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Quips and Quotes: Flames lose to Canucks 4-3 (in a shootout)

The Calgary Flames lost to the Vancouver Canucks by a 4-3 score (in a shootout) on Saturday night. Here are selected reactions from players and coaches following the game.

The Flames played well, but didn’t win

The tone of head coach Bill Peters’ post-game address was as positive as you’d expect it to be. His team put up nearly 50 shots on the opposition net, had a lot of zone time, but couldn’t execute in a handful of moments often enough to capture two points.

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“I really liked our second period,” said Peters. “I thought we needed to come out of that one with a lead. We didn’t. It was 3-3 after 40, but I liked a lot of the things we did here tonight.”

Peters praised his special teams units – noting that the power play had some good looks – and praised Travis Hamonic’s body sacrifices on the penalty kill, as he laid out in front of a lot of tough shots.

Andrew Mangiapane gets his first

Heading into Saturday’s game, Andrew Mangiapane was one of six Flames skaters without a goal this season – and the one that had played the most games without a goal. So it was part relief, part excitement for the youngster when he scored his first NHL goal in the second period.

“It felt like our line was hemming them in there in the second period a little bit,” said Mangiapane. “And then [Noah Hanifin] I guess picked it up and made a nice pass over to me. It was definitely a good feeling and I’m happy it’s out of the way.”

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Mangiapane, Garnet Hathaway and Derek Ryan have quietly been very effective over the past few weeks and they’ve begun to chip in offensively as well. For a Flames club that has been very challenged at getting contributions from their bottom six over the last several seasons, it’s a big improvement.

Bill Peters joke of the night

  • Getpucksdeep

    You bet Rittich looked a bit subdued. He should have. I noticed in particular he was pinned to the blue paint pretty much all night long as well. He’ll get over it and grow up a bit. His enthusiasm is fun but not if he’s loosing focus and he was loosing focus. Also noticed the defense didn’t pinch quite as much as they had been the last while really only charging in when the Canucks were on their heels which they were a lot of the night. I thought it was a pretty entertaining game with a Canucks team that actually could grab a wildcard. Boeser and Petterson give them a bright future and they are riding a hot goalie. Calgary’s fine as long as they can roll those lines and get secondary scoring they way they have been. What comes around goes around and that kind of effort will see the Flames hold their own.

    • FlamesFanOtherCity

      You can screw up a goalie’s confidence easily by pulling him too early in a game instead of letting him play through it. Smith gets 4 or 5 before getting the hook, yet the far superior goalie gets it after 2. It was a 2-1 game when Smith was put in nets. Instead of calming down the goalie with a time out, Smith gets in and boom 3-1. Game over. Team has to put up at least 3 more goals to win.

      Rittich may not have looked good on the 2nd goal, but the 3rd was Boeser getting time to line up a perfect shot, what with Brodie’s version of a block not even between Boeser and the net. Overall, Rittich had an okay game. Nothing great, but he made some really good stops. He’ll be fine.

      BP needs to recognize when the 2nd line is not firing. Tkachuk has been meh at 5v5 for some time now. They were letting the top line walk around them all night. Mangiapane has been getting looks in limited ice. That 3th line looks better some nights than the 2nd line. More pressure. More shots. Reward the line with more ice, not less.

    • BlueMoonNigel

      In 3 of their 4 wins against the Flames this season, Markstrom has been one of the three stars. He has been as good against the Flames as Pettersson. That has to be a cause for concern just as Kane’s owning the Flames has to as well.

    • Budgie

      Calgary has won many one goal games, it would be nice to see them be a bit more dominant. They are fast, and exciting to watch, often with a nail biting finish though. It is hardly a slump, a hiccup at best-one point of a possible four. Even the best teams have a loss now and then. Calgary is one of the best, can they match up with Tampa? Should they make a big splash at the trade deadline? I remember Bob Johnson handing a Stanley Cup team to Terry Crisp. At one point Johnson brought up a complete line from the minors and sat some starters-it worked! Does Calgary make a trade because they are close or stay within their system? The price for rentals is steep and keep Bennett and Jankowski darn it.

  • How's She Goin'

    The boys need to practice picking corners. Lots of shots but most of them right at the logo. Good effort by bottom six forwards. If they could learn how to finish on chances that would be a plus. Neal is way too slow. Ryan is finding his stride. Jankowski needs to get meaner – he’s like Bambi out there. Continue to be impressed by Kylington and Andersson. They are quickly making Brodie expendable. BSD is rattled for sure. Not saying he caused the loss by any means but you can just tell his confidence has taken a hit. Here’s hoping he gets his mojo back.

    • Rocket66

      You could see it in his eyes lastnight fear and doubt
      He was not smiling or having fun Peters caused that in the last game
      Every goalie that comes here leaves worse than when they arrived
      Goalie coach
      Goalie coach

      • BlueMoonNigel

        Are you blaming Peters or Siglet for Rittich’s new found fear and doubt? As much as you might question Siglet’s ability to do his job, Peters has a history of throwing his struggling goalies under the bus.

        I agree with you that Rittich did not look calm and collected last night at all, but that might have had more to do with Pettersson than anybody else as the Swede has been personally taking food off of Rittich’s table all season by lighting up or helping his mates light up BSD. If Rittich is a backup next season or a starter in the KHL, blame it on Pettersson.

        • Luter 1

          Brodie made Pettersson look like Gretzky because of forcing him to the boards (and maybe throwing a body check?) when he didn’t have a play, Brodie took the easy route and followed Pettersson around like a puppy until Boeser came off the bench and snapped one in. Not much to like in Brodie’s game again, him and the cooled off Frolik great trade bait and a wake-up call to the rest that the real season just started. Need to bring in an every day player that can light a few guys up with a body check and drop the mitts if needed, otherwise we are going to get Prout come playoff time if we get a bad match-up where the intimidation of half our team occurs.

        • Budgie

          Rittich shouldn’t have been pulled against San Jose-not after two goals, after Four-yes. If Calgary goes with Smith and Rittich in the playoffs, which is likely, then I sure hope Smith comes out of his crease to cut down angles, and tones down the playing of the puck-many times it backfires and it is rubbing off on Rittich who got burned clearing the puck against San Jose

        • Slowmo

          It might had something to do with him letting in a goal first shot on net he was slow getting there. Bad goal bad break who knows but it is a long season he will win us a ton more games Im sure.

  • freethe flames

    Let’s give some credit where it is due Markstrom stole the game for them and he has played well in every game he has played against the Flames. It seems to me that that teams give Pettersson too much of a free pass; much like they gave McD his first couple of years. The Oiler’s frequently complain about how physical teams have gotten with him; that is how teams need to play against the young Swede. BP said he was happy with the PP; I for one was not, The amount of PP time in the third and no goals is not acceptable.

    I thought the 2nd line was poor tonight; FRolik missed his assignment on the first goal and never seemed to be on top of his game. Tkachuk has not played really well since the all-star break and Backs was just okay last night.

    • Getpucksdeep

      Yea I wonder where Tkachuks been the past month as well. Backlund, Ryan and the entire Jankowski line have been strong. Johnny and Mony will find the range and been getting quality chances. Its a game of mistakes and puck luck. I don’t bandwagon jump.

  • Herringchoker1971

    This is going to sound weird but, I’m ok with a little adversity. This team has not peaked yet. We need the bad to build on the good. I just wish Neal could start finding the net. It will happen……soon I hope. We need him and his size to be 100% engaged and producing soon. If I had my way at the deadline I would do everything I could to get Ferland back. I’d send Carolina my first and Reichel or Foo or someone as long as they are not on the roster. This to me is one of the few ways I would recommend trading my first. Then you could move Frolik down to 4th LW. That’s a balanced attack. Not a giant team but, a big enough team which can run 4 lines with skill. Of course if you could get a big dog like Stone, then you go for it.

    To me the long term success of this team hinges on two things. One…..you need Neal to start doing what he’s paid for and that’s put the puck in the net. That gets that whole line rolling……that would be huuuuge. Two… is you need some functional size. That doesn’t mean a fighter…..its means someone the other team has to worry about. If they don’t do it this year then they need to do it in the offseason. I’d like to see and I think its very realistic:

    Johnny Monny Lindy
    Tkuchuk Backlund Ferland
    Bennett Janko Neal
    Frolik Ryan Hathaway

    Thats my vision.

    • Luter 1

      50 games in, unfortunately you’re seeing the “Real Deal”, and yes you can digress that much over one summer. Flames did not do their homework signing this guy, never was a strong skater, didn’t realize he couldn’t pass or playmake. Now his hands are gone. He’s worth 500 G not 5 mill.

      • kirby

        The “Real Deal” was one of the most consistent 5 on 5 scorers in the league for YEARS on several different teams. Everyone knew he didn’t have burning speed, that he didn’t handle the puck and set guys up, that he wasn’t gonna step on the ice and single handedly generate his own scoring chances. He has been, over his career on multiple different teams, one of the best pure finishers in the game.

        So, knowing all this, WHY DO WE CONTINUALLY PUT HIM IN A 3RD LINE CHECKING ROLE AND EXPECT HIM TO DO WHAT HE’S ALWAYS DONE, WHEN NOBODY ELSE HAS EVER USED HIM IN THIS WAY? Every other team has had success with James Neal. He has filled the net everywhere he’s ever been. Until here, until now.

        Maybe instead of blindly crying about how he’s not scoring at a high level, we should ask ourselves (and more importantly our coaches) why that is, and find the answer to changing it as opposed to just repeatedly doing the same things over and over.

        I mean, a guy like Czarnik would get called up from the AHL and immediately placed above Neal in the lineup. And yet, coaches and fans can’t seem to figure out what the problem is.

        Time to take a look in the mirror on this issue. And if coaches have no interest in even attempting to get this guy going, then just waive him or give him away for a conditional 7th. This whole situation is getting incredibly pointless and i can’t comprehend the stubbornness from BP and co when it comes to this. They have made no legitimate effort to put him in a position to succeed or do what he does best. Instead they keep cramming that square peg in a round hole like “see, it’s still not working. Guess he just sucks, right?” YEAH NO DUH IT’S NOT WORKING, because every other team he’s played for has been smart enough to utilize him to his strengths and every other team he’s played for saw RESULTS because of it.

        • Chucky

          If I were designing a line for a slow sniper who is really bad at backchecking. He would have a tough digging badger for the other wing and a defensively responsible centre who has a great shot and soft hands. If I could get them third line competition every night they would play together for 40 or so games and develop comfort and chemistry and then provide solid scoring.
          What do people expect from Neal, he has scored 40 once and 31 once and every other year he has been in the twenties. He has had trouble adapting when he changed teams (1 goal in 20 games joining Pittsburgh and 21 goals in the season he joined Nashville) except for last year when he scored 25 with an expansion team.
          What are the options?
          put him on the first line, it is working too well without him.
          Put him on the second line, I would rather have Tkachuk in front of the net.

          When Lindholm fit on the first line Neal’s singing became a mistake. Now Peters needs to make the best of it and the approach of getting scoring from the third line seems to be a viable option.

  • buts

    2 games where we make the opposing goalie look like George Vesina. Neal in the shootout? Really? All it takes is 1 bad goal a game to sink an nhl ship. There’s warts friends in the goaltending department. It will be a monumental waste of a great season with 5 players having career years if goaltending isn’t addressed.

    • Slowmo

      Comon buts Really Rittch has kept our boys in games they should have lost every goalie is going to have bad games I would like to see him do it now. I have seen to many times where we have made it to the playoffs and then goal tending falters I say do it now don’t wait till spring. He will bounce back if not then it wasn’t meant to be.

  • THE WW Bandwagon

    I feel like we were so teased by their play and the results.
    Everything was going in. Bsd was hot for awhile there.
    Then around Christmas his numbers and his play dropped off but the team offense stepped in the gap.
    Now the offense is drying up and goaltending is not winning us games.
    The board is divided. Many think were in trouble and many of you are not worried at all.
    Everyone has good points.

    I think the answer for each side will play out this month and we should see if this really is a good team or were we just teased into thinking they are that good?

    • BlueMoonNigel

      How come PC hasn’t banned the term Chiclets? Announcers can still freely use Chiclets but if they refer to a hit to the head by saying the guy got his bell rung, that’s a huge no-no. Granted the latter is potentially far more serious than the former, but since when did the language police deal in logic?

      I heard the rink announcer say last night, “Stand if you can…” for the moment of silence for Little Arthur’s dearly departed mama. It’s the second time in less than a week I have heard “Stand if you can…” I really don’t care for , “Stand if you can…” as the “if you can” part is totally unnecessary. Far from showing concern for people who can’t stand up due to a disability, it sounds like a taunt as “if you can” is generally said to challenge or threaten or disrespect somebody. What’s wrong with the PA announcer just saying “Stand” for a moment of silence or for the anthem? Adding “if you can” isn’t going to miraculously make the lame stand. It really is a foolish and unnecessary thing to say. Mind you, I have only heard it in the rinks in Charlotte and Vancouver, so perhaps the “if you can” part isn’t directed at the lame but at all the pissheads who temporarily render themselves “legless.” Maybe this isn’t a PC matter at all. Maybe Hurricane and Canuck games attract a bigger drinking set than other teams, so the “if you can” is issued at the imbibers. Somebody needs to investigate this.

  • Budgie

    Peters is a great coach, until he picks shooters for a shoot-out-or is an assistant picking? Lindholm, Gadreau, don’t make the cut? When Gadreau isn’t in the shoot-out first, I wonder what the heck?

    • BlueMoonNigel

      No to Gaudreau as one of the first 3 in shootouts. Like Gretzky, Gaudreau sucks on breakaways. My shootout strategy is Monanahn plus Euros. Euros tend to be very clever in shootouts. I’d pick Lindholm and Frolik ahead of Johnny. I’d even pick the offensively-ungifted Backlund ahead of Gaudreau. I wonder what Kylington would look like on a shootout. Kid has the moves and the rest of the NHL has no book on him on shootouts. Peters no like Kylington so that is going to happen never.

    • Chucky

      The reasonable approach would be to use the guys who are scoring most frequently on the breakaway drill in the morning skate. Don’t have a breakaway\shootout drill in the morning skate and you are just giving up single points, with each team having 4 or 5 shootouts a season goaltenders and skaters need the practice. Gaudreau could use a half hour a day considering the number of breakaways he gets and the number of goals that result.

      • Budgie

        Gadreau has moves, he is a great stick-handler, I’d have the top line as my first three shoot-out choices. Jankowski is quite good on break-aways, the short handed goals are proof. BP chooses his shooters based on hunches and rewards, I’d go with the top line and Jankowski for starters-then Tkachuk-Bennet, Backlund, ….

          • Budgie

            Yes, that was the nicest deke of the season, full speed-Backlund could have tried that again-all the shooters went 5 hole and failed. Tkachuk gets half his goals standing in front of the goalie and tipping in a blast or a pass-I would have had Gadreau first-its a confidence-morale thing-go with your top scorers