Report: Flames and Oilers working on James Neal for Milan Lucic swap

Folks, do you like grit? According to reporting by Sportsnet’s Nick Kypreos and Eric Francis, the Calgary Flames like grit enough that they’re willing to trade with the Edmonton Oilers. Reportedly, the Flames are in the midst of acquiring Milan Lucic in exchange for James Neal.

Reportedly, a conditional pick and salary retention are expected to be part of the deal when finalized:

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Neal, 31, has four years remaining on a contract that pays him $5.75 million per season. He had a disappointing season in 2018-19 after being signed by the Flames as a free agent coming off two consecutive trips to the Stanley Cup Final. He has no clauses on his deal that prevent him from being moved.

Lucic, 31, has four years remaining on a contract that pays him $6 million per season. He’s had two disappointing seasons since being signed by the Oilers as a free agent – his first season saw him score 23 goals and be generally pretty good. He has a no-move clause on his deal, but reportedly has shown a willingness to waive for the right situation.

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We’ll have more on this story as it develops. This would be just the third trade ever made between the Flames and Oilers.

  • Franko J

    Well I guess you can say if the trade is consummated, both organizations are passing along one bad contract for another. Basically both players did not fit in with their respective teams plans and only proves the other 29 teams in league were not that interested in either player.
    Truthfully I’m trying to wrap my head around with what BT is thinking with potentially taking one bad player for another. Maybe while it is not the greatest move he has made, with the relationship soured between both Neal and the Flames it was the only presentable solution to a messy situation. I really don’t care for either player, but what can you do?

  • Luter 1

    Don’t make me laugh, Neal playing with McDavid, he may drag him down enough for McDavid asking to be traded.
    It’s not perfect but we got rid of an absolute bust who proved he really brought nothing for a guy that should make way more room for Johnny, Mony, Backs and guys like Bennett, Mang and even Gio can play physical without worrying as much about retribution. One big Lucic hit would be more than Neal’s full season. Good riddance and maybe Lucic has something to prove? Plus he ain’t gonna like the Oilers!,

    • Arthur-Leigh Adekunle Tig Junior Elvis

      Did you watch Neal last year?!?!? We couldn’t play him anywhere in the lineup. I don’t like anything about his trade, but I’d rather Lucic over Neal.

      He’s waaayyy tougher, so at least he can be a fourth line tough guy after sitting in the press box some nights and every metric says he’s a better player. He’s younger, he played with Zack Kassian and Kyle Brodziak most of the year last year (much worse talent than Neal played with) and he actually has the same production as Neal has had the last three years. If anyone is bouncing back it’s Lucic!!! Neal couldn’t produce with Tkachuk and Backlund, what is he going to do with Zack Kassian & Co. Hahahah. The only place Edmonton wins is Neal has a better contract to buyout, which is a big thing, but Lucic has that intimidation factor that Neal never had, as a Hockey deal, give me Lucic over Neal ALL DAY.

  • CowboyBob

    This type of deal is usually the beginning of the end for a GM in their last year before getting canned. Senior management and ownership will need to get more involved to block any more desperation moves the rest of the year.

    • Arthur-Leigh Adekunle Tig Junior Elvis

      Brad Treliving isn’t going anywhere. He’s done a fantastic job at the draft and in trades. One bad free agent signing in James Neal isn’t going to change a thing, everyone makes mistakes on July 1st, it’s just expected by ownership. This will have ZERO impact on Treliving’s tenure.

      Let’s be honest, Milan Lucic worse case is going to be a 12-13 forward for us next year. He isn’t going to make any difference one way or another for us. The sad thing is Edmonton needs Neal to be something because they have three good forwards and the rest is an AHL roster.

      We’ll still be a Top. 3 Team in the Pacific next year no matter what Lucic does and at least Lucic is tough, Neal was an anchor and how many times did I see Neal just watch as players like Gaudreau we’re getting manhandled last year and just skate away?!?! Lucic at least has grit. I’m new school and I don’t think “toughness” is all that important, but Lucic gives our skilled players more ice out there. We had very little toughness last season, at least Lucic brings that.