Dustin Wolf puts on a good showing at the Summer Showcase

Two Calgary Flames prospects were involved in USA Hockey’s World Junior Summer Showcase over the past week in Plymouth, Michigan. While one prospect had a short stay in camp, another did a good job making a case for a trip to the World Juniors.

Demetrios Koumontzis

Koumontzis had a wild week. He came into camp and played two games with Team White. He had two shots and a minor penalty between the two games. He didn’t play a ton, but didn’t stand out all that much for positive or negative reasons.

With Team USA going down to one roster for their international exhibition games against Canada, Sweden and Finland, Koumontzis was one of the cuts on July 29. Originally, he was to be the only member of the Arizona State University team heading to China for the Renaissance Cup in Beijing. But with his early exit from camp, he hopped on a plane and met his team in China for their tournament.

Koumontzis is a long shot to play in the World Juniors, but at least he got his feet wet in camp.

Dustin Wolf

In the mini-camp, Wolf played for Team White. He played one game during the first stage of camp (with two American teams), stopping 37 shots in a 2-1 overtime loss to Sweden.

He survived cuts and was one of three USA goalies on their main roster. He played twice and gave up six goals in four and a half periods. He made 18 saves in a 4-1 loss to Canada, then five saves in relief in a 6-5 loss to Finland.

It seems like the gig at the World Juniors backing up Spencer Knight is between Wolf and Vegas Golden Knights prospect Isaiah Saville. Considering Wolf was one of the last players taken at the NHL Draft in Vancouver, his showing in Plymouth should give him some confidence and momentum heading into WHL camp at the end of the month.

There weren’t any other Flames prospects on the other teams in Plymouth, though it seems likely that Ilya Nikolayev will get strong consideration for a spot on the Russian team due to his chemistry with Vasili Podkolzin. (The Russians usually go heavy on 19-year-olds, but Nikolayev may be good enough to force his way onto the team.)

  • Theo/14

    Why didn’t we just use DW or give any of our other goalies a shot at backing up Ritter. Instead we are counting on Talbot in his 30’s at 2.5 million per. Talbot last year had a career-worst .892 save percentage and 3.40 goals-against average — the worst stat line of any NHL goaltender who played at least 30 games in 2018-19.

    • cjc

      Perhaps there is an argument that Gillies should have got a shot, however I don’t think there was any more likelihood of him working out (and if Talbot doesn’t work out they still have Gillies/Parsons as a Plan C).

      David Wolf hasn’t even played a pro game yet. It is unheard of for a 7th round pick that almost wasn’t selected to play in the nhl in their draft plus one year, and likely not good for their development if things don’t go well.

  • Garry T

    It sounds like he was on a lesser defensive B squad with teams USA and his
    Goals against suffered. Joining a team tournament in China will not do him any harm, essentially providing development / timing opportunities prior to then joining his WHL team and getting ready for the 2019/20 season. From what I have read, it sounds like we have finally drafted a goalie with potential that wants to be a Flame and that’s a good start.

    • freethe flames

      We drafted Gilles who had a very good college career, his development has not worked out. We drafted Parson’s who won a memorial cup but has struggled with being a pro. You can’t say we have not drafted good goalie prospects; they have yet to pan out. Goalies are voodoo; I am hopeful this kid will be good but it is a long way off before we can say he is a pro.

      • everton fc

        Fair comment. However, Parsons had some baggage. I think Wolf may be a better goalie, at the same age, as Gillies. Just a thought. Wolf was overlooked due to size. What I like about Wolf is the level of intelligence in the kid. He’s full of positive character. I think that will take him a long way, in the Flames organization.

    • cjc

      I don’t think it makes sense. Pageau would only save us ~1.5 million, and it’s hard to say where he fits in the Flames lineup – we already have plenty of decent 3rd or 4th liners. Plus his G/A/P totals have declined steadily since 2015-2016. He’s also a little on the small side, and not known for his physical play.

      • freethe flames

        He was injured last year and that contributed to it. The question I have is how do we get value for TJ. Maybe it’s by him staying a Flame. One of my thoughts about Pageau was that he would also free up another @1.5m and while I think we are close to getting a deal done with Tkachuk that extra space would be huge.

        • cjc

          I’ve been saying for a while that they will not and should not trade Brodie. Reason being is that it leaves a gaping hole in the top 4 D unless there is a cheap and useful RHD coming back, which seems unlikely. If the team is sucking by the trade deadline, Brodie could easily be flipped for an asset then. If the team is looking as strong as they did last year, then you keep him and worry about it later.

          Pageau was on a decline before his injury, so I don’t think that was the only reason for his play. 1.5 million might be enough depending on what Tkachuk signs for, but it seems an awfully low sell for a player like Brodie.

          • MDG1600

            Andersson and Hamonic can and will play the top 4 minutes on the right side with no loss in the level of play. I don’t see anyone replacing Frolik as #2 RW that wouldn’t be a downgrade.

          • oilcanboyd

            I would say trade TJ instead of Frolik. We are really short on good RWs. Andersson can effectively replace TJ, but who will replace Frolik? Czarnik is not the answer-trade him for a 4th round draft pick.

          • freethe flames

            I think BT has a difficult job this summer; he has been trying to be true to two masters cap space and improving his team. At this point most of us believe that Frolik and TJ are still in play; maybe others. I think BT is trying to add between $1&2m in cap space while at the same time add a player that makes the team more competitive. That means giving a little on the better player side of things in order to get cap space. At the moment there are teams who would like to move players that might help the Flames but they don’t want added cap space. The Pens are an example of a team looking the shed some salary and have some guys who might help the Flames forwards but can’t add any salary. Detroit has the cap space to add a TJ and the need to add a defender of his ability but the assets we crave will likely be hard for Stevie to move. The one thought I have with them is that they have 3 guys who will likely need big raises next year while TJ will likely need at most a small increase. For TJ we would like to see us get someone who can be a top 6 forward but I think we will need to settle for a top 9 and cap space. For Frolik I think we will get a 5-7 d and some cap space.
            If BT can get both Tkachuk and Mangiapane signed for the @$8.2m that he realistically has at the moment; I’m okay with keeping both Frolik and TJ to start the season. ($7.5m + burying a $.700 contract)

          • cjc

            I get the logic however, I am not sure Peters is ready to anoint Andersson as the top pairing D. He has had a limited run out there so far – Brodie still saw more minutes in the playoffs. Brodie isn’t going to go from playing over 21 minutes to 3rd pairing minutes overnight. But regardless of where he plays in the lineup, you need to replace him if you trade him. That means playing one of Kylington or Valimaki on the RHS, or having unproven Yelesin play the bottom pair. Of course you could insist on getting another RHS D in return, but that limits the value you can get in a trade.

        • Kevin R

          Not a big fan of Pageau. Kind of a smallish winger, not much cap savings either & Brodie is worth more than him. I was thinking & I’ll probably get roasted like I usually do on stupid trade ideas on here but what about a Jankowski for Puulj & the Oilers 2nd. We gain 1.5 mill in cap space. Oilers are desperate for a 3rd line Centre & he fits their cap. We get a 4th over all pedigree RW. He just may turn it around. Saw an interview with him & he claims to be 100% healthy. I wouldnt do this if we didnt have Ryan & I doubt we will be able to protect him. Just putting this out there.

          • supra steve

            Not sure that Janko is worth the Oiler’s 2nd rounder alone at this point? Why would they throw in JP with their 2nd to get Janko. JP has been a failure so far, but the Oil will not be shipping him to Calgary for cheap, because if he catches fire, they are going to want him to be in the east…not down the QE2.