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Why Johnny Gaudreau is better than Connor McDavid

Everyone around the league likes to talk about how Connor McDavid is the best player in the NHL. Well, I’ve got news for all of you. Johnny Gaudreau is literally a million times better and here are all the reasons why.


Of course, when comparing two players, you’re going to bring up points. And while everyone is busy fanning over McDavid, they’ve missed that Gaudreau has more points than McDavid.

Gaudreau is currently third in the NHL with 67 points in 46 games while McDavid has a mere 66 points in 43 games. Some could make the argument that McDavid has played fewer games than Gaudreau, but if McDavid was truly the best player in the NHL, he would have already played those 46 games to help his team. Gotta give a point to Gaudreau here.


Sure, McDavid has put up more points than Gaudreau in the past. However, if we look at the ratio between their assists and goals, that tells a different story. Last season, 62% of McDavid’s points were assists. It was 71.4% for Gaudreau. This shows us that Gaudreau is an unselfish player who passes to his teammates to let them get goals instead of hogging them all for himself. Can’t say the same for McDavid. That’s now two points for Gaudreau.

When each player were RFAs and signed their new contracts, McDavid signed for an AAV of $12.5 million. Gaudreau signed for an AAV of just $6.75 million. That’s almost half less than McDavid’s. This shows that Gaudreau took a cut so he can stay in Calgary and for his teammates to get deserving paydays as well. McDavid, again, went the selfish route and signed for much higher because he doesn’t care about his teammates. Who even needs $12.5 million a year anyway? That’s another point for Gaudreau.

A good friend and teammate

Gaudreau has been very vocal about how much he loves his teammates and friends. He has posted several Instagram pictures with his good friend Sean Monahan. In fact, he even got the same breed of dog as Monahan AND made him his own Instagram account because that’s how much he loves him.

Has McDavid done this? I scoured through his Instagram and he only had one picture with a dog, but it was with his mom, so we can assume it might be his mom’s dog. Meaning he probably hates dogs. The only other pictures that he has with his teammates over the last year and a half have both been at events. Does this mean that McDavid only came to the event because the rest of the team did? Does the team hate McDavid? It’s pretty compelling stuff and you can’t ignore it. Gaudreau gets another point.

Moreso, when Micheal Ferland was traded this offseason to the Carolina Hurricanes, Gaudreau expressed his despair.

When Drake Caggiula was traded to the Chicago Blackhawks, a guy who has supposedly been friends with McDavid for over six years now, where was McDavid’s tweet about missing him? These are things you can’t ignore. Gaudreau is a better friend than McDavid and earns yet another point.

On top of being a bad friend, McDavid is also a bad teammate. As we saw earlier, he’s selfish. But he’s also unsupportive. The “Last Men In” for the NHL All-Star game has just been completed, where one more player from each division has been voted in. Although Mark Giordano didn’t make it, Gaudreau posted several times on social media to vote for his good friend, teammate, and captain.

The player who made the “Last Men In” for the Pacific Division is Leon Draisaitl. Where were McDavid’s posts telling everyone to vote for his, supposedly, good friend and teammate? Okay, he may have retweeted a post by the Oilers telling people to vote for Draisaitl, but I didn’t realize that until I wrote down that sentence, so that’s not my fault. Also, he’s never made his own post for it, only retweeted an Oilers post. So not only is he unsupportive, he’s also lazy. Gotta give another point to Gaudreau here.

On the bench after goals, you can see Gaudreau giving purple Gatorade to his teammates and keeping them hydrated.

Have you ever seen McDavid do this for his teammates? I don’t think so. That’s another point for Gaudreau.

All-Star Game appearances

McDavid has only appeared at the All-Star Game twice, soon to be three times. Gaudreau has made it four times, soon to be five. That’s even more than Sidney Crosby. Sure, you can make the argument that Gaudreau has been in the NHL for longer, but he only has one extra season under his belt. And if McDavid truly cared about the sport, he would have changed the NHL laws himself to join the league at an earlier time and make it to the All-Star Game. Can’t neglect this fact which is why Gaudreau gets yet another point.

Healthy collarbone

McDavid broke his collarbone in his rookie season. Gaudreau has never broken his collarbone and it is perfectly intact. Gotta give another point to Gaudreau here. I will say though, to give McDavid some fighting chance against Gaudreau, he does have 10 healthy fingers. Gaudreau has fractured one of his fingers, so McDavid gets a point for fingers.


By my calculations, Gaudreau has won this one by a score of 9-1. You can’t ignore the facts and the numbers. Gaudreau is nine times better than McDavid. It’s just simple math.