FlamesNation Mailbag: The first rounder

The Flames are in a unique situation where they’re actually big-name buyers for the first time in forever. They’re soundly in a playoff spot, but a little extra boost could be the difference between the second round and Stanley Cup Final.

But they’re also in a pretty sticky situation where they’re a little broke to acquire said extra boost. They’re almost certainly not going to trade anyone from the top six, and their options from the bottom six probably aren’t worth that much on the open market, much less for the teams trading away their stars. Their prospect pool isn’t very enticing, with maybe one or two names that could really interest a seller (and even then, only in addition to one or two more assets).

The one thing that is worth its weight is their first round pick. According to Nick Kypreos on HNIC, it’s definitely in play, but you don’t need his words to know that. It’s pretty much a given that any team that is looking to acquire a big name at trade deadline is going to have to part with their non-lottery pick. If the Flames are serious about being one of those teams, it might be another quiet day in Calgary come June.

So: is it worth it to part with the first rounder? What could they get?

Limiting our list to players who are likely to move at the trade deadline (there could be a few surprises!), I would say that the definites are Mark Stone, Matt Duchene, Artemi Panarin, Sergei Bobrovsky, and Jeff Skinner. Those guys will probably require a first, no exceptions. Players like Gustav Nyquist, Mats Zuccarello, Wayne Simmonds, Ryan Dzingel, and Kevin Hayes will come with a first round asking price, but I feel that the prices will fall a bit closer to the deadline. Otherwise, don’t bother.

I have two contradicting thoughts on it.

First, it doesn’t feel like a cash-in year. The team’s nucleus is still young and could even get better in the next two or three years. Shed some deadweight in the offseason, see a prospect or two graduate, find a goalie, and they’re right back at it. The window is opening, not closing. Why not hold onto the first rounder and perhaps even add to your elite talent collection? With Treliving’s draft history, giving him a high-percentage shot at drafting is never a bad choice.

On the other hand, what is a 25-31 range pick going to really do for you in the same time frame? Sure, a first round pick is a free asset that you can get a pretty good (and cheap) player out of, but when you pick further back in the first round, you’re likely running into players who are going to take a while to reach the NHL level. Even then, they’re only bottom to middle six players.

Looking back at the 20-31 range for the last five drafts, there’s a lot of players who still haven’t made an impact at the NHL level. There’s Brock Boeser and David Pastrnak, but there’s also a glut of players still finding their ways through the minors.  The Flames are more than likely going to pick one of the guys who, in two to three years, might be making a bit of noise in the AHL. Would it really be worth it to punt on current glory for a 30% shot at future glory?

Really, I’m okay with their decision on the first round pick either way, provided the Flames use the first round pick responsibly. The value of the pick isn’t significant enough to cause too much concern if it’s included in a trade.

Building off that last thought, remember that the number of picks sent the other way is also a factor. The Flames might be hesitant about trading their first, but who knows if they’ll be willy-nilly with their seconds, thirds, fourths, etc.

I’m not trying to galaxy-brain this and say that drafting more in the later rounds is much better than drafting less in the earlier rounds, but there is a notion that drafting is either first round or bust, which isn’t true. The Flames are about to enter their third draft in a row without a second round pick. If they don’t go for the high end players, they might have to pay a third for a rental player. If they do, that will also be their third draft in a row without a third. Needless to say, that is going to create a sinkhole in their prospect pool.

It certainly isn’t a time to sound the alarm. It’s extraordinarily difficult to have a great team and a great prospect pool at the same time. In fact, the draft is designed to prevent teams from loading up like that. But the team does have to be aware that you can’t mortgage the future forever. Sending away a few picks in your window is to be expected. To give them up frequently is going to cause problems. Ask the Sharks, for example.

Besides the picks, I think the biggest dangles could be Oliver Kylington, Dillon Dube, and Andrew Mangiapane. All three are players who are at least NHLers on most teams and have exciting futures ahead of them. Any GM worth their money is probably going to be asking for one of them, and if the Flames have to part with them to get their guy, they might not think twice about it. Other players that might generate interest are Glenn Gawdin and Matthew Phillips. Adam Ruzicka could also probably be of interest.

The only untouchable prospect is Juuso Valimaki. The team is really high on him and will balk at an offer that includes him in the deal. Everyone else is fair game.

I would say that he’s done well for himself so far in Stockton. He has three points in four games, which is pretty good production for a kid who has been missing for a few months.

The Flames are going to be a bit more patient with him though, and calling up Rinat Valiev for Travis Hamonic is indicative of that. Stockton is starved of right-handed defenceman (Michael Paliotta is their only righty, isn’t on an NHL contract, and hasn’t played in the NHL since 2015-16, when he played one game), so they had to call up a lefty. Valimaki could’ve feasibly been the guy, but he certainly needs a few more games to get back up to speed.

Given that he and Dube are the only recalls worth calling up for non-emergency purposes, I don’t think getting him back on the roster before the trade deadline is going to be the goal. The team can afford to be patient with him, so they will be.

      • Retire#14

        Janko would slot in great as the 4C with Ryan. Janko taking draws on the left side of the ice, Ryan on the right side. Would also slot both better for PK duty.

        Staal or Duchene or Schenn

        • freethe flames

          2 of the 3 centers you list are on teams that see themselves in the playoff hunt and would likely not be willing to make the trade. I do agree that a line with Janko and Ryan would be a possibility as a solid 4th line. Janko/Ryan/Hathaway could be pretty solid. The problem is that the assumption as to why the third does not produce is Janko and I personally think the problem is elsewhere.

          • Luter 1

            Agree, Janko’s not the problem, it’s the usual suspect – Neal – even with gift goals handed to him he can’t score and the rest of the time he’s going for a leisurely skate. Benny has kind of been off too but playing with Neal would kill anybody’s drive.

          • Retire#14

            Yes 2 out of 3 are on possible playoff teams. Staal is on an expiring contract and doesnt sound like he is being offered one. Schenn, his name has been mentioned in the trade waters for quite awhile. Duchene..well probably unattainable as the flames do not have the assets but would be my personal favorite. All 3 are on the block despite their teams possible playoff aspirations. The other option, is to keep the centers as are, but try to bring a skilled winger to play with backlund and Tkachuk.

          • Brian McGrattan's Salute

            I mean, yeah. I know we can’t play this game, but how many more points would Janko (and Benny) have if Neal could finish those gift goals he’s gotten so many of? Like, we’re talking Janko and Benny likely being a lot closer to 30 points than 20 at this point in the season, or at least above 26 points. That threshold having been crossed at this point would likely give those two youngsters a lot more confidence, along with being able to set up and finish plays as a line. All three are struggling, and all of their struggles are feeding off each other, but Neal ought to bare (bear?) some responsibility as the veteran and skill guy on that line.

          • FlamesFanOtherCity

            Janko had developed as a defensive C, and you can see that in his 7 shortie points. He’s got size and reach, so he may be able to transform his game into more of an offensive threat. I don’t see that in Bennett any longer. His puck IQ seems to be non-existent at times. He’s a great teammate, willing to drop his gloves any time, but he’s selfish with the puck. I’ve lowered expectations for him, but I’m at the point where his only redeeming quality is grit. If you could use him to land Schenn, we might be better off. Lose a few years of a player, but at least you are getting what you expect.

        • Jumping Jack Flash

          I think we can agree that Janko would have another 8-10 points with wingers that have not been snake bit. I was really hoping that the Bennett, Janko, and Tkachuk line would have worked better but Neal was bringing little value to the second line.

        • RealMcHockeyReturns

          If you mean Bennett, sadly yes. Not sure patience with him is there with many fans, maybe it is with coaches/GM of Flames. He should score 35-50 pints at least each year.

      • Fat Tony

        Screw it. Get Sean Couturier and drop Backlund to 3C. He is arguably a better two way player than Backs anyway and then the top nine will really start to look elite. Championship elite. (Dreaming) Although, hypothetically, what would it take to pry him from Philly? Apparently the only untouchable is Giroux.

      • Uncle Iroh

        Backlund is 52nd in points among centremen in the last 5 seasons. Considering there are 31 teams in the league, 52nd in points puts him solidly as a #2 C offensively.

        Backlund is not a proper 3C. He would be a 3C on steroids (similar to Kadri in TOR).

  • Rocket66

    As exciting as it is to go for it maybe the best thing to do is very little this year
    Let the boys play in the playoffs and get a taste of it and some experience
    Evaluate during the playoffs what is really missing
    Next summer try to fill the void when a little more cap room is on the table But how about signing Matt first to see where you stand

    • Brian McGrattan's Salute

      I would be okay with that.

      But I also think it would be really cool to nab a player at this TDL who not only could help us this spring, but who we could resign for the next year or two as an upgrade. I know cap issues are gunna be a bit tricky, but if we have some players coming off the books next season, maybe there is a way.

      I’m just not a big fan of rentals who are on a team for three months and then leave.

      As an example, a guy like Zuccerelo. Cheap to get, has about the same cap hit as Frolik does right now, but is at the end of his term this season. Maybe we trade Frolik and dump some cap during the offseason and resign Z. for cheap?

    • RealMcHockeyReturns

      Agree unless the guy you bring in on trade can be re-signed. I suggest we can get and re-sign Burakowsky from Caps if the Flames wanted skilled guy who may do better in new team but would likely give up Bennett (for cap and return reasons) and thus lose more grittiness. So not great. If we could get a guy like Dzingel without losing an everyday player (e.g. give them Crarnik plus a 3rd) and re-sign, that would be nice but again he may need $4M so with Tkachuk, Rittich, a 13th forward and a 7th/8th D to sign for 2019-20, would be hard to not get rid of some salary.

  • Kevin R

    Sometimes the frenzy that the draft can stir up can even over inflate the perceived value of a late 1st rounder. I would say go for it if the right player can be had. Shelves can be restocked. After this playoff run, Flames will have to make decisions on established vets with 1 year left on their deals to create cap space & opportunity. These established vets will bring back picks & value in return. The key is to know when to sell when the return is maxed. Easier said than done.

  • Jimmyhaggis

    The only way I’d trade a first rounder would be for an established goaltender. Honestly, I think the present cast of characters we have now can go deep. We have 2 months to gell some more as a team, I know some games a few players look like they’re sleep walking out there but then, they’re playing well again, that’s sports.

    • Skylardog

      Market rate for a good established goalie (not elite) is less than a first rounder. Teams may ask for a 1st, but they are not getting that back. That includes Howard. He is at best worth a second.

    • oilcanboyd

      “Established goaltender”. Flames have one in Mike Smith.
      Goalies below Smith in GAA: Ward 3.83, Anderson, Grubauer, Bernier, Talbot, Crawford, Luongo, Kinkaid, SMITH 3.08, Reimer 3.06, Holtby, Allen, Lundquist, Bobrosky 3.01

      It seems most of the established goaltenders are struggling. Do you mean to replace Rittich if he gets injured or to send Smith packing? Well, I would rather have SMith who gets along swell with Rittich than a hired gun who may or may not have the teams confidence after a trade with it’s pitfalls of changing teams, cities, coaches, teammates….. Let us see how far we can go with what brought us to this point!

      • HOCKEY83

        After looking at the list…Domingue is the only back up goalie in the league with more wins than Smith at 3 more wins. How do you get better than that. I understand Mike Smith gets his wins not because most games he plays a great game but because the team in front of him outscores their opponent. If the league has truly turned around and is back to scoring like it was back in the 80’s and early 90’s ( has not shown signs of slowing down yet this year with 2 months left) then that’s the reason for all the good goalies of recent years to have bad stats right now and there are a lot of them. Mike Vernon was not a great goalie…check his stats…he averaged about 3.5 goals a game and his save percentage was under .9 almost every season but he played for teams that could out score other teams to win. Fuhr has even worse stats. and this was at a time when the Flames and The Oilers were the 2 best teams in the league. 3 to 4 goals per game was the average back then for goalies and i think if this scoring keep up that’s the new norm everyone is going to have to get used to with these goalies as it was from the 80’s to the mid 90’s. Go back and look at all the goalies stats from that time…rarely were they less than 3 goals per game in a season and rarely were they above .9 save %.

  • freethe flames

    My thoughts on using the first rounder are simply this; not on a rental that we have no chance to resign. My thoughts on using a young defender as part of the package are no thank you especially with our lack of depth on especially when we do not know the extent of Hammy’s injury.

    I would use the first rounder if it got us a guy with term (who might be flipped prior to the draft or allow the team to flip one of next years UFA’s prior to the draft) or as part of a deal that got us two pieces to the puzzle. An example or two:(note I do not know if any of these ideas have merit to the other teams but they seem somewhat fair to me). Calgary trade to Detroit or first and their choice of Czarnik/Mangiapane/Lazar or next years 4th rounder for Nyquist and Jensen. Or Calgary trades to LA the same package for Toffoli and Clifford. With the condition if we win the cup the 4th next year becomes a 3rd or in the case of Detroit if we sign either guy. Too litle/too much I don’t know as the market will decide.

  • Honkydonk

    Your comment: Besides the picks, I think the biggest dangles could be Oliver Kylington, Dillon Dube, and Andrew Mangiapane.

    That is exactly what scares me! It would be a mistake to trade away Kylington unless it’s truly worth it.

    As for trading away your first pick even if it’s a late one is it limits your options at the draft. I’m not advocating for this but let’s say Stone is in play, we would need that pick!

    Lastly this whole load up in talent and you win the cup I don’t really believe. Having your players clearly understand their roles with some upside I think is the necessary recipe.

    Look last year at Washington. Look at their bottom 6 and look st their D. And in years before when they made those blockbuster trades they lost even after winning the regular season.

    I think Treliving looked at the team and made that trade last year saying this. I have defenders who will progress well. I have a few middle/bottom forwards who will progress in next few years. My window is just opening so make the trade and in following years stay the course and restock the cub boards.

    I say we need prospects and we need draft picks. If we restock we can keep this rolling a long long time. If we go all in now we will create an issue at some point.

    Take into consideration you have a entry draft in a year or two, you will lose a player there and in addition you have to deal with Hamonic/Brodie in a year from now. That doesn’t even include goalie issue

  • Joeyhere

    Use our 1st this TDL and strengthen our playoff run then try to recoup draft choices through trade at the draft

    Remember we have 7 NHL defencemen (8 if you include Stone )
    Two of which are UFA’s next year so you can’t keep them all (you don’t want 2 NHL d men sitting most of the time). So lets use that currency in the future to recoup draft picks that way we can Trade our 1st to improve this years playoffs and still refill the cupboards next spring

    • Cfan in Van

      I agree on principal, buy you’re basically saying “Trade Kylington at the draft”. At this point, you don’t get ANYTHING for Stone without keeping a huge chunk of his salary. And you certainly don’t trade Andersson.

      • Joeyhere

        No that’s not what I am saying

        But i ask we face the reality that next year we have 8 nhl d men under contact
        We don’t know what Kylington is yet – and that is concerning if we trade him

        But We need to face the reality that it is a waste of resources to try to keep 8 d men when we may have gaps elsewhere or need prospects

        All I am saying is that trading away our #1 pick now at ohs tdl isn’t the end of the earth

        We will be forced to make a trade of a d man in the next 12 months – therefore we have always to re stock any picks we trade away this tdl

        • oilcanboyd

          A team cannot have enough D-men! Eight is barely enough. Especially when we have rookies Andersson, Valimaki, Kylington with limited NHL games. Even Hanifin is also only 22 (as of Jan 25th).

      • RealMcHockeyReturns

        Maybe you do this:
        1. Trade with Ottawa nets you Dzingel in exchange for Czarnik plus a 3rd in 2019 and a 3rd in 2020…or maybe a 2nd round pick in future if needed. But also…
        2. Include Mike Stone with $1M retained to get a 4th rounder from Ottawa so he joins brother Mark when he re-signs there. Result is…
        3. Flames save $2.5M (from Mike Stone) for other players to re-sign (Dzingel mainly).

  • wot96

    I think it depends on how Hamonic is doing. If he is basically out for the season, then a move may have to be made as I don’t think Prout or a returning Stone (if he returns) does it. I would like some functional toughness but that doesn’t require a first (and if it does, don’t do it – bring up Lazar and Rychel as black aces).

    Assuming Hamonic is projected to return for the playoffs, even the second round, then I don’t think this is the year you go for it. Next year is. This team is good and can make some noise. Next year when there are cap challenges, some moves are probably mandatory anyway and you can dangle something at the deadline then.

    I tend to think, however, that the window is just two years. Yes the core is good but is it stanley cup finals good in four years after an expansion draft when they are guaranteed to lose someone and the potential termination of the CBA in 2020 (I may be wrong but I think they play the 2020 season). This year and next are it.

  • BendingCorners

    They need playoff experience and the only way to get that is to actually play games in the post-season. Hang onto the picks and keep the fiddling to a minimum at the TDL.

  • kipper2004

    Just based on the lack of picks in the past few drafts, I thin BT has to restrain himself this trade deadline, he has already made big moves the past 3 years, now it’s time to let the team ripen. Add experience at the deadline that can replace the young guys if they go silent in the playoffs, this year is all about gaining experience and saving draft picks to continue to grab talent that can fit in the lineup when some contracts get too big over time. The core is set, now BT needs to cook up a good AHL roster for the future.

    • freethe flames

      If and I believe a big if he comes back he will likely have a 2 week conditioning stint in Stockton and then likely play the odd game. Let’s remember he is now a depth defender and not part of the top 6.

  • Retire#14

    The flames should dangle their 1st and dube. Dube doesnt fit. He is not taking monny, backlund or jankos spot. Or Ryan’s for at least 3 years. He is not going to be a top 6 player on a championship caliber team.

    • freethe flames

      I keep hearing it’s a buyer’s market but I have yet to be convinced. Few teams are currently selling; many teams think they may still be in it and a number of teams are seriously looking to buy. So who is selling right now: Ottawa, Detroit, NYR, NJ, LA, Chicago, Florida – anyone else? Who still think they are in it the hunt for the wild card and will be holding their cards pretty close: Philly(who probably should be a seller), St L, Edmonton, Arizona, Anaheim, Carolina, Buffalo, the Wild, Colorado, Nucks, Dallas, and then you have teams looking to add because they think they are legit: Tampa, Boston, Toronto, Habs, NYI, Washington, Pens, Blue Jackets, Jets, Preds, Sharks, Knights and us; in any other business when demand outstrip supply it is a sellers market.

      • How's She Goin'

        There are a number of teams currently in the hunt who are also worried about losing pending UFA’s for nothing which may switch them to sellers as we get closer to deadline day (see Columbus, Carolina, Buffalo, Philly, etc.). Therefore, just because a team is in the hunt doesn’t mean they aren’t a potential seller.

        • freethe flames

          The question is when do they decide to see and how much do they value their assets. Columbus should be ready to sell at least those to guys who have basically said we want out but how much pressure is on the GM to keep the dream alive. How many teams are in the market for Panarin as rental vs a sign and trade idea.? What is rumoured is Panarin wants the bright lights so if your Columbus could you do a deal with either NYR or Florida for him and take your chances for the playoffs with what you get back in return? A Kreider and something for Panarin to the Rangers. And Bob to Florida for Reimer and Brassard?
          These teams are likely looking for hockey trades and the question is how much value do their rentals have? As a Flames fan I would love it to be a buyers market when we make whatever deals we make. But there are teams out their that will be driving the market up. Only time will tell.

  • Gus Fring

    The chances of drafting a good nhl player at the bottom part of the draft pick 25 to 30 is pretty slim. We have had very little luck in our past drafting in that range. IE Klimchuck and Poirer I say it makes sense to trade it for a younger player aged 24 to 27 with term not a renta! If we can get a Coyle or Kreider that type of player would be idea!

    • freethe flames

      Coyle might be available at that price if the Wild falter in the next two weeks. I think Kreider might be a bit more costly than people think. I also mentioned Taffoli as the same kind of option. A guy with term that should help you be better and maybe even flip prior to the draft or would make it less painful to flip Frolik prior to the draft.

  • steeeezy

    It’s a tough decision to make but if the right deal comes along I’d use the 1st at the deadline. Come draft time I’d be looking to get rid of brodie and hammer as both will bring you some pretty good returns. I dont think brodie would be nearly as good without the gio bump so you might as well sell him at his highest point. Hammer gets injured far too much but I think u would get a decent return for him too.

    • cjc

      Somewhat agree on this, but how do you replace them? I think Andersson will be ready for more responsibility next year, but that still leaves a two RD to pick up. They could use the cap space to make a big signing, but after Karlsson the list of UFA RD drops off pretty quickly. Stralman is older and a lateral move from either Brodie or Hamonic. Maybe you trade them for an RFA RD? I suppose Winnipeg might part with Trouba’s rights, but it would probably take more than Hamonic or Brodie. Given the lack of right side depth in the org, I think the best move is to stay put.

      • Jumping Jack Flash

        Getting rid of both Brodie and Hamonic would be a mistake given the age of Gio…you can only fight Father Time for so long. I keep Hamonic over Brodie because of his skill set.

  • everton fc

    I’d be with moving Mangiapane. I wouldn’t move Dube. And suggesting we move Kylington, to me, is simply moot – he’s not being moved.

    We have our 1st, which will be in the lower-end of the round, in a less-than-stellar draft pool, as a chip. I got a few trashes when I mentioned offering this pick for Dzingel, but I’ll stand by that. Our first for Stone, Duchene, or Skinner will be simply one piece of a huge talent pool going the other way. We also can’t afford to sign these guys, unless guys like Frolik and Czarnik head the other way.

    These are the more realistic options.

    A guy like McQuaid would be good filler. Someone of that calibre, and “ilk”. He’ll come cheap. Or some young guy stuck in the same scenario Kulak was, here. I have no names, as I type. I’ll try and find a few.

    Dzingel (I think the Sens hold onto him, and re-sign). Toffoli. Zuccarello (one point less than Backlund, more points than anyone on our third line, would come cheap [Czarnik?]). Buchnevich (could be a potential “chemistry issue”, though). Miles Wood. Ryan Strome. Nyquist, cheap. Brandon Saad, if the Hawks ate cap, and took a player like Czarnik, or Gillies, off our books.

    • cjc

      Mostly agree with this. I could see Kylington go for the right player, as there is a logjam at LHD and both he and Valimaki are ready. But only if someone coming back is under contract next year. I’d opt more for a Kulak type, but McQuaid, sure, whatever. Forward options I like: Dzingel, Zuccarello, Nyquist. Saad maybe. Czarnik and Gillies aren’t really a drag on the cap. No to Strome and Toffloli.

      • cberg

        Lots of assumptions that we have a logjam at LD with both Kylington and Valimaki ready and only 1 slot available. An easy fix for this and after next year when perhaps only 1 of Brodie/Hamonic gets re-signed is shifting one of Kylington/Valimaki to LD. That would provide 4 very solid, very young, well-skilled D to grow with the Flames well into the future. I would not be trading Kylington for anything at this point as the Flames look set for a long time at D and they shouldn’t screw it up with a short-term trade.

    • freethe flames

      You and I are talking the same kind of deals; maybe not exactly the same players, I had basically only looked at guys whoa are FA or 1 year left but Miles Wood is a good idea; he would clearly fit in with core and is signed at a reasonable hit.

  • cjc

    I think the Muzzin trade could be important in terms of setting the market. Muzzin cost a couple of young b-level prospects and a first that will be in a similar range as Calgary’s. Durzi is doing well in the OHL, but he’s 20 and unsigned as of yet. Andersson had far better numbers as a 19 year old in that league. Grundstrom is having a respectable AHL year, but he is older than Dube and producing at a slower rate. Mangiapane produced at a similar rate to Grundstrom at this stage in their careers, although Mangiapane was also a bit younger.

    So that is a late first and 2 b-level prospects for a pretty good D under contract for another year at a team-friendly salary. A pure rental (i.e. someone Calgary doesn’t intend to re-sign) shouldn’t cost as much, and they could theoretically land a player of similar quality by offering a similar package (e.g. 1st, Philips and Ruzicka).

    There is also the issue of LHD. They are tied to Gio and Hanifin for a while now, which means keeping one of Kylington or Valimaki on the bench or in the minors. That’s fine for this season, but starting next season, I don’t think it’s a great arrangement.

    There is also the 2020 first. Some teams might be more interested in that pick – it has more “upside”, in that for all we know Calgary could miss the playoffs next year, or fail to win the division. If Calgary wins the division this year, which is looking likelier by the day, they are picking lower than 25th.

    Anyway, if a big move happens I see BT being creative around it, likely with conditions or trading 2020 picks. Players like Kylington could be a part of it, but hopefully for more than a short-term rental.

  • MDG1600

    Optics to the fan base seem to be important to teams so I would offer up a first rounder to a non playoff team only if we get a 2nd rounder back. That way we are probably only dropping around 10 spots in the draft while the other teams GM can waive around that he got a 1st rounder and look smart even if the truth is that he is only moving up 10 or so spots in the draft. Truth is that high end talent is much more likely with a top 10 pick. I am going to guess that their isn’t much statistical difference in the quality of players drafted between spots 25-31 and spots 32-42.

      • MDG1600

        Yes, I am anticipating a player back that Flames management feel can legit help the team compete in the playoffs – probably someone who can handle the more physical playoffs and neutralize a wrecking ball like Reaves. I expect this player would be a pending UFA that someone wants to gets something for a rental from Calgary perspective. I wouldn’t want to just give up a first for a rental but if we can get a 2nd rounder back it seems we wouldn’t really be giving up that much. I honestly don’t feel I know all the other players in the league well enough to specifically say this guy or that guy – I will leave that up to Treliving and crew.

        • freethe flames

          That’s fine and I’m with you on the need to get something else back if we move the first. Whether it be a pick, a guy with term or filling a couple of gaps in the lineup.

  • Em Durp Em Hrudey

    I still will beat the drum of bringing Kris Kreider to the Flames. He is tough, skilled. and signed for one more season. Great team player. Not a goon, but can punch faces. Perfect fit on this team.

    On a side note love the twitter name:

  • benfr

    Teams overpay for different assets at different times of the year;
    Trade dead line- The market is for players to help the team improve their playoff chances. Teams will overpay and as research shows rarely do the acquired players make the difference as expected. Each acquired asset bumps an existing player down which can have an affect on team chemistry.
    Draft- teams tend to over value their draft picks at this time of year. To try to replenish your picks at this time will usually result in an overpay.
    Very difficult to do but trying to position yourself on the opposite side of the market where over pays occur would be the most prudent.
    I’d be reluctant to part with the few assets we have in the pipeline as it would likely result in an overpay.

  • Jumping Jack Flash

    I would like to see them keep Prout in for the SJ game, the last game got out of hand , I think SJ is going to try and intimidate us. Players know who Prout is even Ferland knew to behave yesterday.

  • Zalapski

    Mangiapane is going to be the one shipped out in my opinion. He’s an NHL player as far as proving it in the AHL and he’s need to play in a top 9 roll and there isn’t one on the Flames for him. Neal is coming around, and the 4th line could use a better skater or higher energy winger. I believe there is potential for Mangiapane to produce at the NHL level but he needs to be given a lot of opportunity. I could see him being packaged with the 3rd or Second for a significant rental player or someone with a bit of term, but is affordable. Dube has been a better player in his showing, and so has Czarnik in my opinion. If they trade a second or first, who knows what the market could become.

  • Albertabeef

    30% chance you say? I realize people don’t understand math, but those are huge odds you give us. Just for fun let’s do some math. So 100% divided by 16 teams gives each team 6.25% chance at the cup. 30% would make us 5 times more likely to win the cup than most other teams in the playoffs. Now if we split the difference so east and west have equal chances at 50-50% the Flames having a 30% chance to win gives us 20% chance to lose. That is good enough odds to make the finals at the very least.

  • Skylardog

    For those who think Kylington should not be traded, keep in mind that last night, Prout got more icetime than Ky, 15:01 vs 11:19. Ky also got low minutes in the Washington game even though there were only 5 D playing for a large part of the game.

    I think that tells us how Peters value Kylington.

    Trade bait, and as a young mobile D with a contract under $1.0 mill, he is valuable in the marketplace.

  • Chucky

    I any trade discussion the Flames should mention Smith and Neal if the other party does not run it might be worth pursuing. Czarnik should be the first to go and they might get something for him.