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Quips and Quotes: Flames lose to Oilers 3-1

The Calgary Flames lost to the Edmonton Oilers by a 3-1 score on Saturday night. Here are selected reactions from players and coaches following the game.

The Flames lose a game without meaning

The weird part of the calendar is done with: the awkward period between the Flames clinching a specific playoff spot and actually starting the playoffs. Everyone was understandably disappointed at losing the game, but seemed very happy to have the playoffs rapidly approaching.

Johnny Gaudreau finishes with 99 points

The seeming goal for the Flames this evening was getting Johnny Gaudreau his 100th point. They got him to 99, which Gaudreau seemed fairly satisfied with.

“Well, no big deal,” shrugged Gaudreau. “Obviously a good season, not only for me but for every single player in here. It’s been a lot of fun being a part of this team and the fun’s just about to start here. We’re looking forward to playoffs here, and getting things going.”

Gaudreau’s 99 point season is still tied for the ninth-best offensive season in franchise history.

The McDavid of it all

There was a lot of discussion of the tripping call on Mark Giordano that resulted in an injury to Connor McDavid. I broke down much of it for OilersNation.

Long story short: Giordano was remorseful, Oilers coach Ken Hitchcock was steamed, while there was a general acknowledgment that McDavid playing so fast makes it challenging for defenders because you have to decide how to play him really quickly. There was no break in the X-rays, but he’ll have an MRI on Sunday.

It’s unlikely that Giordano will see supplemental discipline for this, but bear in mind that Player Safety reviews everything, there was an injury, and Giordano was suspended earlier this year for a hockey play that resulted in an injury to Mikko Koivu. Stranger things have happened.

Onto Colorado

On the final day of the regular season, the Flames finally had their playoff match-up finalized. They’ll play the Colorado Avalanche, likely beginning on Thursday night at the Saddledome.

  • buts

    If anyone thinks we can eliminate a playoff team with Smith in net is dreaming. I’m a flames fan my whole life and if it’s not Rittich in net it will be over quick. It’s like management is scared of Smith, so they play him.

  • Garry T

    Great season. The optimal wish by every fan is for another Red Mile success story whereby the Flames just outplay the opposition by a large margin and beat every opponent in 4-6 games.

    Will they do it. I would love to see it but …. they are going to have minimize ice time in their zone by fore-checking much harder and getting on the puck carrier a lot more quickly. Edmonton showed us a real weakness that has crept back into our game.

    They held the puck with their speed and size. They forced give away so many times throughout the evening , it became disconcerting. Our D and forwards were puck watching most of the night and you cannot do that.

    Our o-zone entries were very poor. Line mates were either slow or could not play
    at tempo last night. When the team is on, the puck is moved quickly with short or long hard passes. They were dropping the puck back all night long and Johnny and other
    forwards used for drop pass purposes may as well have taken a shot on net from outside the blue line. Edmonton played a beautiful trap game. Forget the drop pass. It is time wasting and dangerous. Get into the zone at speed and with numbers backing the opponents off is what they need to do.

    Calgary’s players need to focus on hitting the net where the goalie “ ain’t “. Montreal was show casing a new player who scored four “ goal scorers goals last night “.
    Watch the highlights. We need to do what that guy did every night. We waste far too many shots off-net. Love my Flames but the are “ off their winning playing style and need to get back at it.” Hopefully the 3 days coming are used as skill sharpening days and defender clearing the blue paint area better. GFG.

    • Albertabeef

      Last game of the regular season, most guys are just trying not to get hurt. Remember last season we beat the Stanley Cup runners up 7-1 in our last game? It means nothing, especially when you factor in we played without Mony, Chucky, and Benny.

          • HAL MacInnis

            Yeah. I don’t think there’s any malicious intent. McDavid grabbed Giordano’s stick and pulled it away, across his body. Connor then crashed hard. Sometimes, accidents happen.

            It looked like Giordano just mauled him from certain angles, but the replay of McDavid grabbing the stick tells the story more clearly.

    • Phockey

      This type of accident was long over due for McDavid. This is a strong move he has to the outside but no defender is going to sit idly by and watch him go unscathed to the net every time because he is the second coming. You drive to the net from any angle and at any speed and accidents are going to happen. The talk that Gio was dirty is just laughable. He was defending his net. If there is a whisper of a suspension the NHL should consider what kind of pom poms they want the players to use next year

      • Budgie

        It could have been Giordano hurt on the play, he went for the poke check/starfish, McDavid was going to hit Smith anyways, what if he took Smith out with an injury? You could also have the scenario where McDavid didn’t get hurt after crashing the net.

  • flames66

    Smith just played another one of his .880 games – flames are in trouble. Even Smiths good games are only average
    Had all season to fix this and the management tried to convince everyone this has been could still play

  • Darcy yaceyko

    Just wishing the Flames and their fans the best of luck in the playoffs and congrats on a dynamite season. Hoping Gio gets the Norris. Am a true blue Oiler fan but hope our boys watch and learn from Calgary in the playoffs and see what it takes to win. Am pulling for ya.

      • Darcy yaceyko

        Oh trust me I have said it before on Oilersnation and have been slammed but that just shows me how immature some of my compadres are up there. I grew up around edm and went to a lot of the games and watched the winning. But I’m a hockey fan first and formost and love watching the good teams battle for the prize. To me I think Calgary finished 2nd overall, quite an accomplishment. I don’t like Tampa but hope they are there at the end with Calgary battling for it as it should be. Thank u for the nice comment.

  • Justthateasy

    Thanks for going on ON and giving them a perspective. Some of the comments by that crew are just plain stupid. You could call it blinded by the Light of McJesus.
    My take is that McDavid reached down to grab Gio’s stick and lost his edge. His edge was already lost by the time he was touched, if he was touched.
    It was mentioned that his speed was reckless. Like they say ‘it’s not the speed but the sudden stop’. He wasn’t going for the Stanley cup-winning goal here. This was an absolutely nothing game. He was frustrated by his team’s season and wanted to finish like a hero. This was a dumb play by McDavid. First of all to challenge a rough tough fast defenseman. Secondly he could have seriously injured Smith.
    There is no point in Flames fans talking to Oiler people because they are totally blind.
    They will cheer for the Avalanche but by the third round they may come around. It will take some maturity to take pride in an Alberta team to mitigate the past year’s embarrassment.

    • Darcy yaceyko

      Ya they will cheer Colorado. My other half is true blue oilers and will never cheer Calgary so we’re already divided lol. Like 2004 when the Flames won the cup I wasn’t on the red mile but was in Edmonton cheering on your boys. But I was a big Iggy fan as well. If they make it to the final I hope they don’t get shafted like they did in 04

  • Luter 1

    McDavid cut through the crease twice earlier from difficult angles and was untouched other than running into Smith somewhat, he then thinks he is going to go around Gio untouched. I compare this to allowing Johnny to skate around without laying a stick on him (just doesn’t happen). They would both get 300 points a season! I would suggest Johnny actually takes more abuse (slashes/hits) than McDavid (holding/grabbing).

  • fumanchu1968

    Mike Smith is going to play great, and our backup goalie will play strong if/when he’s call on. We have an excellent veteran group. Gio is going to will the team to win. Frolik is going to will our team to win. Neal is going to get tough, score goals and will will the team to win. Tkachuk is going to wreak havoc. Bennett is going to wreak havoc. Hathaway is going to grind opposing players into the submission. Hamonick is going to beat down anyone who tries to get rough. Our entire D-line is top-shelf, fast and can move the puck up to our forwards as well as any d-core in the league. Our forwards are elite and the team is deep. Go Flames go! We have as much as a chance, and more, than most of our competitors in this Stanley Cup ride we’re about to embark on.