The Flames have five picks in the 2019 NHL Draft

If you’re anything like our staff, when the Calgary Flames got eliminated you had a choice: agonize by watching the remaining rounds of the playoffs or get really, really hyped for the 2019 NHL Draft in June. In the interest in fueling everyone’s draft excitement, here’s a quick glance at where the Flames are slated to pick.

Picks the Flames have

The Flames presently have five selections in the 2019 NHL Draft – three of their own and two they acquired via trades.

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  • 1st round selection, 26th overall [own pick]
  • 3rd round selection, 88th overall [own pick]
  • 4th round selection, somewhere between 114th and 124th [Islanders’ pick]
  • 5th round selection, 150th overall [own pick]
  • 7th round selection, somewhere between 207th and 217th [Hurricanes’ pick]

Picks the Flames do not have

The Flames traded away four of their own picks.

  • 2nd round selection, 57th overall [to the Islanders]
  • 4th round selection, 119th overall [to the Canadiens]
  • 6th round selection, 181st overall [to the Hurricanes]
  • 7th round selection, 212th overall [to the Senators]

Trades involving picks

Buckle up, gang, because some of these trades got weirdly complex.

The Flames acquired their fourth round pick in a swap with the New York Islanders; they traded their 2018 first round pick, their 2018 second round pick and their 2019 second round pick to the Islanders in exchange for Travis Hamonic and the Islanders’ 2019 fourth round pick. (The years of these picks originally was conditional as the availability of the 2018 second round pick was dependent on a condition related to the Mike Smith trade with Arizona, but the Flames missing the playoffs in 2017-18 locked them in.)

They acquired their seventh round pick in a trade with the Carolina Hurricanes; they traded Keegan Kanzig and their 2019 sixth round pick to the Hurricanes for Eddie Lack, Ryan Murphy and Carolina’s 2019 seventh round pick. They subsequently bought out Murphy and traded Eddie Lack for Dalton Prout, while Kanzig spent the last two seasons in the ECHL.

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The other two pick-related trades are actually fairly simple: the Flames traded their 2019 fourth rounder to Montreal for their 2018 fourth rounder so they could pick Milos Roman. They also sent their 2019 seventh rounder to Ottawa so they could audition Nick Shore as a fourth line center for six weeks.

A trade that almost happened

After the trade deadline, there was a lot of chatter about a scuttled trade between the Flames and the Minnesota Wild.

Shortly after the deadline, however, TSN’s Darren Dreger reported the Flames came close to acquiring Minnesota Wild winger Jason Zucker. The Athletic’s Michael Russo said the deal would’ve sent winger Michael Frolik and a draft pick to the Wild in return for Zucker.

While it’s unclear exactly what caused this swap to hit the ditch prior to the trade deadline, indications are that the Flames’ first round pick was part of the deal. Given how the Flames’ playoffs went, perhaps they revisit this and send the 26th overall pick to the Wild?

It’s possible, but given that the Flames had zero picks in the first 100 of last year’s draft it seems improbable that they would sent their first rounder out the door without having a means of getting some other picks back somehow.

  • Albertabeef

    Can we trade Neal, Frolik, and Jankowski plus our first(s) for Hall? Then get Hall to call his friend Eberle and get him to sign a 2 year 3mil per contract? Can we get Pavelski for cheapish? I think switching these three for those three could put us in a much better position.

  • The Iggy complex

    The fact that the flames will be signing an alleged NHL ready defenceman must mean they will be trading some dman. I’m sure valamaki and Andersson will make the team. They will need to trade multiple defenceman to make room. Maybe recoup some picks there

    • BigChefJeff

      If you’re trading people just to make room for Alexander Yelesin, a 10 pt KHL defenceman, there are some serious management problems. Fantenburg put up 23 pts in 10 fewer games in his last season in the KHL.

      If you can get draft picks and cap space for guys like Stone or Brodie, sure. But you’re not trading them to “make room” for this guy.

      • oilcanboyd

        More to playing than putting up points. Yelesin has some mean bite to him as well. Keep Fantenberg by all means, possibly add Yelesin when he is good enough to make the team.

      • The Iggy complex

        More of trading players to make room for our good young rookies. If kylington takes another step forward next year he should force his way on the team as well. Also have to start looking ahead to the Seattle draft

  • SoCalFlamesFan

    After getting manhandled maybe a little size and truculence to toughen up our “coming up short” skilled little “cute as a button” team. A defense that can actually slow down the opposing skilled big players, would be nice too.

    • SoCalFlamesFan

      and the argument “size does not matter in hockey” officially dies. It only matters when comparing unskilled players with skilled ones but a skilled big player will own a skilled little player every day (or 4 out of 5 nights).

      • BringtheFire 2.0

        Skilled big players don’t grow on trees. Hell, I’d like nine forwards the size of Lucic with the speed of Johnny.

        And while we’re at it two number one goaltenders and three defenceman capable of hitting, fighting, and scoring seventy points each.

        Identifying what a team needs is the easiest thing in the world. Literally anyone can do it. Getting what a team needs is considerably more difficult, but seems to be overlooked quite a bit by the armchair GMs.

        • Luter 1

          It sure the hell isnt our roster for a winning recipe in the playoffs, that was obvious and that was against the tame Avs, could you imagine Vegas, Dallas or the Jets, it would be ugly from a physical perspective.

    • Honkydonk

      We need speed just as much as size. Gio is slow, chunky is slow, etc etc

      We lacked speed in the neutral zone I say passing and puck handling had just as much to do with it but still.

    • Luter 1

      And after watching this team people are trashing your comment – unbelievable! Some fans never learn. For this team to turn the corner they seriously have to get some ruggedness in this lineup. Lots of guys out there with decent talent that will go to war come playoffs, we don’t have many.
      Other teams must giggle as they watch Johnny and Mony wracking up points in January and say just wait until playoffs we will run them out of the rink!

  • withachance

    Putting a thought out there, Kevin Hayes is an UFA this offseason. Could he be a potential center for Johnny? They played together in college and allows Monahan to play 2C

    If BT can offload Frolik Stone and Brodie the cap shouldnt be a problem even with Tkachuk’s new contract. Would be in the range of 6M cap hit for Hayes. Big and skilled like so many are looking for on here

    • cjc

      This makes the argument that Hayes is actually a 1C at the NHL level; this is a guy who has maxed out at 54 points, not shabby, but not exactly 1C material. “Played together in college” doesn’t mean much at the NHL level. I remember that the Flames were big on Hnat Domenichelli because he played with Iggy in Kamloops. It didn’t work out well after he was acquired.

      • withachance

        Where is BT supposed to go to trade for a 1C without giving up an arm and a leg? Hayes has the hallmark of someone capable of elevating their play by playing with Jonnny. Players like Couturier and Brayden Schenn were both considered mid level centers before they got a chance to play with actual good players. All im saying is he’s a legit viable option. No team is going to give you a top center without asking for a package like Valimaki + monahan + a 1st

        Lindholm topped out at around 45 points before this season… id say he turned out pretty well

        • BlueMoonNigel

          I am not sure if the poster who a few days ago was spouting Getzlaf as a possible target for Tre was looking for laughs or was onto something, but he is exactly the kind of big play centre the Flames need. Granted he is old and expensive and will cost a lot, but maybe that is the kind of centre Tre needs to look at–a vet who might not want to be stuck on a rebuild.

          Conversely, what would it take for Buffalo to part with Sam Reinhart? Not a bull like Getzlaf but still crafty and so much younger. I think the Flames could offer a competitive package for Reinhart assuming he is even available.

          • withachance

            Prime Getzlaf would be an ideal get, current Getzlaf is a bandaid solution at best, if you can even call him a solution. Reinhart is a slightly better Bennett with better hockey IQ and much less physical edge.

            Think about all the complaining and moaning on here, Monahan is slow, has no edge, blah blah. Getzlaf type and a Reinhart are literally the aspects of Monahan that people dont like, without the goalscoring. Monahan is probably better than both Getzlaf and Reinhart combined currently.

            To answer your question, I think Brodie for Reinhart one for one is reasonable

      • Porcupine at a balloon party

        He played well with Bill Arnold… Why don’t we bring him back smh….

        In all seriousness though, I’m all for picking up Hayes at a respectable cap hit (unlikely he signs under 6m), but if Backlund and Monahan aren’t good enough to be 1C (hell, some people here don’t think Backlund is a 2C), Hayes is not the answer.

        Duchene might be though. And he might be attainable within our internal cap structure (6.75). Would need a Hayes like player for their right wing if that’s the case though. Would be tough to pull off, but treliving has his ways of making the numbers work.

  • Flint

    There are going to be a handful of teams who “will make changes” because of not achieving in the post season, some of my questions for the offseason, that may have a Flames slant to them:

    1. What does Tampa do on defense, and what contract does Brayden Point get? They have that big RFA signing, and 4! UFA defenseman. They need defenders.

    2. Likewise, the T-dot…. Marner, Kapanen (RFA’s) and Gardiner and 3 other free agent “D”. How many are leafs next year? They need “D”

    3.Winnipeg fell flat too… their whole roster is a Free Agent frenzy. How much does Laine get? What happens with their 3 UFA forwards, 3 UFA defenseman and 6 RFA’s?

    Of course, Columbus and NYI are still in it, but they have important decisions to be made. It looks like it’s going to be a crazy off season. Maybe there are some big names that move…. big top 6 forwards… vs the usual small tinkering.

    Lots of teams who need defensemen on good contracts and we’ve got an abundance of defensemen.

    • withachance

      Great post! Interesting about Tampa and their need for dman, as its doubtful they’ll sign most of their ufa dman, Brodie could be a good fit there for them. I think Toronto and Winnipeg will have too much cap restrictions (at least until they sign their RFAs) to deal but its clear they could be good trade partners in terms of top 6 forwards (Kadri, Kapanen, WPG prospects)

      Will be interesting to see if Duchene will re-sign with Columbus. Frolik are great fits for Columbus, NYI and Florida

      • Flint

        Yeah… Tampa is as cap’d out as anyone. If Point gets 8.3 as predicted, that’ll put them up to 81.5 with only 17 roster players signed. Even at 83 million Cap, they have to move bodies. The obvious move is Callahan to a floor team (OTT)… but that still gets them down to just 76.2… and ~7.5 million for then 7 roster players!

        I don’t see many fits in Tampa for us though. JT Miller for TJ Brodie? haha…. I only joke cause of the names.

        • withachance

          That could be a sneaky good trade. Not sure if Tampa would bite though, they have Cal Foote coming up next year. But they still need a dman to round out the roster and Brodie shaves 1M off their cap for Miller… interesting

    • SgtRoadBlock

      we would be smart to move him by 2021 holding on to him to long will get us less in return, just look at that iggy trade..
      We know that the Flames r not going to resign him for $$$ and he has reported tons of time he like to play at home for his dad a child dream goal aka Tavares /Leafs Bed sheets….
      Like i said before Draft day the big day for us…we learn a lot after the All Star Break

  • Harley Hotchkiss’s Ghost

    Remember when they drafted Keegan Kanzig in the THIRD ROUND!?!?!? I remember really wanting the brass to take Oliver Bjorkstrand with that pick. Kanzig would have still 100% have been on the board in the sixth round. No way any team was going to take him before the seventh round, I doubt he actually would have even been drafted. Jake Guentzel was also still on the board and he had literally just put up 1.2 PPG in the USHL. Kanzig had a 0.1 PPG in the WHL his draft. Yeah, you read that right he had seven points and we took him before the 70th Pick. I spit out my water when the Flames made that pick. It was laughable.

  • Garry T

    Trade rumour. Columbus / Calgary
    Czarnik and TJ to Columbus for Dzingel, Duchene and Matt Murray.
    Deal subject to Calgary signing Duchene and Dzingel. Calgary adds a play making D with 30 points and the 2 x D’s add good scoring, speed and overall talent.

  • The Iggy complex

    I don’t think you understand what a fact is. The fact is that treliving said he signed a defenceman who is NHL ready. I don’t know who this is. So I’m basing the statement on that fact that was told to us by treliving. No assumption made at. Going off the fact. You really need to know the difference

  • First Name Unidentified

    @thecomplex, What you state as “the fact” is actually your assumption. Understand the difference. It’s not a fact that he’s an NHL ready defenseman. Period.