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FlamesNation is looking for some new voices

The off-season is a time for growth and renewal in sports, and the same goes for sports media. We’ve had a busy season here at FlamesNation and we’re looking for a few new voices to join our team going forward.

We’re seeking talented, opinionated individuals to join our writing staff. The successful candidate(s) will join our team on a trial basis over the summer and, if there’s a good fit, they’ll become part of the team going forward into next season.

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What are we looking for?

– The ideal applicant should be a Flames fan, or at least someone who knows the team really well. We’re looking for somebody who can dig into what the Flames are doing and write about them critically.

– We’d like someone who’s generally curious about the Flames, the game of hockey, and where they’re both headed.

– Applicants should have some writing background, preferably in sports/hockey.

– Applicants should have at least a passing familiarity with advanced stats/analysis in hockey. You don’t have to be a stats guru or anything, but some knowledge in this area (or a willingness to learn) is a big asset.

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– Please have enough time or availability to write on a regular basis. We’re not so much fixated on writing a lot as much as writing often enough that you can develop a rhythm.

– Ideally, we want to add unique perspectives to the discussion of the Flames, so be ready to sell us on what you bring to the table that makes your voice unique.

– Applicants need to have a sense of humor. (Brush up on your memes and Simpsons trivia.)

If this sounds like you or someone you know, please send me an email introducing yourself (with your name, Twitter handle, writing interests and a writing sample or two) to [email protected] and we’ll talk.

  • KKisTHEproblem

    Some regular contributors I would like to see writing regular articles:

    Kevin R
    The Great WW
    Blue moon (even though I disagree lots of times!)
    The Fall

    I’m sure I am missing people who have good comments etc so sorry if I missed youbut I would read regular articles by any of the above….. What say you people?

    • freethe flames

      You probably got trashed so much by mentioning my name. Many of us contribute ideas but many of us have busy lives. I retired at the end of June and thought I would have plenty of time to indulge my hobbies but that lasted til November and I am now only semi retired and seem to be busier than ever. Sometimes I think it would be good to a round table with some of these folks. Some of us met when SF was in town and had some fun chatting about the Flames. Hi Skylar and son and Ari.

    • Kevin R

      LOL thanks for the shout out KKis. My problem along with being opinionated & not necessarily right, I havent written any publications, I’m not a real tech guy even though I work on computers all the time(still dont know how to set up an avatar for my name or link anything) but I know about analytics but I dont really understand them to the extent that several do on this site. Partly because I dont believe in them in context to how they are used here as well. To me, the stats are basically for analyzing what has already happened & how players have already performed. MoneyBall kinda got the analytics loyalists to thinking they can predict outcomes & performance by making conclusions of behavioural performances.

      I come from an education of sports psychology, industrial psychology & psycho biology & medicine. I do believe the stats & analytics should have an entirely different purpose & if NHL teams arent developing their analytics as part of their scouting & development, they will become dinosaurs. Teams should be creating analytic profiles & enhance scouting & especially analytics with our AHL affiliate to assist in development of our prospects. This is about teaching details of the game to the young guys & focusing their efforts on developing aspects of the game.

      I too am semi retired so I probably could do some posts. I would probably trend toward a format of 5 things every 2-3 weeks like Lambert did, except not be a total douche bag troll that Lambert was. But in context to this site, Im sure there are far better posters that would be good writers & voices than myself.

    • oddclod

      That’s a good guy right there.

      & KK is a problem. At least this year they were kinda letting the facial hair thing go and Smitty was stoic with his hippie hair standing up against that culture killing corporate ordinance lol

    • Off the wall

      I agree. However, WW would only write 3 blogs.
      1. Backlund bashing
      2. Oilers bashing
      3. Byng being generational

      On second thought, I also nominate The Great WW!

      • Em Durp Em Hrudey

        WW is my choice. Although I have disagreed with some of his posts I do enjoy his humor and wit. Would live more Backlund bashing posts and heck entire articles outlining what a complete cup of monkey piss his stupid penalties and his contract are. WW articles please.

      • Zesty14

        It would be awesome to get some new faces contributing articles. Don’t get me wrong I enjoy what all the writers have done for this site.(Thank you.) Wish I was eligible to throw my hat in the race. I already need more hours in the day as is. I don’t even have enough time to post as much comments as I’d like to. Miss Zesty would have my head if I took on another project. But I do say good luck to everyone trying out!

    • Cfan in Van

      The fact that Kent just chimed in on behalf of Walt… That just made my whole day, right there.

      Keep up the good work at the Athletic, Kent. Love the reads over there (although it’s a tough time to read up on hockey these days).

      • The GREAT WW

        I want to thank al the good people of FN (and I include Kent Wilson in that…….) for all their kind words….!

        Unfortunately I really can’t commit any time to writing (other than the odd comment once in a while) as I’m in the bush more often than not…

        And as OTW said; I would only be writing about over rated/ over paid Backlund and those inbred degenerates up north.
        And the fact that I think Corsi is an idiotic stat doesn’t mesh well with an advanced stat site…..

        To be honest; I wouldn’t have the technical knowledge to post an article; there are days I can barely turn my phone on……old age generation.

        In the mean time: Byng is generational and Ari will be greatly missed!!! (Thank you for keeping this site sane Ari, can you fix the edit button before you leave?!!).


        • Chucky

          Once you get a taste of the island the you will have all sorts of time when wandering the bush around Lake Cowichan. Just a hint, when you want to use the phone crank the handle on the right side.

  • Oil Spilly

    My nomination goes to that old pooch Raffydog. He’s the one of the only ones that keeps it real. He’s been accurate in his assessments of this team the last few years from what I’ve read of here. WW is a close 2nd. WW is an oilers hater for sure but I respect that he keeps it civil.

  • Off the wall

    Please tell me Ari is still around!
    I’ll be miserable for the rest of my life if she isn’t on FN!

    I’m already feeling shame for my recent outburst. Please tell her to forgive me!!!

    • UpTkachuk

      OTW, your unique perspective on this page should be expressed on a more prominent basis. Your takes have imagination, passion, positivity and (almost always) have a point. You also seem to have a sense of balance with respect to player criticism and being a fan who goes “over the top”. Not sure if you have the time, but I would definitely read your articles as would many others who visit this page.

    • Ari Yanover

      Hi OTW! There’s no hard feelings between us as far as I know (definitely not from my end at least). I still really appreciate you being able to send me pictures of your truck!!

      The tl;dr of it is I’ve been doing the Flames blogging thing for about five and a half years straight, I’m very tired (like, physically) and need a break, so I’m not gonna be around during the offseason (and maybe longer than that). Sometimes these things just run their course and I’m seeing where that’s going for me right now.

      • Off the wall

        Thanks Ari!
        I definitely have no hard feelings towards you at all. I love your work and I need reigned in at times.

        I’m sorry you’re exhausted. I get it. But please stay on in some capacity, even if we don’t hear from you as often. I’d miss your unique contributions to this site.
        You were the reason I joined. I guess that didn’t help at all..
        I’m just a bagpiper who makes terrible noises.

      • KKisTHEproblem

        Totally get it Ari, hope you have a great summer! And I also hope you come back. Regardless of what happens going forward, thanks for all your hard work, totally enjoyed reading your articles. Didn’t always agree but that what makes it fun to be here!

      • WhiteKodiak

        You’ll be sorely missed, I’ve enjoyed you’re musings for years and love your “fan perspective” and subtle humor… Please don’t leave long term! Unless need to! WB

      • SydScout

        I genuinely love Ari’s writing, especially the more emotive stuff. Before you head off for your summer break, maybe post a link to a few of the most read posts. I recall a couple that hit me square in the eyes (not the kind of eyes that OTW has btw!). Sorry if I butcher the writing with my poor memory, but the first one was about how you became a Flames fan in 2004 during the Cup run. That’s exactly when I became a genuine fan. I’d lived in Calgary for a year (working holiday visa so I only got one year…) and the city went bananas. I’ve been back to Calgary so many time, love the city, its people and the Flames in part because of that – hence the obsession taking me to LA, DC, Boston, Adirondack’s/Glens Falls, China and soon to be SK in October…all from down under (my mates just don’t understand). The vibe of the city during 2004 you encapsulated beautifully.

        The second was a piece you did about being in the Dome rocking during and after (I think) a Jagr game. Would love to read them again, great to see a writer wearing their heart on their sleeve. Thank you.

      • Stern

        Hi Ari, I want you to know that I have always loved your stories, your takes, and especially the personal feel that comes through in every blog you write. I don’t always agree with everything but I am thoroughly entertained by your thought provoking, often emotional analysis of this team and this game.
        I find myself here often, selfishly I guess, mostly to read and enjoy; I love the pre game, the post game, especially the embers the next morning… It’s all enriched with the timely, witty comments from dedicated followers… WW loves to stir us up and is oh so consistent, Skylar has an analytical mind and is very thorough, OTW goes generously out of his way to connect hockey situations with his own experiences and can always paint a picture we can relate to. By his style, I think BTF is probably younger than WW and I, but I also think he is as sharp as a tack, opinionated, and says what he thinks. Which is why we are all here. Nigel I really relate to, I think he is British or Welsh or at least his parents were…and though I have respect for Canyon’s simple style I still love Nigel’s Takeaways.
        The Fall, great poster. Concise. Says in a sentence what would take me a day and a paragraph to express.
        It might be one of the reasons some of us don’t post as much or as lengthy as the aforementioned and more; we maybe don’t have the words of an OTW or Skylardog, or the dedication of Stockton’s Finest, or maybe they all just say it so well that many of us are content adding our two bits here and there.
        We are a colorful group, we agree and disagree every day yet we maintain existence, some of us are plentiful speakers; some of us are more the listening type… some assert themselves spontaneously and some are less confident…almost kind of like an anonymous family…
        We are here because of you and the rest of the FN bloggers. We are your minions, we are your followers. You give us substance… fantastic daily reading, content beyond compare.
        From a guy that has read and loved all of your blogs, Ari, thank you. For your time, your efforts, your words. Enjoy your break. I hope we are treated again with your presence.

        • Off the wall

          Wow Stern, that was the most beautiful rendition of anything I’ve read in a while from a member. I love your modesty, but you certainly don’t need to be. I was captivated reading every sentence in your post. You captured FlamesNation in such a succinct way. That’s because you’re sincerity was the driving force behind the words.

          We really need to hear more from you and much less from me. I’ll gladly reduce my comments, if you comment more.

          Great post! More of Mr Stern please.

    • Chucky

      You were standing up for free speech, Ari’s position was that FN has limited speech. She did this in a fairly heavy handed manner.
      I agree with her that we should not be expected to skip over comments that have malicious rumors and appreciate her dedication to defending the team and players against unsubstantiated attacks.
      However I also think that you had the right to stand up for free speech and take her response as over the top.
      Sometimes two people can see the same situation as involving two different issues, be passionate in their position and be justified in their opinion.
      You should not feel shame for doing what you thought was right.
      Hopefully Ari has put this episode behind her and continues to contribute to our enjoyment of this site. But if she doesn’t, I doubt a thoughtful person like she is would not have made that decision based on that dispute.

  • The Lovely Kim Wexlar

    I am also a Ari fan. Have a good rest but please come back soon. Your articles and comments always make my day.
    I’d also like to congratulate and thank all of the FN staff, writers and commenters. Logging into FN is a big part of my life (Not ashamed to say!) and the content and discussions are always excellent and fun. An indication of how engaging the content is is the high volume of comments each story receives. (If you check out Jets or Leafs nation, the comments always are the low single numbers if any. Ours are in the dozens! Even hundreds sometimes!!) This makes me proud to be part of a robust and enthusiastic community of fans.
    Great work everyone! -LKW 🙂

  • BringtheFire 2.0

    So, I vote for anyone-ANYONE-but me.

    Also, sorry Fall, I was a bit of a dik. But, it turns out when I wrote that comment I had a concussion. I hit my head off the garage door. It’s my first one. They did the tests and everything at the hospital. How my head feels…it’s scary. Even now, it’s still there. Like a heavy pressure. I honestly don’t know how hockey players can live like this, some of them having four or five in their careers.

    Ari, glad you’re staying around. And the rest of you guys. It’s like a pub, here. A place I come to hang out. I’m going back to commenting as infrequently as possible.

    And if you are to pick someone from the comments, Skylar is the clear choice. Hands down.

    • HAL MacInnis

      I think the hatred should spill out into the writing as well. I’d love to read opinions on the Flames and read Oiler bashing together in a single harmonious article. Professionalism be damned!

  • Robhouli

    Sorry to change the subject, I just read an article that Matt Stajan was retiring after 1 season with the Munich Red Bulls. They lost in the finals to Mannheim, 4 games to 1. 52GP 13g 20 assists in the regular season. 15GP 1G 5A in playoffs. Class act all the way Matt, hope you enjoy retirement.

    • Em Durp Em Hrudey

      Should have retired 5 years ago. I personally liked him better in a Leafs Jersey. So much wasted cap space, but hey the Flames still have Stajan 2.0……monkey piss.

  • Jobu

    Jobu would love to write for the site!

    Jobu is
    – a unique personality
    – funny (well… Jobu’s mother says hes funny)
    – a BIG flames fan
    – ready to get paid for his fandom

    Jobu isn’t
    – with strong writing background
    – speaks in the third person.
    – doesn’t dig too much on advanced stats
    – willing to dedicate a regular rhythm (Jobu Jr. says NO!)

  • SydScout

    The person that used to be here would be my pick. Someone dig up PisceraInf… something or other. She/He was brilliant. Always wanted to see articles from that person. Quite brilliant at time.

    Keep posting WW, you crack me up (and I was born in the Aussie bush so I love your use of that term)

  • Jon Moxley

    I devour great articles about our Flames, and will read the same piece sometimes dozens of times, in an attempt to learn more about the craft and, frankly, to be entertained. Great writing is one of the world’s last great turn-ons.

  • oddclod

    Dope site. I like Ari. A fan’s perspective is very entertaining. I appreciate the emotional engagement. Bravo on the body of work. No small feat.

    Stick tap to Ari.

    I see no problem with a monthly ‘Why Edmonton smells like cheese’ article to take away the blues of following a team made for the preseason. Once a month Wilter Weisee can turn on his phone right?