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Johnny Gaudreau returns, quarterfinals set at World Championship

It was a bit of good news and bad news for the Calgary Flames players on the final day of round robin action at the 2019 World Hockey Championship.

Czech Republic

It was a tighter game than they had been used to playing, but the Czechs grinded out a 5-4 victory over Switzerland on Tuesday. Michael Frolik had a typical “Michael Frolik at the World Championship” game with a goal, an assist, two shots and was plus-two.

Frolik had seven goals, seven assists and was plus-nine in the round robin. He was tied with Evgeni Dadonov and Anthony Mantha for the tournament lead in goals, and was fourth in points overall. The Czechs finished second in Group B with a 6-1-0 record.


Sweden had a chance to win their group with a victory on Tuesday. They didn’t win, though, as Russia scored six times in the second period and won 7-4. Elias Lindholm was quiet, with one shot and an even plus/minus. The Swedes gave up seven even strength goals, so being even was probably the best anybody could’ve hoped for.

Lindholm had one goal, five assists and was plus-one in the round robin. The Swedes finished third in Group B with a 5-2-0 record.

United States

Johnny Gaudreau returned after missing seven periods of hockey due to an injury suffered against Great Britain. Unfortunately, it didn’t help much, as the USA lost 3-0 to Canada. Gaudreau and Derek Ryan both had a shot and were minus-one, while Noah Hanifin had zero shots and was even.

Gaudreau had one goal and was even in the round robin. Ryan had one goal, three assists and was plus-four, while Noah Hanifin had three assists and was plus-nine. The Americans finished third in Group A with a 5-2-0 record.


The medal round kicks off on Thursday in Slovakia:

  • At 8 a.m. MT, the United States plays Russia.
  • At noon MT, Sweden plays Finland while the Czech Republic faces Germany.

There’s the potential for zero Flames players to make it to the semi-finals. Or all five could make it through.

    • BlueMoonNigel

      Don’t mess with Canada on the ice is the lesson Ryan learned the hard way. Don’t care that Ryan is a Flame and apparently a pretty good guy off the ice. He tried to impede Canada from grabbing the gold, so he was fair game to be steamrolled. Tough luck, kid. Heal up over the summer and see you in September. Roll on, Canada!

  • Abagofpucks

    aren’t there any canadian hockey stars on your team? I hear turtles isn’t going to take anything less than 7.8 mil and no term longer than a 5yr deal.

  • Derzie

    I’ll sound like Don Cherry but we need a MUCH larger Canadian presence on the Flames if we hope to go deep in the playoffs. Have a peek at St Louis roster & coaching, poster children for playoff success.

    • BlueMoonNigel

      But we in Cal say our Swedes are sweet, give a big thanks to our Yanks, believe we can win with the Finn ans are proud of our Czechs for giving a heck.

      As for our Canucks, we keep talking about when Gio is going cliff diving, want Neal, Smitty, Jankowski and Brodie run outta town, liken Monahan to certain lady part, think playoff Bennett is cool but bemoan regular season Bennett for blowing hot and cold, see Mangipane as more valuable a trade chip than a member of the team and we generally like Hamonic but hope that if he wants to stay a Flame after next season, he’ll happily take a huge paycut and move to skid row.

      • The Red Knight

        Yes all popcorn additives (butter) must be removed from roster , Unfortunately that’s most of this team . Did you watch the playoffs? Monahan,Jankowski,Brodie , TRade them now ! Must set the bar ! Be a man or you don’t play ! Simple , hey you want millions huh? But you can’t stick up for your team mates ! There wimps and I got no respect for millionaire puppies that are more worried about there hair and suit than getting there nose dirty , Flames will never win any championship s with a bunch of wimps .

  • BlueMoonNigel

    It never gets old watching the pride of American manhood get decimated on the ice by Canadian grit and valour.

    Noted how Johnny was as useless as teats on a bull against the Canucks. As noted above, Johnny was as much a factor today as he was against the Avs. Remind me again how Johnny playing in the worlds is going to make him a better player next April when the playoffs begin anew?

      • BlueMoonNigel

        No, because Kane has earned his earned 3 Stanley Cups, a Conn Smythe and an Art Ross, all of which Johnny can only dream to replicate or better.

        Internationally, Kane has been less successful. Granted he hasn’t played in many worlds because of he was occupied in the playoffs and he missed the last Olympics, but still his international record as a pro has been less than stellar. Why? Because a good Canadian boy will kick the ass of a good Yank boy next to near every time on a sheet of ice designated for hockey.

        Hell, even the Yank girls are slipping as it took a crooked official in the recent worlds that allowed the Americanas to defeat that flock of feisty Finnish females.