Last chance to sign up for the mid-season Nationdraft

It’s an exciting time to be a hockey fan in Calgary and Edmonton right now, as the midseason fantasy hockey draft kicked off last week and registration is closing in a couple days! 

The All-Star weekend just wrapped up and the second half of the season is underway. With that said I am dropping by to remind you all about the midseason fantasy hockey draft. This is an awesome draft that we teamed up with Daytona Homes for, and we’re giving away some awesome prizes because of it! The draft is super easy to sign-up for and building your team is easier than ever. I encourage you to enter a team and let me know your team name in the comments below, so you can compete against other Nation staff!


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Since no NationDraft is ever complete without prizes, our friends at Daytona Homes have gone above and beyond to give you guys a chance to win something substantial. Not only do they want you to play in the draft, but they also want your impending victory to result in us making it rain all over that huge hockey mind of yours. Considering the draft is free to enter, I don’t want to hear any excuses about why you didn’t sign up and play along.

So what are we playing for? Check it out:

The Prizes:

  • First Prize: $2500 pre-paid Visa
  • Second Prize: $1500 pre-paid Visa
  • Third Prize: $1000 pre-paid Visa

The complete set of rules can be found here and the link to sign up is here. Unfortunately, this draft is limited to residents Alberta only so if you’re reading this in Ontario then it’s time to fire off an email to your Aunty Judy in Edmonton or your cousin Dale in Calgary and let them know that you’ll need to use their address.