58Brandon Davidson
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Flames sign Brandon Davidson and Byron Froese to one year deals

It’s been a predictably quiet UFA period for the Flames, but they still made some minor moves, adding defender Brandon Davidson and centre Byron Froese on one year, two way, $700K deals.

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Both players are likely Stockton bound, as the Flames’ affiliate is pretty bare bones right now, and neither of these players finished their 2018-19 in the NHL. Froese split his season with the Laval Rocket (Montreal) and the Lehigh Valley Phantoms (Philly), and Davidson played with the Rockford IceHogs (Chicago). As of this writing, there are no details on either players’ AHL salaries.

Froese is a 28 year old, 6’1 right handed centre. He has some NHL experience, picking up 110 games in the previous four seasons for Montreal, Tampa Bay, and Toronto, though he only picked up 16 points. He’s been a pretty good AHLer though, usually scoring at least 40 points a season. Froese scored 21 goals and added 23 assists in 70 games last season.

Davidson is also a bit of a journeyman, having played for four different teams in the past two seasons (Montreal, Edmonton, New York Islanders, and Chicago). He’s a 6’2 LHD who has demonstrated that he can be a handy third pairing defender in his various stops around the NHL. He has nine goals and 14 assists in 162 career NHL games.

These are the second and third signings for the Flames, the first being Cam Talbot.

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More to come.

    • Arthur-Leigh Adekunle Tig Junior Elvis

      I want boring for the most part on July 1st.

      Tyler Myers making SIX MILLION A YEAR?!?!?! Is a great example of why I don’t want us doing anything major. Myers is a gong show in his own end (not as bad as Cody Ceci), but he might not even be in the league in three years. If he was 6’2”, I don’t even know if he ever would have even played a game in the NHL.

      Look at where the NHL has gone now finally valuing undersized defenders fairly and not just swinging for the fences on big project defenders. Jackson van de Leest had better numbers this year than Myers did his draft year and he didn’t even get drafted (still half we invited him to camp), Myers on the other hand was a first rounder his draft year.

  • Brick

    Somehow they need to get a 2nd line offensive center if they hope to compete in the playoffs next year. Tkachuk needs help on the 2nd line. Backlund is a two way center and would fit better on the 3rd line.

  • everton fc

    Davidson is a good, safe, cheap signing, who could play minutes in Calgary, need be. But he [Davidson] didn’t play too many games, last season.

    Froese is Stockton bound. Filler. Nothing more. Replaces Lazar, I suppose – we signed him for the same salary Lazar got on his one-way, in Buffalo. ??

    • Speed Kills

      I believe as things stand right now. Tre believes he can fill from the farm? Originally I thought if we lost Hath, Lazar would come up… well, on to the next which would be Lomberg on his off wing or Robinson??? Gawdin might get a look? Foo would have fit there too, but…

      • Speed Kills

        Cheap available RW’s who could fill that roll… who are under 30 and taller than 6’…
        Devante Smith-Pelly
        Dmitrij Jaskin
        Over 30
        James Neal (lol)
        Drew Stafford 33
        Anthony Peluso 30
        Adam Cracknell 33
        … There are other guys… but really… Not really..

    • Arthur-Leigh Adekunle Tig Junior Elvis

      I’ve always been a Davidson fan going back to his Regina days, I think he would have become a legitimate NHLer long ago if not for brutal health problems early in his career that stunted his development.

  • Chucky

    The Aho offer sheet brings Tkachuk down below 8.5.The Talbot signing puts Rittich to 3.75 but that is still 15 million and they need to sign Bennett and Mangiapane. If they have 16.1 (Ryan Pike) they are home free if they can dump the Frolik or Brodie salary, if they have 12.9 (capfriendly) they are already in trouble.
    It would be interesting to know if they think they can look to youth next year. Do they think they will find a scoring centre in Phillips or Zavgorndniy (can’t wait to hear announcers mangle that one) , are they projecting replacing Hathaway with someone like Tuulola \ Ruzicka or will they need to rely on a Buddy Robertson?

  • freethe flames

    What grade would BT get for today’s work? The highlight of the day is that he did not sign anyone to a longterm bad deal. The fact that he did not signsome guys who fit an organizational need who signed for reasonable deals; is Hartman and Connolly is the low light. He gets no grade for trades in that always requires a partner. Maybe the secondary highlight is that Tkachuk should fall between the Aho offer sheet and the Mieir contract. So I give him a C- for the day.

    • Speed Kills

      It seems all of his trades are being nixed at the last minuet..? which is why there have been no over pay players signed besides Talbot… No money to play with… Might just be a blessing in disguise, but makes for a very disappointing July 1st as I was hoping for some trades and movement forward for the team…

      • BendingCorners

        Not sure how many were nixed by the players … Kadri/Brodie maybe, but I’m not sure I’d want Kadri. The Frolik/Zucker schlemazl was a timing breakdown I thought.
        More likely is BT looking for fair value and not receiving it. Either he is waiting out the market or the market is waiting out him. We’ll know in September I guess.

      • Kevin R

        Yup, who knows what waters he may have dabbled in if he were to free up some space. I consider this July 1 as an A-. Yeah Talbot is being over paid by a mill, everyone is whining but it isnt their money & he fits the bill for a backup. Rittch is our guy but we definitely need an experienced backup plan, which Talbot is. Really who else was there. Varlamov, Lehner & Mrazek are all way too much money & term & that would shut the door on Ritter. Not a Kinkaid fan, Reimer would have been plan B as a cap dump back to Florida (flip them Stone so they could buy Stone out & not us). Mchelhinney…maybe but heard he wanted to stay out East & he had lots of options to do so.

        Aho accepting that offer sheet is huge for us. It lines the way to get Tkachuk in at around 7.5mill per for 6 or 7 years.

        • Hockeysense9393

          The main course on the deal for Aho is $21 mil for the first 2 years in bonus money. Is this the new way of convincing these kids to sign lower AAV? I’m thinking that Tkachuk’s camp is a little smarter then that, but makes you wonder…

          • Hockeysense9393

            My bad…that’s 21 mil in the first 12 months lol. That kind of reminds me of way back when Sakic signed a Vancouver offer to force the Avs for up front bonus money.

          • Kevin R

            Well if that’s what Tkachuk wants, then do it, get the cap down to 6.5mill on a 5-6 year deal & pay him $25 mill in signing bonuses in the first 2 years. These are guaranteed contracts so why not?
            Hopefully this will push negotiations with the other RFA’s now. Like to see Chucky get sorted out sooner than later.

  • Jimmyhaggis

    How have we improved the team. Way too much for Talbot, loose Hathaway, only guy not afraid to muck it up. What is going to give away for Tkachuk, obviously outlandish money for a guy who hasn’t proved he is playoff ready.
    I don’t know about the rest of you but BT is getting out maneuverd. His job is to improve the team, I don’t see any signs of that lately.

    • BlueMoonNigel

      Tre got his handed to him on Day 1 of FA frenzy, but it is still early days so lots of time to reshuffle the roster before the season starts.

      Avs really were the Day 1 winners as they made some very good signings–Bellemare and Donskoi–as well as Kadri. The Avs are going to be that much tougher in the new season.

      Tre still has a lot of work to do. Don’t mind the Talbot signing but not for $2.75M. He ain’t worth it, but you get few bargain on Day 1, and he might not have been around when the GMs go dumpster diving later on.

  • Em Durp Em Hrudey

    Just got back from the bathtub races and missed a massive amount of goalie signings. Lehner at $5 was about the only non overpay. Talbot signing a little easier after seeing other numbers. Varlamov @ 5 million for four years…yikes.