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Quips and Quotes: Flames beat Penguins 5-4

The Calgary Flames beat the Pittsburgh Penguins by a 5-4 score on Saturday afternoon. Here are selected reactions from players and coaches following the game.

Pittsburgh makes it close, but Flames get two points

The Flames didn’t dominate by any stretch, but they were pretty good against the Penguins. Aside from a heck of a game for Pittsburgh’s special teams, the Flames did a good job generating chances.

“Their specialty teams gave them momentum,” said Flames head coach Bill Peters. “We were up going into the third and they had a big kill and the two big power play goals to get it within one. Give them some credit with their specialty teams. And then I thought the guys settled in a little bit and did a good job, for the most part, and some young guys got some experience, played in situations that they haven’t played in a lot of this year.”

The 2018-19 Flames aren’t a particularly fighty bunch, but they engaged in a pair of scraps following some plays that many could interpret as predatory or dirty. Peters noted that he didn’t like Marcus Pettersson’s hit on Austin Czarnik, but liked Sam Bennett’s physical response. He also liked rookie Rasmus Andersson duking it out with Jared McCann in response to McCann’s cross-check on Mark Giordano at the end of the second period.

The road trip

Esteemed songwriter Meat Loaf once wrote “two out of three ain’t bad.” The Flames finish off a four game road trip with a 1-1-2 record. Rather than focus on the single win in four games, Peters reflected on some of the positives.

We didn’t love our trip, to be honest with you, but we got points in three out of the four games and finished .500. And did well with three of the last possible four. We were just talking about it, too: had a chance in overtime in Vancouver, rattled the crossbar, right, and then we had a two-on-one and a three-on-one in overtime in Florida, too. We’d like to get our game dialed up a little bit better and a little more consistent across the board, and that’s what we’ll strive towards coming to the finish line here.

The Flames have 24 games left in the regular season.

  • buts

    Great win buts honestly does anyone feel comfortable with Smith in net? .895% sv? That’s not going to win you playoff games….he’s flopping, he’s deep in the net and if we don’t score 4 plus a game we are in trouble. 4th line played great and kudos to Hathaway, Ryan and Bennett. Kylington and Anderson are future top 4 D. We are 2 to 3 additions from a cup. 1 forward, 1 D and a goalie.

    • Jumping Jack Flash

      Normally I would agree, because this does not feel like a win but we will take it. However, Smith was the difference tonight…but in a good way. On the first deflection he was at the top of the crease which is all I want to see. He plays so mech better when he plays at the top of the crease. I think they need to give Rittich the next game so he can get his confidence back. If Smith gets his game back it is not inconceivable that they share the crease. Does anyone think NYI will ride 1 goalie in the playoffs…I don’t.

      • Harley Hotchkiss’s Ghost

        Meh, Smith scrambles so much now because he is behind on every play. His
        “Big saves” would be routine in any other case. He’s done like dinner, he hasn’t been a 0.900+ goalie for a full calendar year and is what 37 years old. Odds are this is all he will ever be now. If we didn’t score five goals we lose, which is usually the case with Smith. Smith deserves ZERO credit for today. He made a couple of saves, great thats what all goalies do, but to be honest in a close game he didn’t make enough saves, but our depth socring got us the win and Matt Murray having an off night as well. We actually played much better against Florida and Vancouver, IMO.

        • Albertabeef

          “We actually played much better against Florida and Vancouver, IMO.”
          “Smith deserves ZERO credit for today”. Those two lines contradict each other. Not like Smith only saw 15 shots against a weak team. This was the three time champs duo of Malkin and Crosby, and he faced 38 shots, thirty freakin eight! Smith didn’t allow an even strength goal in the third and tightened up when it got close.

  • Garry T

    The Flames would be well served to do three things rather than deviating from the team rebuild plan.

    1 they let offensive players get in behind their D and those O players obstruct and distract the goalie, Tip ins and deflections result. The goalie needs to advise the D the O guy(s) are there and clear them away immediately. That will cut down on goals against. All of our losses since the break have been as a result of not clearing the crease.
    2. Rather than giving away too much at the deadline, I would bring up Rychel, Foo and both the Russian and Swedish defencemen. Lazar and Rychel give us size and scoring
    And would be great with Jankowski or Ryan.

    3. I know we have suffered at the draft table of late and the Last draft was in some ways a disaster not picking until 105. I would try to get a couple of picks back this year. If not there is still the option of free agent and over age juniors that could be signed. Vancouver, LA, Philly and other teams have done well going that route. Greater
    Focus is required to re-build the Stockton club and thus the Flames.

    Clearing the net and standing up at the blue line harassing entry will make a big difference to our win column and points totals. Go hard against Arizona. They are not an easy touch!

    I think if they cannot get a Hayes or Dzingel, stick with our AHL team and get to know what we have better.

  • Widemans Anger

    Atta boy Bennett, we for sure need more grit on the team, a Tom Wilson, Wayne Simmonds is a must. Need toughness that can chip in once in while. I am okay with goalies can’t blame smith for this appearance.

  • supra steve

    I’m sure Meat Loaf wrote a lot of songs in his lifetime, but the good stuff was written by “esteemed songwriter” Jim Steinman. That would include the entire Bat Out Of Hell album. Credit where credit is due.