Report: Flames looking to move one of TJ Brodie or Travis Hamonic

According to TSN’s Bob McKenzie, on his Bobcast podcast, the Calgary Flames are looking to make a big move on their back end. Per McKenzie, the Flames are looking to trade one of TJ Brodie or Travis Hamonic.

If you’d like to listen to the whole podcast, click here. The relevant section is about 45 minutes in, but here’s a transcript:

“I’ve been hearing a lot that Calgary is very intent on moving a defenseman, either Travis Hamonic or TJ Brodie. Brodie and Hamonic are two names we’re hearing a lot of because the Flames have good young defensemen they feel can take over for one of those guys. And also like when I mentioned the Michael Frolik potential trade, they are trying to free up dollars to be able to sign restricted free agent Matthew Tkachuk.”

Raise your hand if you’re shocked to hear the recurrence of Frolik trade talk.

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As we’ve discussed here quite a bit, Rasmus Andersson had a heck of a season and even spent a good amount of time playing alongside Mark Giordano on the top pairing. The emergence of Andersson as a bonafide top four option – and to a lesser extent the emergence of Oliver Kylington and Juuso Valimaki as options to be NHL regulars going forward – gives the Flames a surplus of NHL-ready bodies.

With a tight salary cap and new deals needed for Tkachuk, Sam Bennett, Andrew Mangiapane, David Rittich (and for whoever is Rittich’s backup), it makes it pretty clear-cut to move either Hamonic or Brodie to open up a regular spot on the top two pairings for Andersson. Per PuckPedia: Hamonic and Brodie are both entering the final years of their contracts, with Hamonic carrying a $3.857 million cap hit and Brodie a $4.65 million cap hit.

There’s the potential for the Flames to lose one or both of these defenders, either via free agency or to Seattle during the expansion process in 2021. It makes a ton of sense – to allow Andersson to progress, for cap reasons and for logistical reasons – to move either Brodie or Hamonic. Knowing Flames general manager Brad Treliving and how he operates, a move could happen as early as the upcoming NHL Draft in Vancouver.

    • CowboyBob

      Agreed. On a team where only 6 players showed up for the playoffs, don’t trade one of the six. If you want your team to build a winning culture around ‘always earned, never given’ than you don’t trade a warrior, you trade a softie who mailed it in for the playoffs. Lots to choose from.

  • Flamesforever

    I would be shocked if Hamonic is dealt. Seems like a smokescreen to me. Brodie and Frolik will both be gone. I can see Brodie being moved out east, could Detroit or Ottawa be a fit?

  • Squishin

    It’s got to be Brodie moving. The defensive gaffes, the soft play, and the fact that he’s only useful when playing with Gio – all these elements combined together make it hard to justify keeping him, no matter how much we love his skating.
    Hamonic, on the other hand, plays the game hard, works hard, sticks up for teammates, and is generally a good person to have around for multiple reasons.
    He’s also at a low cap hit. He signed for less than he was worth, and he still gives tons to charity. This type of giving mentality isn’t found much, and we need to hang on to it. Heart and soul guys are the fabric of championship teams.

  • Franko J

    Well if the Flames trade Brodie the asking price should be at least a 2nd round pick, prospect and hopefully some RW depth.

    If Hamonic is traded for anything less than a first round pick and a top 6 forward / or # 3 dman, it would have been a waste of trade by Treliving. Especially since the potential of drafting in the top 15 last year.

    If Mackenzie wants to impress me with something I already know could happen with the potential of moving Brodie, Frolik, and Hamonic, what I really looking for insight into what teams are seriously coveting these players and what is the true value from an outside perspective. Give me something like “Montreal is a front runner for Brodie’s services”.
    I know

    • Kevin R

      Brodie is worth more than a 2nd & B prospect. I wouldnt rule out Leafs with Zaitsev wanting out.

      What about Kessel? Would he waive to come here? Brodie & Frolik for Kessel?

      Hamonic’s desire to be in Western Canada, would there be a fit with the Jets?

    • Porcupine at a balloon party

      Ha so true. But in doing so, he’s effectively increased the buying market and demand.
      You guys can have this guy or this guy. But we are only giving up one of them and this team offered us X for hamonic so you’ll need to up your offer to Y if you want Brodie.

      Brilliant mastermind. It’s like the reverse of when we got Elliott (but let’s forget how that turned out)

  • FlushedOut

    I just hope any future trade partners don’t check out this blog for the way so many people on here trash Brodie all the time, way to bring down his value. I’d like to see these people trying to sell a used car. My cars getting old, can’t seem to get me from A to B like it used, breaks down a lot, needs to go. But hey I want $15 grand for it.

      • supra steve

        I have hope that the 30 other NHL clubs put more faith in their own pro scouting staffs than they do in their flamesnation cyber scouting staff. No one can pick apart a player like the home team fans, other clubs see value in Brodie, and know that no player is without faults.

        On another topic…If the Flames were serious about the possibility of keeping Brodie and moving Hamonic, sould we not have seen a larger sample of Brodie or Andersson playing with Hanafin late last season? We know that Hanafin/Hamonic can work, but if we don’t know how well Hanafin plays with the other right side options, would seem foolish to move Hamonic and just HOPE that one of the other options works well. For that reason I would expect the Brodie trade rumours to be genuine, and the Hamonic rumours to be a deception.

        Lastly, moving either one of these guys probably means that Stone plays the last year of his contract on the third pairing with the Flames.

        • Kevin R

          Not necessarily. Fantenberg was as useful as Stone for much cheaper. I see Ottawa re-inked Nillson & now have a 3 goalie situation. Perhaps Stone for Anderson(1 more year at 4.6mill) & the San Jose 2nd might(want compensation for eating that extra 1.2 mill on cap) work of shifting 1 year contracts to fill needs. Anderson for a 1B with Rittch for next year wouldnt be bad.

          • supra steve

            Anderson is 38, his SV% the last 2 seasons hasn’t been stellar, $4.75 million for one more season.
            I think we may have reached the point, after Smith/Brouwer/Neal where Tre isn’t a buyer this summer of a 38 year old well paid vet. At least I hope so.

          • Kevin R

            Yeah but technically Stone wasnt even on ur roster so 3.5mill is free money, so we would be only using 1.25 mill of our cap to ink a 1B with experience to back up Ritter. Ticks off a box & no buyout. If we can extort a 2nd or 3rd out of Ottawa for the extra cap we are saving them, that beats the heck out of buying Stone out. Not saying Tre should go out & sign that old of a goalie in free agency. We are moving useless contract for someone else useless contract & filling short term needs for each team by doing so.

  • Porcupine at a balloon party

    Why so much Brodie hate? Since when has this become all about public opinion instead of stats (the reason I started reading this site and comments).

    CF %
    Brodie 56
    hamonic 53
    Interestingly enough, for all this talk about hamonic defensive ability, his CA/60 is 60.8 and C/60 of -3.2 vs Brodie’s CA/60 49.5 and C/60 +8.7

    xgf differential
    Brodie 13.9
    hamonic 9.2

    Offensice point shares and defensive point shares
    Brodie 2.2 and 4.8
    hamonic .8 and 3.8

    Brodie 29
    hamonic 21

    Here’s the one everyone will point to – GIVEAWAYS:
    Brodie 100 (career high)
    Hamonic 62 (also career high)

    Brodie 68
    Hamonic 37

    Hamonic holds a +5 giveaway to take away advantage over Brodie.

    Brodie 34
    Hamonic 19

    I get there’s been seen glaring mistakes that seem to always end up in back of net and that confirmation bias makes some believe “he’s garbage” but make no mistake, TJ Brodie is the better player by almost all stats. Arguments about heart, and sticking up for teammates and locker room guy are fun and all, but there’s very little tangible evidence we can pull from that. Did hamonic getting a broken jaw help flames beat Canucks?? Nope.

    Also, not arguing we shouldn’t trade Brodie. Honestly, I think he’s the better of two to trade because he’s worth more (both in cap and expected return). Hamonic is likely cheaper to sign next season because his counting stats are lower. I like his heart, I truly do, but that only goes so far. His heart and toughness didn’t make him look any better than any of the other flames against Colorado.

    • Korcan

      I guess the question that must be asked is what would their stats look like if Hamonic were partnered with Gio and Brodie with Hanafin? Imo the change would be astounding.

      • Porcupine at a balloon party

        It would change. But also to keep in mind in Brodie’s numbers, when he wasn’t with Gio, he was with the boat anchors, not even hanifin

        • Kevin R

          Really think we have to move one of these guys this summer as both will be UFA next year. I think Hamonic will sign a hometown discount as it is refreshing to see this kid isnt greedy & trying to milk every nickel from the players share of the revenue pie. Not sure where Brodie would come in at. We need to allocate that cap space to a position of need or to flat out just get the cap space. I dont hate Brodie, in fact I put more value on potential return than many on this site. Trading him is just good asset & cap management.

        • Baalzamon

          Well, as much as Brodie deserves someone to come to his defense… Rasmus Andersson’s performance last sseason kind of strongly implies Hamonic is better.

          How? Well, Andersson’s results with Giordano were just as good as (if not better than) Brodie’s, as were his results with other partners that he shared with Brodie.

          He also formed a very shaky pair with Hanifin; nowhere near as good as Hanifin-Hamonic. Basically: last season Andersson was at least as good as Brodie, and not as good as Hamonic.

          I realize chemistry is a factor here, but I think anyone who watched the two of them last season would conclude Hamonic was better.

      • benfr

        Two times recently Giordano has had stellar years and been in the Norris conversation, both times he was paired with Brodie. I think Brodie gets an upgrade in stats by playing with Brodie but the same is true for Gio. Gio paired with Hamilton last year had a good season but was not remotely in the Norris conversation. Coincidence?
        Let’s give Brodie some credit here because the stats show Gio clearly benefits from playing with Brodie as well.

  • Budgie

    Brodie actually is valuable, he played the power play but those giveaways? Hamonic isn’t being traded, he is solid as a tandem with his buddy Hanifin. Is Bob MacKenzie ever right?

  • everton fc

    Hamonic’s one of those players I’d like to see finish his career here. One of my faves. He and his wife love it here. I think he’d re-sign for the hometown discount.

    Andersson made Brodie obsolete. Brodie was paired with Prout, at times. He [Brodie] is the more “expendable” of the two mentioned here.

  • Chucky

    It would be disappointing if they moved Brodie or Hamonic without resolving the Stone issue. Stone is a $3.5 million hit that is totally unjustified. Getting rid of that weight would alleviate any cap crunch.

  • Kzak

    Reasons not to trade Hamonic:
    1 – We paid a lot for him
    2 – He was arguably our best d man in the playoffs
    3 – He improved substantially over the previous season
    4 – He has a good value contract
    5 – He’d likely re-sign with us because he specifically asked to be traded out west
    6 – Because he’s a UFA, his value would limited and only a team competed with us for the Cup this coming year, would trade for him

  • freethe flames

    Bob M; the insider saying things we have been talking about since the end of the season and now it has credibility. None of us know what the market will bear for any of these guys; we have ideas and hopes of what the market will bear. IMO Tj should get us a 1st rounder(might not be this year) and second rounder and maybe a prospect or a forward who can help our top 6; not elite but top 6. Hamonic would probably get a little less but that depends on the market place. Frolik likely geys us a 2nd rounder plus either a 4th rounder or a prospect. If we move one of TJ or Hamonic I am not sure BT move Stone unless it is part of a package that includes a D coming back as there is little depth beyond the top 6 D. But none of us knows for sure all we can do is speculate.

  • PlayitagainSam

    Almost every flames fan says they were too soft and no heart after they got swept again.
    Now nobody wants to agree . Kadri at least plays with heart grit fights too and would get 50 points on this team and he would be your second line center.
    Brodie is a defensive liability most nights. Calgary makes that deal in a heartbeat.

    • supra steve

      That proposal undervalues Brodie. He’s not perfect, but he’s a legit top 4 D and can play the R side, he is a far more valuable player than you think.

    • fretsey

      Sweeten with our future 1st rnd picks for the next 30 years + retain full salary for Brodie and Janko. Even then…kinda feels like we are robbing the Leafs…./end sarcasm

      • deantheraven

        I suppose those of you who are keen to have Kadri on our team have not see what an ass hat he is.
        There has been a lot of grumbling here about valuing players who have done (or been accused of doing) awful things off the ice (P. Kane , E. Kane come to mind), and how guys like that don’t belong on our team or even in the sport. What about all the on-ice stuff that needs to be removed from the game? Cheap shots. Diving. Goonery. Turtling.
        What is Kadri? He is all of the above.
        Please don’t lust after such a piece. It lowers you in my eyes.

        • buts

          Kadri isn’t as bad as you guys are implying. He’s the grit we don’t have enough of. Tkachuk with Kadri would dominate most teams ad we wouldn’t be the pushovers we are.

        • theartfuldodger

          get over yourself LOL What has Kadri done that is so horrible. 15 years ago alot of the contact you have seen and suspension you see were all legal….

          • deantheraven

            First of all, this ain’t your Pa’s NHL, Dodger. From your photo I’d say I’m older than him, so I can appreciate Old Time Hockey. And while some things haven’t changed…
            There was a night, maybe three years ago, when Kadri gave JH a cheap shot and Johnny responded with a whack of his own to Kadri’s leg. Kadri went down like he’d been shot, like he was playing soccer for France. So Josh Jooris comes to stick up for Johnny and (Josh Jooris!) challenges Kadri who immediately turtles.
            Yeah, Kadri’s tough. A real competitor. How many times as he been suspended for his lack of respect for his opponent? You need a guy like that, especially in the playoffs…
            Oh, right… He gets suspended in the playoffs, too! Isn’t that why the Leafs want to get rid of him, really? There are other contracts that they could shed before next season, but the chatter is they want him out anyway.
            Seriously, BT has to have better trade choices than Kadri.

    • Slick77

      So the Leafs are taking on more salary when they are trying to shed salary so they can sign Marner. That isn’t what the Leafs want to do when they ar trading Kadri. The Leafs will want a good young, and cheap player plus prospects and/or draft picks for Kadri. Not another expensive overpaid d-man.

    • cberg

      C’mon… ridiculous overvaluing of Kadri. He basically cost the Leafs a good shot at the Cup this year, and is way too pricey for his usage there. Kadri for Jankowski, straight up, helps both teams.

  • The Flaming C

    Hamonic should not be traded. He provides a toughness that very few players on our team have. The way Tre attacked our weaknesses last year made me think he’d do the same this year. He seems to be trying to get rid of the toughness. First the Bennett and Frolik for Zucker rumors and now Hamonic rumors.

  • deantheraven

    “I come not to bury Brodie but to trade him.”
    I don’t hate the guy. I hate the way he plays, sometimes, but I love the fact that he still has value around the league. If BT can’t work a deal for a scoring RW, I’m ok with picks.
    Never trading Hammer. He’s a warrior and a gentleman, an inspiration to the rest of the team to not be as soft as baby poo.

  • BendingCorners

    It’s entirely possible that BT finds a way to keep everybody under the cap and doesn’t move Brodie till the TDL in February. I think Hamonic will stay and BT will also look for a depth RD since Stone may not stay healthy. Does anybody know whether Valimaki or Kylington can play their off-side?

  • BendingCorners

    I’m okay with whatever BT does because he is the one working the phones, not me. But projecting out three years and assuming Kylington is wxposed and taken by Seattle, would a D-corps of
    be really that bad? There is an argument to be made that if the team can afford to keep them they should. In any case, trading from strength is better than trading from desperation.

    • Baalzamon

      The expansion draft is in 2021 and Brodie and Hamonic’s contracts both expire in 2020. Even if the Flames somehow find a way to keep them both until their contracts expire, they will only be able to afford to keep one of them (at most) past that point. I don’t see a scenario in which they are both on Calgary’s roster for the expansion draft.

        • Baalzamon

          Okay. Let’s assume for a moment that the Flames can somehow fit Tkachuk, Bennett, Mangiapane, Rittich, 2nd goalie, Brodie and Hamonic under the cap for next season.

          Let’s also assume that Brodie and Hamonic’s next contracts will be for the same $ amount (they won’t be).

          Andersson also needs a new contract at that point. How much do you think that will cost? What about Jankowski? They would also need to have another defenseman on top of that.

          Yeah. Not happening.

          • BendingCorners

            You might be right, and it wouldn’t be the first time that players were moved for cap reasons. On the other hand, Jankowski I think will be gone by then, so will Ryan and Neal and Czarnik. The cap should be higher and if he keeps his draft picks, BT should have another generation of prospects ready to promote.
            My point though is that there is no urgent reason to trade either player, so the trade can be made from a position of strength; there is no reason to accept a bad trade to meet cap limitations. It feels to me as though a number of posters just want one or another of them gone, and will accept less than market value for no good reason.

    • freethe flames

      What do people actually think TJ would get on trade market? I see tJ being worth a late first rounder and a 2nd rounder at minimum and possibly a propspect, barring that a decent top 6 rw.(not elite)
      What do people think Hamonic would get on the market? Probably couple of 2nd rounders.
      What do people see Frolik’s value being? A second rounder and a B prospect or later round pick.