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FlamesNation player evaluation: Sam Bennett

The 2018-19 regular season was a wildly successful one for the Calgary Flames, with multiple players having career best seasons. One such player who originally looked like he would be a real cornerstone piece for the organization, was not able to reach those similar heights. However, that doesn’t mean that Sam Bennett had a bad…


The Flames’ European signings have been very boom or bust

The Calgary Flames have added three Europeans to their organization so far this off-season, and may potentially add more before the regular season begins. During general manager Brad Treliving’s tenure they have frequently added European free agents, but the on-ice results for these signings have varied wildly.


FlamesNation player evaluation: Andrew Mangiapane

While the hockey stick graph was originally coined in regards to climate change, it also seems appropriate for the progression of Andrew Mangiapane, who unlike most climatologists actually wields a hockey stick. Having been on the cusp of making the NHL for the past few years, he was finally able to put the pieces together…


FlamesNation player evaluation: Mark Jankowski

Coming into the 2018-19 season, the big question around Mark Jankowski was if he would be able to build off his solid rookie campaign. Nine months later, the answer seems to be yes, but nothing worth writing home about. However, since writing about it is what we do here, let’s dive into a season of…