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Quips and Quotes: Flames lose to Ducks 3-1

The Calgary Flames lost to the Anaheim Ducks by a 3-1 score on Wednesday night. Here are selected reactions from players and coaches following the game.

Johnny Hockey chasing 100 points

It’s safe to say that Johnny Gaudreau is having a good season. He’s set a career high in goals (36) and assists (62) already. After previously setting a high water mark for points in a season with 84, he’s up to 98 points with one game remaining on the docket.

While it’s probably easy to put on your conspiracy hats and think that Gaudreau’s being kept in the lineup because he has a shot at triple digits for points, he noted to Postmedia’s Wes Gilbertson that it’s more about him simply preferring to play hockey rather than watch.

The new streak

The Flames set an NHL record for futility in one building with a 25 game regular season losing skid at Honda Center. That streak was snapped last October when the Flames won 2-0.

Well, with Wednesday’s setback the Flames have lost three consecutive games in Anaheim. It’s nowhere near as soul-crushing as their last dry spell, but probably something they want to deal with next season.

Playoffs start Thursday

In the meantime, the Flames will likely start the post-season on Thursday night. Expect a lot of 8 p.m. MT starts, friends. But also expect some really good hockey as the Flames get to participate in the best tournament in all of sports.

  • Chucky

    It is unclear what was achieved by last night’s game. It would have been nice to see more of Valimaki particularly on the power play. Realistically Stone and Fantenberg are not long term Flames and it seems that Valimaki is the heir apparent for the top left side first pairing, why not let him have some PP time.
    That said it I find it hard to criticize anything that Peters does considering the job he has done this year.

    • Avalain

      What was achieved was that they made it through the game without losing anyone to injury. If we want to be petty, losing to Anaheim hurts them in draft position. But really that’s such a small thing for us that who cares?

  • The GREAT WW

    Went to bed after the second….looks like I didn’t miss much….can’t stand 8:30 start times….

    That Getzlaf kid looked ok.
    Still no Interest in the last 2 years of his contract?


  • The GREAT WW

    Neal with 12% Corsi…..

    BT should do what Bobby Nick did publicly in Edmonton: “if Neal played like we expected him to we would have more points than Tampa right now”….