A look back at the 14-year journey towards a new Flames arena

On Monday, Calgary’s City Council will look at a proposed tentative agreement with the Calgary Flames to construct a brand-new hockey arena (or “event centre,” in City Hall’s parlance). This represents the most significant development in a saga that has dragged on for well over a decade. Here’s a trip down memory lane to showcase…


FlamesNation mailbag: the Milanbag

It’s a trade. No one (at least on this side of Red Deer) asked for it, and no one particularly wants it (especially on this side of Red Deer), but it’s something that happened after three weeks of nothing happening.


FGD: a potential arena deal comes to City Hall

Without exaggeration, Monday could be one of the most important days in Calgary Flames franchise history. During Monday’s City Council meeting, council will review a tentative deal with the Flames to construct a new arena. If they like it, things could move ahead pretty rapidly. Considering this process has been dragging on since 2005, that…