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The 2019 Playoff Chase: Breathing room

After a slide just after the All-Star Break, the Calgary Flames have won a few games in a row. The race for playoff spots is tight, but they have a bit of breathing room.

Chasing a playoff spot

Team Pts W ROW Pct. Chances
FLAMES 81 37 37 .675 100%
Sharks 80 36 36 .656 100%
Predators 77 36 35 .611 100%
Jets 76 36 34 .633 99.9%
Blues 69 32 32 .575 98.0%
Golden Knights 69 32 30 .556 94.4%
Stars 65 30 30 .542 80.1%
Wild 62 28 27 .508 17.5%
Avalanche 61 25 25 .508 52.1%

(Playoff spot odds throughout these tables via Sports Club Stats.)

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The Flames are 20 points up on the ninth place team. Vegas and Nashville have played a couple more games than everyone else right now, so the points race alone is a little deceiving.

The Athletic’s projections right now have the playoff cutline in the Western Conference at around 86 points.

Chasing home ice in the first round

Team Pts W ROW Pct. Chances
FLAMES 81 37 37 .675 100%
Sharks 80 36 36 .656 99%
Golden Knights 69 32 30 .556 1%

The Flames are 12 points up on Vegas to cement home ice in the first round of the playoffs.

Third place in the Pacific projects to around 93 points right now.

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Chasing a divisional title

Team Pts W ROW Pct. Chances
FLAMES 81 37 37 .675 75%
Sharks 80 36 36 .656 25%

The Flames are a point up on the Sharks (with a game in hand). This race is going to be tight probably until the very end of the season.

Second place in the Pacific projects to around 105 points right now.

Chasing top spot in the West

Team Pts W ROW Pct. Chances
FLAMES 81 37 37 .675 72%
Sharks 80 36 36 .656 23%
Predators 77 36 35 .611 1%
Jets 76 36 34 .633 3%

As with the divisional race, it’s basically between the Flames and Sharks at the top. Nashville is deceptively high up here, as they’ve played a couple more games than everyone else.

  • Chucky

    It would be interesting to know how Giordano would react to moving Brodie. It is pretty obvious that he likes playing with Brodie as a partner far more than Hamilton and it looks like he has a lot of jump when he has Brodie on the right side. It might be a grave mistake to disrupt this chemistry at this time in the year.
    Comments will be that these guys are pros so they will just adapt but if I were Treliving Gio’s emotional health would be a significant consideration in any decision this season. Does anyone know what the relationship is like?

    • withachance

      Gio loves Brodie.

      But any trade involving brodie wont be during the season. It will be in the summer. Tre wont move roster players unless he gets something similar in ability back (ie Frolik for Stone)

    • BlueMoonNigel

      Your point is well taken, but I couldn’t help but chuckle, Chucky, at your mention of “emotional Health” because how often do sports fans and the sports media regard pro athletes as little more than slabs of meat and not human beings? It is usually only when a tragedy befalls the athlete or a member of his family do we smarten up and admit that the athlete is a fellow human like we are.

  • Off the wall

    Interesting comments FN.

    Mr Pike brought up the theme of breathing room. Even with the possibility of LTIR usage, trade proposals and such, we have very limited breathing room (cap space ) to work with.

    Tkachuk isn’t going to be moving. He’s an integral part of the team. We are going to sign him and what that magic number portends to be, is called our future breathing space.

    Sounds like Ottawa is trying to pillage other GM’s? If Winnipeg isn’t biting- and you know they desperately want a top 6 forward, then Treliving isn’t going to be negotiating with Ottawa under those terms.

    The Rangers might be the only team we deal with.

    Can’t wait for Monday,for all the dust to settle. It’s getting hard to breathe in here ?

    • withachance

      It looks like WPG and NSH are out on dealing with OTT (according to Friedman)

      BT is rumoured to be legit in for Stone (Dreger, LeBrun) – interesting to see if BT will pull the trigger. I was at first skeptical about Stone but if Tre can get everyone under cap….

      • everton fc

        You’d have to move Frolik, Brodie – salary. For Stone, that is. But, if he wants $10mill + a season… I’d pass. Look at how many teams are so screwed signing these long-term, big dollar deals. See Kopitar. I’d avoid that type of deal.

        • freethe flames

          Money is less of an issue than term IMO. But if the rumor was $10.5 x 5 I don’t know how we resign him. I would rather look at a couple of lesser pieces than pay the price that is being rumored.

    • Jourflamesfan

      Remember when all the rumors swirling about Dougie Hamilton?
      Then out of nowhere he was a Flame!

      I’m kinda expecting something like that this weekend.

  • T&A4Flames

    Was listening to Edmonton 1260 sports radio. They’re reporting Kylington was pulled off the practice ice. Then tried to tie it to NYR because their coach had a lengthy conversation with Zuc at center ice at he end of their practice. I’d be pissed if we traded Kyl for Zuc. That’d be just stupid. Stone is the only guy I’d be ok with losing him for.

  • Flameon13

    NYI may be willing to trade Josh Ho-Sang. Not a big move by far but could move Fro for Ho-Sang and a 5th or maybe move Foo for Ho-Sang and give both players a change of pace. Just a thought.

  • BlueMoonNigel

    Did the Preds just get a little closer to hoisting Stanley’s jock? I don’t think so. In addition to having PK, perennially the player most hated by his teammates, the Preds now have Duchene who was a cancer in Colorado and whose departure from Ottawa will likely cause few tears to be shed by teammates and fans. Instead of improving the Preds, this deal makes the Preds easier playoff prey. Death from within strikes again.