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Quips and Quotes: Flames lose to Jets 2-1

The Calgary Flames lost to the Winnipeg Jets by a 2-1 score on Saturday night. Here are selected reactions from players and coaches following the game.

A loss by a tiny, tiny margin

The Flames played on Friday, flew to Winnipeg (losing an hour in the air), and played an early game without two of their top nine forwards (Sean Monahan and Sam Bennett). Despite all this, they out-shot and out-chanced the Central Division-leading Jets.

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The big takeaway for the Flames in their post-game scrums seemed more “Man, these games are gonna be tight-checking in the playoffs” more than “Aw man, we let one get away.”

“The little details matter,” said Flames forward Mark Jankowski, their lone goal-scorer. “They matter so much this time of year. Every game is going to be like this. They’re all playoff type atmosphere, payoff type games. So you’ve got to be really detailed. One mistake could be in the back of your net and that could cost you. With not a lot of chances going either way. I just think you have to be so detailed in all the little things. They matter a lot this time of year.”

Michael Stone returns (for two periods, at least)

After missing a lot of time due to a blood clot, Stone played his first NHL game in roughly four months – and got to play a game in his hometown. Stone suited up for 10 shifts, all at even strength, and played with a mixture of Noah Hanifin, Mark Giordano and Oscar Fantenberg.

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Stone saw zero action in the third period, as Flames head coach Bill Peters shortened his bench in an effort to draw even – he used nine forwards and six blueliners primarily, as he did against the New Jersey Devils on Tuesday. Garnet Hathaway and Alan Quine were used sparingly in the third as a result.

Stone played 6:27 and was just fine in limited usage.

  • Albertabeef

    Put me in coach
    I’m ready to play, today
    Put me in Coach
    I’m ready to play, today
    Look at me
    I can be
    First line center!
    Bennett’s theme song to his coaches

  • buts

    Dominating in the third. Three posts, back to back in 21 hours, sharks lost and Brodie played his best game in a long time. Smith played solid also. I love reading BP’s post game comments…..he’s a smart man. Playoffs could be very exciting.

  • Albertabeef

    Results when scoring shorthanded goals
    Jankowski 2 wins 2 loss 1 OTL
    Giordano 3 wins
    Hathaway 2 wins
    Lindholm 1win
    Hanafin 1 win
    Backlund 1 win
    Brodie 1 win
    Frolik 1 win 1 loss
    Hamonic 1 OTL

    I actually called Janks with the shortie tonight, my non hockey fan friend was laughing pretty hard when it happened lol. Is it weird that Janks has scored in ten games and we have only won five of those? That friend of mine renamed him Jinxkowski, I had to give him kudos for that one lol.

      • Albertabeef

        My memory was bugging me. I had to confirm a feeling like every game Janks scores we lose. It’s like the team gets more fired up to win when anyone but him scores. It’s just weird.

    • C-of-Dread

      Well, let’s not forget that Jankowski was still the only one to score for the Flames in this game. Aside from that, on the first Winnipeg goal, Jankowski actually did his job and stayed with Scheiffle, even after losing the faceoff. He had position on him and stayed with him all the way to the net. Unfortunately, Giordano decided he would race away from his position and skate straight up the middle chasing Wheeler who was headed to the point. With 9 seconds left, the slot, not the point, is the dangerous area that needs coverage. Andersson tied up Laine and was driving him away from the net. Realizing that Charot had a clear path to the net, Jankowski moved toward him to take away space, and tried to block(take away) the pass to Scheiffle. It was just a great pass, a pass that wouldn’t have been there if Gio was where he should have been.

      On the PPG, only God know what Brodie was doing. Any, and I mean ANY body contact with Perrault, from Brodie, would have prevented that goal. All that was necessary to prevent that goal, was ANY attempt to move Perrault out of the slot by Brodie.

      The Flames played a pretty good Game. And Smith looked pretty dialed in too. The difference in this game was a break down by a defensemen, on each of the goals. Gio on the first, and Brodie on the second.

      • Albertabeef

        Jankowski was the only one who score, that was kind of my point. When he scores he does not inspire the rest of the team to score. It’s just weird.

        Blah blah blah Gio out of position blah blah blah. Finally people are starting to notice this.

  • Getpucksdeep

    I saw a great heavywieght game between two pretty well matched teams. Play that over 7 times and either one could come out on top. Of course there’s the usual “82-0-0” crowd who believe every loss is “our fault” and the other teams presence has no impact.