Flames recall Andrew Mangiapane from Stockton Heat

The Flames’ midseason vacation is just about over. On Thursday, they’ll return to practice; on Friday, they’ll return to game action. All that’s left to do before then is the basics off-ice – such as recalling forward Andrew Mangiapane, which they have done in advance of returning to the ice.

Mangiapane, along with Juuso Valimaki, was sent down to the Heat just after the Flames’ final game before the All-Star break. The move was done so both players could get a couple of games in – Stockton played twice over the past week – while saving the Flames a bit on the cap.

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Without recalling a forward, the Flames would have only had 12 – no extras. Mangiapane’s return to the big club means he’ll likely be dressing. He’s averaged 9:53 in ice time so far this year, but played just eight minutes against the Hurricanes, the most recent game the Flames have played, and just 4:34 against the Oilers the game before that.

In his two games with the Heat over the break, Mangiapane scored two goals and had an assist.

Meanwhile, there’s no need to call up Valimaki at this time – not only is he getting back into game shape from an injury suffered all the way back in November, but Oliver Kylington has been playing well in his stead. The Flames presently have more options at defence than they do at forward.

  • Em Durp Em Hrudey

    Just curious if my feelings on this differ drastically from others. I personally feel Alan Quine is more deserving and would play a bigger roll then Mangiapane. I like Mangiapane, but I feel Quine has more to offer. Am I way off in left field on my own on this one? I mean I still believe in Smith so…

    • Korcan

      Pure speculation, but I’m wondering if Mangiapane may be one of the pieces going the other way if Tre does make a trade. Him playing with the Flames may be to showcase him to other teams (show he is NHL ready). If that is the case, Tre will be hoping Mangi starts showing better because right now I’m not convinced he is NHL ready.

      • Zalapski

        I can get behind that, he’s a young enough and productive enough AHL player that a team might take him, especially if they’re dumping a roster player and their season is in the crapper. Mangiapane is still a lottery ticket. I could see a guy like him getting minutes sink or swim developing into an effective top 6er. He’s just not good enough right now to be a Flame.

        • Albertabeef

          Some people just don’t realize how hard it is to find your groove at the NHL level. It takes some guys years of playing to get to the top. Lots of guys go 10 games one year to 20 the next, then 50 games before hitting a full season. Some never get the chance to hit the full season. You need to give guys a chance to build experience at the top level. Hell Johnny and Mony had 4-5 NHL seasons before they became elite scoring monsters status they are hitting this season. Iggy was the same.

          Mange is playing the right way, which should be rewarded, which is why HE was brought up instead of anyone else. It’s not his fault all the good players are already on other lines. Could look good with Backs and Frolik.

    • Stu Gotz

      Agreed. Quine gives you a player who has played in big games down the stretch and in the playoffs. He can also score at the NHL level. I’m guessing he will be soon called up as they have been playing him at wing and he has been burning it up.

      • Em Durp Em Hrudey

        “If Quine plays another NHL game or spends another 10 days on the NHL roster, he needs to clear waivers to be sent down to Stockton again.
        Flames would have to decide whether to keep him up for the rest of the season or risk losing him to waivers.”
        Is this a true statement?

        Lazar still can play 10 NHL games or spend 27 days on the NHL roster before needing to clear waivers again.

    • Zalapski

      I feel like Mangiapane isn’t an overly great skater, isn’t overly strong and his playmaking ability doesn’t come as advertised. Sure he’s playing hardly any minutes, but when he does get a chance he plays a ton of the game on his butt or circling. I want him to be good, just like every flames prospect we hang hopes on. I just think he’s an AHL tweener, especially because there are guys that smaller, that are much faster and stronger on the puck, Ryan is an example of that, Czarnik to a lesser but similar extent.

      Quine, Dube, Hathaway Czarnik and Rychel have all been more effective.

      • Baalzamon

        Okay, I really need to touch this one right away: Rychel has NOT been more effective than Mangiapane. Rychel is literally the worst player to suit up for the Flames this year (and that includes Peluso).

  • L.Kolkind

    I’m glad he’s back, I think he could be a part of the solution for Bennett and Neal. Drop Janko down to the 4th in some more defensive minutes and shift Benny back to centre.

    Mangi – Bennett – Neal

    3 players who have been snakebitten all year… Keep em’ together for a few games especially against a bad team and hope some chemistry develops. I think all 3 play hockey the right way at least, check hard and don’t give the opponents anything easy. Plus Mangi needs to actually have some opportunities with good NHL players so we know what we have in him.

    • The Sultan

      First off, I don’t want to see Mangiapane up here right away. He looks better than he did last year, but still gets bodied off the puck way too easily. I guess it’s alright to give him a few games here or there so he can see what the competition is like and where he needs to be, but when it gets down to the nitty gritty part of the season and into the playoffs I’d rather see a guy like Rychel up here. Anyways, I digress.

      Change the bottom nine wingers all you like, but three things are for certain: 1) Jankowski is our third line center, and is good in that role

      2) Derek Ryan is our fourth line center, and is also good in that role

      3) Perhaps most importantly, Bennett is not a center at the NHL level and has subsequently not shown very well when playing that role

      • Albertabeef

        How do you show your worth at a position if they don’t let you play that position for almost two seasons. But you could look at it this way, he has been backing up Jankowski as center a lot because they don’t trust him 100% in that position. Benny is still 57.5% in the face off dot this season. Not entirely bad. Kid is still young too.

  • Albertabeef

    This has to be a confidence booster to the kid. My prediction is he scores Friday night. I’d like to see them try a Mange-Benny-Tkachuk line. Sounds like a yukky health smoothie lol.

    • HOCKEY83

      I thought it was known that he was only sent down during the break to keep playing knowing all the while he was coming back up as many other teams did with their youngsters

  • freethe flames

    While have no problem with Mangiapane being called up nor am upset with his play so far I had hoped they would recall someone(Rychel) else to have a longer look at, but i understand why Mangiapane got the nod.