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Quips and Quotes: Flames beat Blue Jackets 4-2

The Calgary Flames beat the Columbus Blue Jackets by a 4-2 score on Tuesday night. Here are selected reactions from players and coaches following the game.

The Flames hold on for the win

The Blue Jackets scored first, but the Flames scored the next three goals and then hung onto the lead for dear life. It wasn’t their best game, but they managed to gut out a game against a desperate team and get a big two points.

“I thought they got momentum halfway through the game and kept it,” said Flames head coach Bill Peters. “I didn’t think we ever got it back. They got momentum off their power play. Obviously they scored in the third, and then they had the other opportunity halfway through the period. I thought they did a good job playing with some desperation and we had a hard time getting momentum back.”

Noah Hanifin blocks a shot with his head

The game was punctuated by several saves by David Rittich, several posts hit by Blue Jackets players, and a handful of big shot blocks. The Flames’ commitment to shot blocking unfortunately led to a scary moment in the second period when Noah Hanifin flung himself in front of a shot by David Savard. It caught Hanifin by the ear, leading to Rittich rushing to check on his teammate.

“It was really scary, scary moment because I was seeing behind him and I saw how he was hit right to the head,” said Rittich. “It wasn’t a really good feeling for me, but I went right away to him and he said he’s fine, so I was kind of better.”

Hanifin left the game for concussion evaluation and to get stitched up, according to Peters, but returned to the game before the end of the period and finished the remainder of the game.

Mark Giordano’s big save

The other big moment in the second period was a big save by Mark Giordano on a Columbus power play.

So, what exactly happened on that play?

“Just desperation,” said Giordano. “The guy had an open side. I was sort of boxing Ritter out, so I dove and it hit me and fell into him. It was a lucky play, to be honest. Those ones usually find a way to hit you and go in. It was a lucky play and we’ll take it, for sure.”

While Giordano joked that Rittich should get the credit, the Flames netminder noted how important Giordano’s stop was:

  • Garry T

    Columbus took over game momentum after the 1st penalty in the second and it was Kitty Bar The Door from that point on. Between posts, Giordano, Hanifin head block shots it showed that this team wanted to win. It also showed an instinctive flair for using several defensive systems to hold off
    Columbus who played extremely well after the 3rd. goal against. Impressive effort by both teams made for a great game. Thanks for that ( both teams ) and a well deserved 2 points for the home team!

    • Cfan in Van

      Funny how expressions evolve. I’ve heard Kitty Bar The Door several times before, but it never made sense, so I looked it up. It’s actually “Katy bar the door”, a reference to Catherine Douglas preventing the assassination of King James the 1st of Scotland.

  • buts

    The bounces went our way but that’s hockey as Saturday they went the jets way. Rittichulous was solid and Frolik scored his nicest goal as a flame. That game coming up against the sharks will decide first in the west I’m sure. If the sharks play the knights a very good team will be elliminated in the first round. GFG

  • TKO

    what the heII is Edmonton going to do?
    I mean, they look like they need a total rebuild again…
    at least two maybe more top 4 D,
    2 top 6F, and
    3 bottom 6 F, and
    a starting goalie.
    Wow, iti used t be fun trolling a bit back and forth, but this isn’t a joke anymore.they may literally have to trade Drai and more (McD?) to start a rebuild. Unless they think they can make a team with no assets in in 3 or 4 years… and where does that leave Drai and McD? do they want to be at the bottom for the next 3 or 4 years?

  • TKO

    the Flames have a 3 pt lead over San Jose,
    San Jose & Calgary both have 9 games left,
    if Calgary wins 5 of 9, San Jose would have to win 7 of 9 to overtake us.
    outside of a collapse, I think the top 7 are set in the west

  • TKO

    wow, Ecklund from hockeybuzz is stupid…
    he predicted last night that San Jose will take division… that fine, no hurt feelings, but he also predicted they will end up with 114 points, meaning San Jose will have to ear 20 of a possible 18 points to end the season! hahaha