22Heritage Classic
Photo Credit: courtesy NHL

Flames to face Jets in 2019 Heritage Classic in Regina

The Calgary Flames are headed back outdoors. The National Hockey League announced today that the Flames will face the Winnipeg Jets in the 2019 Heritage Classic at Regina, Saskatchewan’s Mosiac Stadium on Oct. 26, 2019.

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Given that, as of this writing, the Flames and Jets are the two top teams in the Western Conference, such a high profile clash seems appropriate.

Both teams are making their second appearances in the Heritage Classic after previously hosting this event. The Flames beat the Montreal Canadiens 4-0 in the 2011 Heritage Classic at McMahon Stadium, while the Jets were shut out by the Edmonton Oilers by a 3-0 score at the 2016 Heritage Classic at Investors Group Field.

As a weird quirk, this is the first time two relocated franchise will meet in an outdoor game. By a weird coincidence, both the Flames and Jets relocated to their present homes after starting their NHL lifespans in Atlanta: the Flames were the Atlanta Flames until 1980, while the Jets were previously the Atlanta Thrashers until 2011.

    • BlueMoonNigel

      Don’t even think it. I’m sure Bettman and his pals are itching to plunk another franchise there as soon as possible. It’ll have as much staying power as the first two. The NHL losing Atlanta twice reminds me of the feds when they operated that lottery briefly in the 1980s but folded it after they couldn’t turn on a buck on it. Only the feds could lose money running a lottery.

    • BlueMoonNigel

      Whether your remark was serious or made in jest, it’s brilliant! Why can’t the NHL take it show north of 60? Despite the sparse, scattered population in the Arctic, there might be no bigger hockey fans than those who inhabit the frozen north. Instead of hoping the game might catch on in China–it won’t–the NHL would be doing a lot more good by regularly playing games in territories. Reward the many hockey fans up there for their staunch loyalty to the NHL plus maybe inspire more kids to pursue careers in hockey. Under the inspired leadership of Bettman, the Americanized NHL is more likely to play matches in Sydney and Hong Kong than Yellowknife or Iqaluit.

  • BlueMoonNigel

    Apart from a brief span in the late ’80s, the Jets and Flames have never been true rivals. Of course, that could change this season with a heated playoff series.

    It would have made a lot more sense for the Flames and Oilers to play in Regina as those two clubs still divide hockey loyalties in sports made Sask. Failing that, the next best matchup would have been the Oilers and Flames, real rivals since their WHA days.

    Once again, you can see the influence of the Americanization of the NHL with this bronze medal match being billed as a fight for gold. Clearly, there were two much better matchups for the classic, but the Yanks went for the third best.

  • KootenayFlamesFan

    Not really the right place to post this but I just saw an article saying Benny wont receive any further discipline for his hit. I thought it was late but clean personally. Two for interference and that’s it. I’d say they got it right this time.

    • KootenayFlamesFan

      Just to clarify, this was the type of hit that happens all game long and is only called late when someone gets hurt. Not predatory in any way. Keep you’re head up and this hit is a non-issue for everyone.