new King Karl? The Fox factor cannot also be forgotten because who knows what goodies the Canes can get for him if in a bidding war.

      • Cfan in Van

        I agree with everything but the Hamilton point. I seriously doubt that guy kicks it up multiple levels at this point. I think his points in Calgary were a high-water mark. Away from Gio, his poor defensive play way more obvious than it was here.

    • Cfan in Van

      The subject has definitely been touched on semi-regularly. I agree with you though.
      Wrinkle #1 is the fact that Ferland seems to be continuing down the road of more frequent concussions, although I love the guy, and wish him all the best. It sounds like his last one was received just by throwing 5 hits against the Habs. So advantage Flames.
      Wrinkle #2 is that Fox is now proclaiming he wants to play in the NHL ASAP, and it sounds like he’s back to his ways of racking up heroic amounts of points. So that would be advantage Canes.
      Personally, do love the additions we got, and on good contracts (Linholm=Value) but I’d like to see Hanifin tighten up the defensive play a bit. He’s good with Hamonic, but gets caught quite a bit when he’s on offensive “adventures”. Work in progress.

    • Looooooob

      Yes it is still early I will give that, I’m just saying at first glance of what we get to see, we are “leading” in the numbers game. I do have to admit I didn’t factor in Fox, simply because we didn’t see enough of him when he was in our system and had already projected him not being in our squad anytime soon.