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Report: Senators ‘ridiculously high’ asking price for Mark Stone includes young defenceman, multiple firsts

The trade deadline is getting closer and closer by the minute, and with names like Mats Zuccarello, Ryan Dzingel, and Matt Duchene falling off the board, it seems like it could be pretty much Mark Stone or bust for the Calgary Flames.

But given Ottawa’s reported asking price, it’s looking like bust. The Sens are reportedly asking for multiple first round picks, one of Juuso Valimaki, Rasmus Andersson, or Oliver Kylington, and even more to get the prize winger out of the nation’s capital.

It’s no surprise that Stone is going to be expensive. Ottawa took a first round pick, a conditional first, and two highly-touted prospects from the Columbus system for Duchene, and are likely looking to get a better deal for their final major trade piece. With Columbus now loading up for a playoff run, Artemi Panarin is off the board, giving Ottawa a monopoly on the premium rental market.

For the Flames, that price is too much. The team certainly understands that they have to pony up to get what they want, but given that they could struggle to sign Stone long-term – he was reportedly asking for $10.5M x 5 from Ottawa – and lose members of the active roster, it is a no-go.

Giving up multiple firsts would sting for a club that has only drafted twice in the first round since 2015. If one of the first rounders comes on the condition that Stone re-signs with Calgary (as it is in the Duchene deal), that means the Flames may not have a first round pick until 2021.

Losing one of Andersson, Kylington, or Valimaki also probably prevents the Flames from pulling the trigger. Pat further elaborates that including Valimaki or Andersson would be “non-starter[s],” and understandably so. Both have first pairing potential – Andersson has been getting spins there recently – and are still on cheap contracts for two more years.

The club seems more at peace with potentially parting with Kylington, but he is also an NHL-level defenceman with two more cheap years remaining. He may be someone they’re willing to deal, but he’s more than just a throw-in.

The final piece of the puzzle involves an unnamed roster player with a year-long cap hit of $1.5M going back to Ottawa to balance the budgets for both teams. That could be Mark Jankowski, Sam Bennett, Derek Ryan, Michael Frolik, or James Neal. If Ottawa is rebuilding, they’re likely looking for younger players, so Jankowski or Bennett. That’s a regular contributor you now also have to lose in the deal.

To recap: The Flames would have to send two firsts, likely Jankowski or Bennett, and Kylington to the Senators for Stone. Remember that the Senators could potentially still ask for more if they want to. I would have to agree with Treliving in this case – don’t sell the farm.

We have 24 hours and change to see what will actually unfold, but given what Ottawa’s asking, maybe don’t expect anything big.

  • cjc

    Also need to keep in mind the expansion draft – we could lose a very good forward or defenseman, so having a couple buns in the oven so to speak will be important. Doiron can pound sand.

    That said, I wouldn’t be averse to trading Bennett or Jankowski as part of a package to upgrade. I feel that Mangiapane, Dube and Phillips will more than fill those holes in coming seasons.

  • kirby

    Multiple 1sts, stud young defenseman under team control, + more, JUST AS A STARTING POINT TO THE DISCUSSION.

    Then, he’s either gonna walk as a free agent or command an absolutely absurd contract to retain him.

    Yeah, that’s a HARD NO as far as i’m concerned. No hesitation. Pass. Moving on.

  • MontanaMan

    I think the Stone deal is going right down to the 11th hour. The longer it goes on, the worse it is for the Sens if Stone doesn’t resign. Imagine the offers that Dorion currently has and walks away from only to not be able to sign Stone and he walks for free. Tre needs to hold his ground and work this into the late hours tomorrow to put a gun to Dorion’s head. My fearless prediction is that whoever trades for Stone gets it done in the last three hours of the TDL.

    • MontanaMan

      And if one of the teams in on Stone (Jets, Flames, Preds) sign Hayes or Panarin or someone similar, it’s another nail in the coffin for Dorion. Three teams negotiating – great; two teams – okay; one team – disaster.

      • Harley Hotchkiss’s Ghost

        No way the Sens re-sign Stone. No one wants to be apart of that ownership tire fire. Eugene Melnyk barely has any money left after a couple of failed start ups. He’s suing his former arena project partners for $700 Million with no real grounds (They counter sued with $1 Billion). No ones going to sign there for years if they keep this up.

        • MontanaMan

          Agree Harley – which is why the longer it goes on the better it is for those negotiating for Stone and the worse it is for the Sens. It will be interesting to see who blinks first but Dorion can’t get caught with nothing to show for him. Let’s hope Tre calls his bluff.

          • Captain Ron

            We don’t actually need Stone. Sure it would be nice but not at that price. When Valimaki matures into a top D man and star which won’t be too long from now he will be worth a Stone plus if you ask me.

      • Kevin R

        I think the Sens & Stone are at a point of here is what it will take to sign Stone in Ottawa & that’s why Dorian is being a goof about his demands. Worst case for him they have to give Stone a lot of $$$ up front on a 5 year deal.

  • Oil consuming Flames

    Dorian has done pretty damn good already. He moved out Duchene, Dzingle, and Bergman plus a 7th Rd pick. But he’s added Duclair, and two other prospects, but potentially 2 additional 1st rounders, and 2 second rounders over the next 3 years. That’s to add to the haul he pulled by dealing Karlsson. Things are looking more promising than they were at last year’s draft for the rebuild.

  • Oil consuming Flames

    Maybe if Treliving can’t get a Stone deal out of Dorian, he’ll try to snag Duclair from him. BT does like those 2013 draftees, and Duclair does have 11 goals this year. Lol!

  • theartfuldodger

    “To recap: The Flames would have to send two firsts, likely Jankowski or Bennett, and Kylington to the Senators for Stone. Remember that the Senators could potentially still ask for more if they want to” Exactly what player does Ottawa think they are trading? yeesh

  • Craftmatic4.0

    I would give Dube, Kylington and a 1st, and go for it! Who knows if we can fully repeat our spot in the standings, next year! Chips 2 the center and go for it!!!

  • Puck Head

    I don’t want to sound negative but I personally don’t see how adding one player like Stone is going to get us to the promised land this season. If we had solid goaltending I would be more optimistic. However, I also think we need more functional grit in the lineup. TB is also head and shoulders above the rest of us this season.

    • Franko J

      I couldn’t agree more. TB is looking very poised and is a legitimate contender to win it all this year. To move that many assets for one player actually hinders all other moves going forward. The wisest choice BT can make is to wait and see how the team response and play through the adversity of the playoffs. Then make the necessary moves at the draft where there is more willing suitors.

  • Mickey O'Reaves

    So a team that missed the playoffs last year, got swept the year before, is now suddenly one piece away from drinking from Lord Stanley’s mug? So let’s gut the team and futures and go for it! Get a grip, it doesn’t work that way.
    You need playoff experience first. The playoffs are a different beast altogether.

    • whysoserious

      Wow a voice of reason! The lack of playoff experience on this team is extremely high, getting McJesus regardless Stone wouldn’t ensure us drinking from the cup! Stay the course Tre. With Pittsburgh losing two D yesterday, wouldn’t they be in the market for a Brodie and have Tre in a better negotiating position. Who do they have that would be of interest? Just wondering!

  • How's She Goin'

    Wait it out in case price drops but if not, let Jets or Preds overpay. It would be insane to pay these prices not to mention paying Stone 10.5M per to resign. That would just be stupid and BT isn’t stupid.

  • MDG1600

    Hard no and don’t even waste time talking to Ottawa if this is the ask. Flames have way too many Q’s around the goaltending to sell the farm for a cup run this year. Frankly, Quine and Dube as call ups are pretty good adds come playoff time and maybe a well rested Neal will be actually be able to keep up to the play for a change.

    • The GREAT WW

      Talking to Ottawa about Stone is not a waste of time; it keeps the price up for the other teams and keeps them preoccupied while BT gets the player he really wants.
      BT is good that way…!


  • imthedude63

    Can’t sell the farm for a second line forward who wants 10 million a year. Sounds like BT is using one of Mr Hands lines from Fastimes at Ridgemont High…”What are you people on dope”

    Hold the course…need to constantly filling up our prospect bank which has been lean the last few years. Thinking long term versus now now now is the way to go

  • SgtRoadBlock

    i say let toss r picks away for Stone and then next year we will toss more picks for 2nd push at the cup and then we
    have to toss even more picks away to Seattle to not pick xxx player…

    we can do it…..NOT


  • freethe flames

    Stone 28 goals 34 assists 62 points.
    Stall 18 goals 22 assists 40 points
    Hayes 14 goals 28 assists 42 points
    Kreider 25 goals 21 assists 46 points
    Nyquist 15 goals 33assists 48 points

    So while Stone is obviously the best of the bunch at the asking price I think I could live with any of the others at reasonable price. Are we looking for someone to carry this team or be part of the solution. The ask makes it seem like he would carry this team and that’s not so.

  • Off the wall

    Just for fun you should check out Ottawa’s current capfriendly.

    What’s the cap floor? $59M
    Yikes, look at current cap space available. $36.5 M

    Quickly turning into a AHL club!

  • Stern

    Sure love the discussion, FN, thanks. Entertainment all around. Without it it would be a bleak winter day in Alberta, going through the humdrums of life. Gfg