Where Flames prospects will be playing: NCAA

In a bit of an odd twist considering they own a junior team, the Calgary Flames will have as many prospects playing college hockey as they will in the Canadian junior circuits. A quartet of drafted players will be pursuing their academic and on-ice dreams in 2019-20.

Emilio Pettersen

After a strong freshman season, Pettersen is headed back to Denver. The Pioneers lost starting goalie Filip Larsson and one of their top scorers in Jarid Lukosevicius, but they’re going to be a really fun team to watch. Their recruiting class includes Philadelphia Flyers second rounder Bobby Brink, Detroit Red Wings draft pick Ryan O’Reilly and Swedish goaltender (and Tampa Bay prospect) Magnus Chrona.

The Pioneers lost in the national semi-finals in last year’s Frozen Four, but they’re likely deep enough to push things even further.

Demetrios Koumontzis

A year ago, you could’ve been forgiven if you didn’t know that the Arizona State University Sun Devils had a hockey team. But after the year they had in 2018-19 – qualifying as the first independent team in the Frozen Four in a couple decades and making some noise when they got there – you better be paying attention to them.

The Sun Devils are returning much of the same team, including Koumontzis for his sophomore season after a pretty solid freshman campaign. The X-factor will be goaltending, as Ottawa Senators prospect Joey Daccord went pro and they’ll go with newcomers Justin Robbins and Max Prawdzik in net.

Mitchell Mattson

After two post-draft seasons in the United States Hockey League, Mattson spent his freshman season with the Michigan State Spartans. He dressed in 14 of the club’s 36 games and failed to register a point.

Josh Nodler

The Spartans weren’t great last season, but they’re going to have a lot of new faces in 2019-20. Arguably the top recruit is Nodler, one of five “true” freshmen and 10 new recruits. They lost top scorer Taro Hirose to the Red Wings, so they’ll really need to lean in on their team concept… or hope that one of their new faces have some surprises up their sleeves.

  • Garry T

    They will all have filled out by the time they are ready to leave school. Plus, they typically
    get professional coaching and plenty of practice time while there. Hope they turn out well
    and stick with us.

    • Albertabeef

      Only a Hobey Baker winner like Johnny has a chance to jump into the NHL right out of the NCAA. Johnny only played 3 seasons in the NCAA, but guys like Janks take more time to fill out and require at least one season of AHl.

  • Uranus

    Looks like Dzingel has gone to the Canes so scratch him off your wish list if he was on it.

    Ho hum…. watching and waiting for something, anything, to happen is frustrating.

    • freethe flames

      You sound like me. At least this week we added some depth for the Heat. I think some of the recent signings give us some ideas of what a guy like Bennett will get. Even if there we some legit rumours out there it would be interesting.

        • freethe flames

          buts; I try to be somewhere in the realistic perspective; this team is not as bad as some suggest nor as good as some would like us to believe. I like to think about what can be done and I’m pretty sure that the Flames management bounces all types of ideas of the walls and so far they have yet to find the righ partner to get it done. My biggest problem is that I am not a patient fan; I have aways thought gte your own work done early if you can and then you know what you have to do in the off season. I personally don’t understand why a Mangiapane deal is not done(and should have been done months ago; it’s going to somewhere near$1m). I would be working to get Andersson signed for at least a few years.
          I know that Tre has to wait on finding a trading partner and we will never know what other offers have been out there but we have a pretty good idea that the Zucker trade fell through and the Kadri trade was kyboshed by the NTC but there is an answer out there somewhere.

  • Man yells at cloud

    Mitchell Mattson!!!! What in this guys stats besides his size made him a draft choice of the Flames. 5th rounders rarely amount to a hill of beans but this fellow barely reaches the scoresheet in any category 5th round or not. I think he should be chalked up as a wasted pick. Again what in his stats screamed draft me?
    Mitchell Mattson!!!!
    Get off my lawn!

    • freethe flames

      Every team makes mistakes and 5th rounders have little chance to make it anyways. The key is not to miss on your first rounders. If you hit on 50% of your second rounders and 25% on your third rounders you are rocking the draft. If you get 1 player from 4-7 rounds count your blessings.
      Now I will get of your lawn. But first the pause that relieves; ahh.

      • freethe flames

        When you look at this deal and the Lehkonen(2 x$2,4) and Armia(2x$2.6) and then the Kapanen and Johnnsson deals and the production of each of these 4 it makes it pretty clear that Bennett’s deal should be between $2.3 and $2.6 x 2. I fyou canget he and Rittich under $6m combined x 2 we should be happy.

    • Man yells at cloud

      I agree there Mr. oddclod. There is not much going on at the moment in flames land and Mr. Pike keeps pounding out the articles to quench our thirst for something Flames. I found his article on Aho/Tkchuck very informative. In all reality even if you dont care about the article it gives you a place to comment on something else, like Ferland, Dzingle,etc. There seems to be haters no matter what a writter puts on here. That brings me to my next point. I simply cannot stand the phrase “haters gonna hate.” What you’re really saying is that I am against anybody with an opinion different from mine. Dissent is a gift, not hate. So moe…I guess I respect your dissent.
      Now get off my lawn!

      • Flaming moe

        I choose to not like Pike because he is classless during the season with his unprofessional tweets about players. I guess in your bf Pikes world “haters gonna hate”