Quips and Quotes: Flames beat Sharks 8-5

The Calgary Flames beat the San Jose Sharks by an 8-5 score on Monday night. Here are selected reactions from players and coaches following the game.

The Flames win a track meet

The Flames have had a few iffy starts this season, but this game was not one of them. They scored first, scored often, and led the game after 20, 40 and 60 minutes. Head coach Bill Peters put a positive spin on things when summing up the victory.

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“I liked our start, I thought we started on time,” said Peters. “I thought all four lines found a way to contribute. And it was a passionate game. It was a hard-fought game. Everyone found a way to make a positive impact on the game.”

Peters noted that the team generated a lot offensively, but also gave up a lot defensively that they’ll want to tighten up in future games. He gave the Sharks some credit, though, noting that they’re a good team.

Flames forward Johnny Gaudreau had a four point game and shared the reaction from the locker room as they left the ice following a big win against divisional rival.

“A lot of happy faces,” said Gaudreau. “The team won a big game against a big team. A lot of happy faces in this locker room.”

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Player Safety will review this one

This game got chippy as the third period wore on, particularly a big hit by Sam Bennett on Sharks forward Radim Simek. Bennett received no penalty on the play, but it was arguably a late hit and sparked off a bit of a melee involving Bennett and Sharks forward Barclay Goodrow.

Bennett and Goodrow each received fighting majors. Bennett also received a match penalty and Goodrow received the instigator for the fight.

As what happened with Ryan Lomberg earlier in December against Minnesota, Goodrow will get an automatic one game suspension unless the league is convinced his instigating had nothing to do with retaliating for the hit. Bennett’s hit will be reviewed for a combination of its lateness and its role in making a tense game a bit more out-of-control than it probably needed to be – and let’s be honest, the officials didn’t help matters in that regard.

“I think it’s a big game at this time of the year,” said Peters, commenting on the animosity in the game. “As big as you can get. We’re not at the halfway point yet, but there’s lots on the line.”

Shark goaltender Aaron Dell’s slash on a Flames forward during the third period will also likely be reviewed, because Player Safety reviews everything, especially after a wild finish.

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  • Luter 1

    Didn’t realize what a whiny bunch the Sharks were, it was fine back a few years ago when Burns was terrorizing Gaudreau with his hacking and whacking. Jumbo Joe just retire you big baby.

  • Greg

    Refs call a penalty on Dell for that hack on Bennet, none of the rest of those shenanigans happen. It was so out of the blue and unnecessary, and flagrant, letting it go unpunished was just begging for someone to seek vigilante justice instead.

    I suspect Dell gets a fine, Bennet gets a couple games, and Goodrow gets 1.

    But really, it should be the refs that get suspended. Either they didn’t see it, and they are grossly incompetent, or they decided not to call it, and they are grossly negligent.

    • KootenayFlamesFan

      The Homers on sportsnet are thinking bennett is the second coming of Tom Wilson. Tarana fans are so out of touch!!! I’d be pretty happy with a hit like that every game!!!

  • buts

    Funny how we call for a goalie interference when Rittich gets wiped out a number of games ago and the league says Rittich had time to re set so it’s a good goal tonight Dell gets slightly bumped and it’s a no goal….BS. Monahan has a team worst Corsi and he gets 5 assists….we all know that Corsi is BS as well. Hamonic really struggled in his own zone….I sure hope it’s not a trend. Great game for the team but the upcoming schedule looks brutal until March…how many trips east? 5 or 6 man it’s a tough one. GFG

  • Chucky

    Watching the goaltender interference goal several time it is obvious that Dell initiated the contact by his punch to Bennett’s chest with his trapper.
    Hanifin really had trouble in his own end. The first goal he lost the puck in the corner and Hamonic had to choose between playing the puck carrier or covering the guy in front. There were several other situations where he lost control and gave up scoring chances and it caused the 4th goal against. He needs to clear this up to stay on the second pair.
    Jankowski seems to be assist snake bitten. He puts Neal alone in front of the net and it is off the post, then he sets Bennett up in front of the net and it is goaltender interference. That guy needs a break.

    • deantheraven

      Giordano fought the puck in the early going. Twice it looked like he had a bad case of “the Yips” with bad choices on clearing attempts. Fortunately they didn’t cost a goal, but they were close.
      That 3rd line will continue to make their own breaks. Neal’s off the schnide now. Assists will come to Janko, as will goals.