Quips and Quotes: Flames beat Devils 2-1

The Calgary Flames beat the New Jersey Devils by a 2-1 score on Wednesday night. Here are selected reactions from players and coaches following the game.

The Flames hold on to win seven in a row

At the tail end of a road trip – and their ninth road game of the season – perhaps the Flames can be forgiven for tailing off a little bit in the third period. Both Mark Giordano and head coach Bill Peters noted the Flames seemed to be running on fumes in the latter stages of the game.

“I thought we were running out of gas,” said Peters. “You could see it probably second half of the game. Little bit in the second period and definitely in the third. Guys battled, though. Lot of plays on the wall. I thought guys were competitive in those situations. Did enough good things to find a way to get a point and wrap up a successful trip.”

David Rittich makes lots of saves

During the team’s seven game winning streak, the Flames’ goaltenders have combined to allow just 12 goals. On Wednesday, it was Rittich’s turn in net. Aside from a low shot that beat him after Johnny Gaudreau was stripped of the puck during a Flames power play, Rittich was perfect.

Peters had a lot of praise for Rittich’s performance and the team’s goaltending in general.

“Our goaltending’s been real good on this trip,” said Peters. “It’s been real good here for quite some time. And again, we talk about needing everybody and we need both goalies also.”

Flames get another Swede

Swedish defender Oscar Fantenberg made his Flames debut in New Jersey two days after joining the club at the trade deadline. Playing with Rasmus Andersson, he played 14:18 – almost entirely at even strength – and had a penalty, a shot and five hits.

“He was good,” said Peters. “He was real steady. I thought he was good. Aggressive. Decisive with his reads. And only should get better as he plays in our system and gets comfortable with how we do things.”

  • Calgarycandle

    Bennett, Tkachuk and Backland look dangerous together. Love, Hathaway, Ryan and Mangiapanne on the 4th. Where does Neal slot back when he returns? Czarnik is looking more like the player we thought we signed.

    • Fat Tony

      A win is a win. Id rather see a strong goal tending performance at this stage of the season leading into the playoffs anyway. We all know the boys can score but having two of our goalies playing with confidence is crucial for the post season.

  • Bucho

    On a side note I love seeing the oilers lose but are they really working their way to another top pick. Flames to the top! Just keep finding ways to win games. Lovin it.

  • Director772

    I think Mony must be nursing an undisclosed injury, he looks slow and just not as engaged as he did in the fist half of the season, if he is hurt maybe he should sit out for a while and heal up…..let Bill P experiment with the lines to his hearts content.

  • Kzak

    Off topic, the Leafs have listed defencemen Gardiner and Dermott as week-to-week, in case anyone was still wondering why we picked up the Phantom at the trade deadline

      • Lazarus

        Don’t let 2 games with his old D Partner distract you from the fact that unless Brodie is with Gio he is a disaster and even then some times..
        Rasmus is currently punching Brodies ticket out of town as early as this off season and no matter what your narrative on TJ, there will be no tears shed from me when the shoe drops.
        Don’t be surprised when the return for him is underwhelming either. I think most GMs have clued into Brodie

        • Quinteco

          I 100% agree that Brodie is out in the offseason, likely traded at the draft. I think that his value is more than you do, obviously, but I can definitely see getting 2nd+ for him at the bare minimum.

      • Fat Tony

        Agreed. But if Ras is the new “Brodie” where he moves onto the top line then Brodie is expendable this offseason. Maybe just as a salary dump to sign Tkachuk and Rittich and have some flexibility. But one way or another, I don’t see Brodie on this team to start next season.

  • The GREAT WW

    A quote from Wayne Gretzky talking about the lack of success of the Oilers:

    “How long has it been for them? Three years? Five? Seven? Probably closer to nine. Well, it’s about time they got their act together. They’re ruining the whole league. They better stop running a Mickey Mouse organization and put somebody on the ice.”


    • Mickey O'Reaves

      A least New Jersey came up with a plan to dig themselves out of it. I watched that game 13-4. A scant *Seven* years later Brodeur was picked in 1990, and the clutch and grab era happened after that. Brodeur and that defence on home ice for a 2-1 win was a prop bet you probably could have bet blind for years, and made money. Bingo! Pay me my money. [All about the Benjamins, baby. Deep tune too. The extended video version is great with the tap dancing scene.]

      So anyway…what’s the plan for the Oilers? Like seriously, what are they doing and what is the plan going forward? Oh Mr. Chiarelli, the rest of the league owes you big time. Thanks. The Old Boys Club? Stick around. On a side note, do you think captain Gio ever says something like that out loud? Or M. Tkachuk as a better age comparison for a player wearing a letter on a very good young team? No way, no chance.

      City of Champions, eh? Yeah, keep telling yourselves that OBC. The latest Oilers team looks good on you little boys, but the fans up there see no end in sight. I’d hate to be an Oilers fan, rooting for your team. Wrecking the joy of some poor little kid watching Hot 9:7 McDavid, wondering why his or her hockey hero is on a team that doesn’t love winning the game too much. Hey, my shiny new Jersey would have been on the ice a long, long, time ago.

      Now that I think of it, number 83 with M. MOUSE as the nameplate would be perfect for the toss, sporting a C at your discretion. Or even 16 with BENJAMINS. Lots of symbolism there. When the brand new *free* barn opened, and probably how much it cost for a beer to drown your sorrows watching this current Oilers squad. Alcohol being a drug, and where did Katz make his billions? Selling legal drugs. (Not meaning to pile on, but Mr. Gretzky has an issue with booze also). Anyway, I digress. Someone should get on that jersey idea though if you really want to make a statement when you toss your dirty rag onto the ice.

      Karma, irony, and fairy godfathers have infinitely long memories apparently.

  • Lazarus

    Wait a minute.. “David Rittich makes lots of Saves”
    When did 19 saves become a lot??
    I like Rittich as much as anyone but the fawning could stand to be slowed to a bit more realistic.