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Offseason update: Brodie getting harder to move, Tkachuk and team aren’t talking

Flames-related news recently has been quiet. Perhaps a little too quiet. Ominously quiet.

On Friday’s edition of the Pinder and Steinberg show, Pat welcomed in Eric Francis via telephone to address the quiet, mostly on the TJ Brodie trade front and the Matthew Tkachuk contract negotiations. As the title has already told you, there’s two major pieces of news dropped, and a whole lot of other important discussions going on.

You can listen to the 22-minute clip here, but here are some of the key points, player by player:

TJ Brodie: Francis reports that they’re still shopping him, but there’s not much interest right now, citing a person inside the organization that says it’s been “tough” (around seven minutes in). The major issue is that interested teams have already made moves, making it difficult to add Brodie. He suggests that they may need to pair him with “a guy like” Mark Jankowski in order to clear Brodie’s salary. That’s not entirely news, given that those two were Toronto-bound in the cancelled Nazem Kadri deal, but I think that the implication is that the trade return for those two won’t be as good as Kadri.

Michael Frolik: Eleven minutes in, the two briefly touch on Michael Frolik’s trade value. Again, there’s not really anything shocking: Frolik is hard to trade because of his age, his cap hit, and his relative impact on a roster. Francis suggests that teams aren’t willing to give up assets to take Frolik, but also that the Flames aren’t necessarily interested in acquiring any either – they just want to clear his salary. He again suggests that another piece may need to move to make that deal, but doesn’t offer a specific name.

Mark Jankowski: The centre’s name is bandied about a bit, both as part of a package and as a solo deal to clear up a bit of space. Francis says that there’s hesitancy in moving him from Calgary’s perspective a few times (especially at 13 minutes in), but that it might be a necessary sacrifice. He also brings up Sam Bennett (who is apparently still practising faceoffs) and Dillon Dube as potential replacements at centre.

Austin Czarnik: He is also mentioned in trade talk, and Francis says that it is a “possibility” (about 12:30 in), but that it only clears $1.25M in space.

Travis Hamonic: Around 15 minutes in, both talk about the rumours earlier this season that Hamonic was also on the trade block, dismissing it as other GMs being interested in trading for him rather than the Flames being interested in moving him. They bring up the possibility of him being moved at trade deadline if they feel they can’t come to terms with him, but Steinberg also says that he “wouldn’t be surprised” if Hamonic re-signs for two or three years.

Matthew Tkachuk: The final section of the show (about 16:30 onwards) is dedicated to the Flames’ biggest offseason task. Francis brings up what he feels are the three options for a Tkachuk contract: two years, five years, or seven years. He also believes that the longer the wait goes on, the more likely it is that Tkachuk signs a two-year deal and everyone goes through this all again in 2021. Francis also throws in that he doesn’t believe that Tkachuk is signed to start the season, though he does see him as a Calgary Flame.

After that, Steinberg really drops the hammer, not only agreeing with Francis’ assessment that Tkachuk misses part of the season, but revealing that Tkachuk and the club aren’t even talking (18 minutes). There’s no specific holdup mentioned (it might just be a staring contest, as Steinberg says that silence is what the agent wants. They don’t want to be the first RFA domino to fall), but term is likely the issue. In his conversations with various agents, Francis believes that most RFAs in this offseason are set on big money deals that take them right to UFA, and then cashing in on the market. Tkachuk’s side is pushing for that, while the Flames are pushing for more.

  • Theo/14

    What did I say. The tkachuk family are all business just like there good friends Marners. Now here we are trying to move Brodie and Jankowski just to frickin sign him. So we wont be able to improve this roster because of tkachuk who disappears in the playoffs. Or in other words…. when the games get tough.

  • Garry T

    Brad has surprised us in the past. I think Brad gets a $$$ 22,000,000.00 Deal done for four years with Tkachuk. That’s 5.5 per year x 4. We have the cap space to do that. We also have the cap space to sign Mangiapane for 1.75 each of a five year extension. Now you need to create a cushion. Offer
    Up Czarnik to the entire league for a second and a 3 rd. If that is not a go, do a Czarnik for Pulujarvi with Edmonton. I have this feeling he was handled poorly. Life is a little worrisome at the moment and this guy has pride!
    I think he is worth the risk, he has wheels, skill, size and might be the guy who can keep up with Johnny. Really work with him and he might just surprise.

    I have pushed for this deal for a while and I do that by thinking a bunch of scouts ranked this guy real high. They can’t all be idiots. Someone will come calling for one of our core forwards or D. That would be a high end prospect and 2nd and 3rd. Rounder type of deal we need to do for cap space. Stone is gone so that saved $3.5 for this year and costs us $1.6 and change over the next couple of seasons. Doing this, our team is in place, we have improved our forward position, coaching staff can turn our D into a stronger unit with the right systems. I know a lot on here said I was full of crap for handling Tkachuk with a bit of an edge, but most are now on side with my thought process.


    We keep TJ, we Keep Frolik and give both a chance to earn anew contract.
    I would get both on the phone and say you’re staying at least until the trade deadline. Now show us why you should be extended.

    • BringtheFire 2.0

      Just to clarify, are you suggesting that Chucky will sign for a cap hit of 5.5 million per year? Because if that is what you’re suggesting, well, I think it isn’t a realistic suggestion.

      • BringtheFire 2.0

        Nigel, in reference to your earlier comment about Tre’s strategy being like the American Vietnam strategy, it isn’t: Vietnam was a horrible death factory where countless young men and women died for nothing. Please don’t link it to hockey, a sport here for our entertainment. One has nothing to do with the other and remembering Vietnam bums me out.

        Also, if you would accept a polite observation: you try too hard with your comments. I don’t know if you’re insecure, if you want to appear clever and/or intelligent, but sometimes your references are straight out of left field and wildly inappropriate. Most of the time, instead of appearing intelligent and clever, they appear awkward and contrived.

        If you don’t accept my second paragraph, that’s cool. But, in the future, if you could at least leave the politics and war references out of the hockey comments, I think a number of people here would appreciate it.

        But in the end, you do you, man. Thanks.

        • BlueMoonNigel

          You seem to have a lot of issues with my comments. Fair enough. Just don’t read them. Scroll, baby, scroll.

          As I know it’s the moderator’s job to bin inappropriate and offensive comments. I am quite sure he is more than capable of doing his job without deputizing you.

          You’re final paragraph is spot on. I gotta be me! I gotta be me!

        • Oil Spilly

          “if you would accept a polite observation”
          then just goes on to bash him. Lol

          In my honest opinion it can be awkward reading some of your comments btf. I would compare them with your reference of “out of left field” at times. I hope you accept this.


        • Off the wall

          Good grief BTF. Have you got nothing better to do than monopolize this forum because YOU don’t think a comment is appropriate?
          It’s one thing when this forum gets out of hand with fake accounts and constant trolling, however it’s another thing when you tell other’s what they should or shouldn’t say…

          What’s next? We’re not allowed to tell stories because they add no real value? Well there goes my schtick….

          Excuse me if I’m being a little forward, however you were born LONG after the Vietnam war. Many of us on here, actually were alive during that period.
          Your preoccupation with being offended is actually quite ambiguous.

          Maybe you’re the one trying too hard?

    • Budgie

      Tkachuk won’t be signing anytime soon, not until some signings of other RFAs happens-I hope you are right-5.5 but I think he will get 7-8–the team can’t wait for Tkachuk, sign Mangiapanne before Tkachuk-move forward, Tkachuk may want too much anyways

  • Bobby Bitman

    Who will blink first in this game of chicken with MT ? I often wonder if the MT camp and the Marner camp ever factor in the fan response to a player / agent / dad demanding big money for mostly a small sample size. I doubt they care but if this goes long and the passionate fans of the flames perceive that MT s ask is unreasonable, he may go from Byng to Bung. I hope he is working on his footwork and his skating cause if he does not get significantly quicker, he’s not worth more than 6.5 (if that) IMO

    • LannyMac

      I understand your pt. Bitman but I am unfortunately old enough to know regardless of sport if things don’t get off to a good start for the Flames public opinion will turn on Tre. Fans will be screaming for Tkachuk to be signed for whatever he wants. Because G knows one player without a training camp can turn a whole season around.

  • calgaryfan

    It is time for the owners to play hardball with all the RFA’s and make them sit at home. The cap was brought in for the players and owners to share the revenue 50/50. All these greedy RFA’s are doing is taking money out of the pockets of fellow team mates.

  • SgtRoadBlock

    we going to see a lot click bait repeated stories to kill time…

    Tj,Fro will be traded or BT will do big Gamble move and try a Diff roster player to open Cap, it will happen in time no point worrying about for weeks on end.

    Seattle we got a 12 year Vet center for you name Backland 🙂 he eating up Cap and Center ice time from the Kid’s thanks for the 12 years.


  • oilcanboyd

    In my opinion the agents are conspiring to drag all RFA negotiations. The longer it all drags on, the more they can get. BIG bonus money upfront and a contract that is lockout proof.

  • Trevy

    I truly believe it’s the agents that are responsible for what’s currently going on in the hockey world. There are approx 36 RFA’s still waiting for contracts and these agents have to realize they’re playing with fire in a salary cap world. The players with a true love for the game will eventually instruct their agents to get a deal done as we approach Sept. I don’t think Tkachuk is one of these players. He’s a great rising star but I feel like he’s already got that chip of entitlement on his shoulder and is going to handcuff this team. He is not worth more than $7 mill on a bridge deal and luckily, Tre is a shrewd business man.

    As for Brodie, if there is no return value out there, then that’s ok. He’s still a great dman that eats a lot of minutes and can play up and down the rotation in case Andersson struggles or injuries occur. Frolik on the other hand, I would still try and package him up for simply the asset of cap space and to allow Dube to secure a spot

      • Bond 0097

        Oilers paid Draisaitl 8.5 for 8 years, one of only 2 – 50 goal scorers last year and also had over 100 points. You think MT is worth more than Leon? The stupid runs deep on the flames doesn’t it?

      • Bobby Bitman

        I realize market value and all that but Is Skinner worth 9, or was he paid 9? There is no way imo MT is “worth” 10, but again my kids laugh at me when I’m trying to figure out something new on my iPhone. They just grab it from me and say “here just do this” and hand it back to me. I’ve learned nothing Maybe these players and agents are saying the same thing “here, just do this”. We shall see.

        • HarveysFleaCollar

          Ok. I see your point, although these RFA’S are the upper echelon of the league now. They need to get paid on these 2nd contracts because very soon gms will not be giving out contracts with term or dollars to guys in there 29s and early 30s. Look at Neal, Lucic, Shattenkirk etc.

          • Garry T

            Harvey … getting paid ….there are over 700 players in the union. Is it fair to “ pay 62 and not the rest.? This is a team game. If this keeps up, the owners will have to say I am done. Then what?

        • Albertabeef

          Do you not remember when Johnny was negotiating his last contract? He did not talk to the team or have anything to do with the negotiating. “I just sign when my agent tells me to”.

    • Kevin R

      Yup starting to get a little fed up with the RFA mentality of me me me. Im just blown away that these 21-22-23 years olds are putting their noses up to long term 8-9-10 million $$$ per deals. In fact, it makes me bitter. These guys better watch out or they will totally lose the support of fans & quite frankly just lock the SOB’s out. I hear they are whining about the escrow. Lets get rid of guaranteed contracts & then maybe the escrow can be punted. They are whining about NHL not doing enough to increase revenues, well how many players have we been whining about that dont perform anywhere close to their cap/salary. Starting to get sick of all this garbage. This is only the start, wait till next year & the year after. How many fans will have to shell out big $$$ to watch games & the young players they are paying to see are sitting out because they are so greedy. Needless to say I am turning on these players.

      As for Frolik, how could Dorian say no to Frolik if we eat a $1.0mill & their actual dollar outlay is $2.0 mill??? Surely that would be worth a 3rd to Melnyk, as the Sens would actually add a forward to their top 6 group.

      • Theo/14

        What do you expect tho. They understand the nhl life expectancy had taken a huge step back the last 5 years. There is less and less effective 30 + year old players as ever before. Young mans game. Prime is now 20-25 years old

        • Kevin R

          So they take a 7 year deal for anywhere from $56-70 million stinking dollars & they arent set for life. Gee whiz they may have to work for a pittens $3.0-4.0 mill a year on 2-3 year terms when they hit their late twenties low thirty’s. Sorry I have no sympathy for these greedy b’s who now put maxing out their earning potential over winning a Cup for the fans that make this incredible living possible.

          • deantheraven

            I used to be on the side of the players, meaning the last two lock outs when I say “used to be”. Now it’s different. It’s different in every business. 70 years ago we needed to organize labour to make it fair for the working class. NHL players are not working class, and unions have driven up the cost of doing business. Sure, owners are and perhaps always will be greedy, but I’m not sure the cost of a ticket and concession prices would continue to soar into the stratosphere if the cost of talent wasn’t going up exponentially year-by-year.
            JH (and his agent)signed for $6.75 mil when the salary cap was whatever it was. More teams should adopt the “internal cap” concept, making your best or most valuable player the highest paid until their deal expires.
            Would that be so hard to swallow?

      • Bobby Bitman

        @Kevin R. You make my point and I believe that more and more fans will feel this way. Regardless of their intentions, many come across as spoiled & entitled. How the MT contract shakes out and the resulting fan reaction will be interesting. I, for one do not think he’s worth over 7 but I bet he thinks he’s worth way more and will probably get it. Don’t envy Tre

    • Bobby Bitman

      @trevy …entitlement, a vast and interesting concept that you mention. I would hazard a guess that most, if not all commenters, have worked extremely hard throughout their lives for what they have and to provide for their kids / families. Not to mention for tickets and merchandise for their fav team. T can leave a sour taste when SOME players are perceived to be entitled. The fan response to MT may be interesting f this drags on. He and his camp may not care, it it could be a different environment for the young “stud” around here. It’s already happening in the Marner comment sections. Not to mention the immediate expectations that will increase when MT signs for big dough. Maybe I.m just too old, still wearing my burgundy pant suit, but to me, there is a place for positive public perception that holds a non monetary value. Perceived greed is never a good thing In my books, but again, it may be different in today’s world.

      • Trevy

        Hey Bobby, btw big fan of Eugene Levy, which unfortunately shows my age as well. I understand your point and agree with your view, but there are players, especially ones that come from NHL bloodlines, that already know the ins and outs of contract negotiations. These are the ones that I refer to as entitled. It’s a shame the game is evolving more around money and business and in turn, the fans are the ones who feel the repercussions. These contracts are getting out of control and will ultimately cause more friction when the next NHL collective agreement begins

        • Budgie

          The real Bobby Bitman is Bobby Curtola, Edmonton’s one and only Mr. Telethon. Players finishing their ELC and then jumping into huge money is ruining the Salary Cap system and throttling teams-Mathew Tkachuk is just seeing what the market will give him-his agent leading the charge-Toronto gives Austin Mathews 12 million at 21 yrs. old-MT isn’t comparable but it has put upwards pressure on salaries

      • Budgie

        Giving a player just finishing their ELC big money is the latest trend that the agents push teams for-it is risky with unproven talent. Toronto gives Austin Mathews just under 12 million, naturally MT’s agent is shooting high, however Nylander gets under 7, who would you compare MT to? Nathan Mackinnon gets 6.3, A ho gets 8.45-I would compare MT to the 6-7 million players. Likely he will be upwards of 8 like A Ho. Would I trade MT for an A Ho-yes probably be a smart move if you are rebuilding, otherwise MT is an important player to the team as is. Higher than 8 i’d say trade him.

        You aren’t too old Bitman, Sid Dithers is too old. Too old for Rock and Roll.

    • LannyMac

      Let’s not forget Trevy it was the GMs that keep antiing up ridiculous salaries in order to try and keep or save there jobs. What they don’t realize that offering these stupid contracts only defers there pink slips for a latter date.

  • drogon

    There’s a maximum the owners are willing to pay based on our salary structure, revenue forecast, etc. Also, we’re not operating in a big market. It’s better to keep our salaries in a tight range. I would be surprised if we offered a base salary higher than $7.0M-$7.5M which is still 8.6%-9.2% of the total cap.
    That whole RFAs situation is not good for the NHL’s image, again it will need to be addressed at the next CBA.
    Expiring old assets are piling up around the league, and it might not get better. Brodie & Frolik won’t be re-signed, better making a trade than losing them for nothing.

  • Herringchoker1971

    Heres the issue as I see it. Chuckys agents have already told chucky what he’s worth. All situations high and low. Here’s the problem. Lets say The agent told Chucky….ok at 5 years we can get you between $8 million (number pulled out my ass for reference only). Tre’s no dummy….he knows the same number. Lets say Tre is fine with the number and makes him the offer. Chucky’s agent is gonna say…. no thank you no matter what. Nobody is budging until Marner signs. Unless the player says ok Im done with crap i need to focus. This is our reality. Also to the folks complaining about Chuckys skaking and hes not worth this or that. Here’s my opinion…..some guys need to skate as part of there game. Some guys just think the game faster than others and just know where to be. Chucky’s and Monahans game is about knowing where to be and when to be there. On a positive note….if those guys got faster they would add a whole other level to their game. One mans opinion. East coast out.

    • MRL

      Monahan is a one trick pony and the opposition quite easily neutralized that trick the final third of the season and especially in the playoffs in which it was very evident he struggled with the speed.

      • deantheraven

        If there’s one guy I have confidence in improving, it’s Monny. All he’s been saying since the collective bed-crapping that happened in the playoffs is that he’s going to come back a different player-better, stronger, faster. Mark this: Monny will be the next (real value) Six Million Dollar Man (in 2016 dollars). I hope he can do it, and I hope guys like Sam Bennett (@ $2.55 mil) will show Tkachuk what it takes to earn a championship.

      • Albertabeef

        @MRL Are you an athlete? Ever had a sports injury? Ever have an operation? Ever had 4 operations in an offseason? Offseason rehab and offseason training are two very different things. Last summer Mony was rehabbing, this summer he is training. I expect him to come back better. His previous playoffs were not like this last one. Mony had 4 goals and an assists in 4 games vs the Ducks a couple seasons ago. Had 6 pts in 11 playoff games in that “Hartley’s heroes” run as a 20 years old.

        The thing nobody talks about is Mony’s assists last season jumping by 15 from the year before. Mony had a career best season in goals with 34, and 48 assists, as well as a 5 assist game(vs SJ). I haven’t given up on Mony yet.

    • Bobby Bitman

      I see your point. However, if a player is paid 8-9, he should be able to win races to the puck and be a difference maker in the playoffs. I get that he’s only 21, but if he is paid big money and doesn’t deliver 8-9 million worth of value…thems are means streets out there with passionate Flames fans. We shall see what comes our way with the young stud.

    • CowboyBob

      I agree there is a lot to be said for knowing where to be and anticipating the play. In major junior there is still a higher percentage of not great skaters so knowing where to be can be a more valuable asset. However in the NHL the game is so fast that being a poor skater impacts you a lot more. Also, as pointed out by others, these young players all have one or two moves, tricks, shtick, whatever you want to call it, the rest of the league figures it out in a season or two. Young players need to adapt and evolve their game, I believe this is more difficult if you’re a crappy skater. Hockey is fundamental 5 core skills, shooting, passing, checking, thinking and skating. You’re simply not elite and less you can do all these well, and a couple of them really well.

  • TheWheeze

    Seems a lot of FN are betting the farm that if we lose Frolik and Brodie, Mangiapane and Dube will just magically slot right in. I don’t share that optimism.

  • drogon

    We need to be careful with every bit of news feed coming out. There’s always a part of reality and some speculation, especially during negotiating time. It implies that BT could be in a position of weakness, but is he really? News is out really fast and reach everyone, including the Tkachuk’s team. What was the real intention behind it? Is BT really working the phones all day and struggling to create cap space? Having “only” $7.757M available right now that terrible? We would have more and they would ask for more… Cap compliance is October 2nd.

    • Kevin R

      Right now & the same with other teams with RFA’s that want to negotiate like they are UFA’s is that Flames have tons of cap if Tkachuk wants to sit out. It’s not like any of these guys havent been offered some pretty decent deals to play hockey. Maybe if all of them wait it out & they are still waiting in November while the league continues they may want to make a deal. Personally, if they want a 2nd huge payday, then give them 4 or 5 years & let them prove themselves. Maybe we are better off with shorter term deals anyway.

      If Brodie & Frolik cant even be traded now then I suggest we go in with 21 players into the new season, injuries do happen & either we get space that way for a full roster or some other team needs to make a deal during the season. I can tell you this much, Frolik & Brodie will absolutely get better returns at the Trade Deadline. Being playoff bound & being sellers can happen.

      • Budgie

        Nothing wrong with Frolik on RW, Brodie paired with Gio, just Tkachuk and Mangiapanne are unsigned, sign Mangiapanne, Tkachuk can wait on a trade? I wouldn’t let either Brodie or Frolik go for cheap, let Tkachuk sit.

  • BendingCorners

    Trade #2 – Brodie to Anaheim for Rakell. Anaheim needs another RD for their top 4, and has the cap space. Flames need another RHS forward and Rakell is at least a little bit gritty, I think. Flames gain a little cap space doing this.

  • Off the wall

    Good day for a story. It’s long.

    Mrs Otw, my step-son and I were in Vegas for the last week.
    Being stifling HOT all week, we would fill our water bottles with ice and water, for the trek of the day. Every day I’d go to the ice machine and fill up our bucket.

    One day the ice maker wasn’t working, so Otw in his wisdom, decided to go down a floor in the hotel and fill the bucket there.

    I saw the “exit stairs” sign, so I took the stairwell. Bad idea. It locks you out on exit, ( which I didn’t realize) so I had 16 floors to go down, then through a half a mile maze of hallways until I finally reached an exit I could get out. By this time, ( 25 minutes later) I’m fit to be tied and steaming hot.

    Upon exiting the building, I’m greeted by a Keystone cop, who asks me for identification. I’m already furious, so I tell him, “Here’s my id, it’s a f’ing ice bucket”. Why are you asking me for id, when ya know I’m looking for a ice machine that works!”

    Keystone doesn’t like my reply, so he asks my room # and my name. I told him my name was “Johnny Bucket” which he radioed to the hotel to verify I was this guest at the hotel.
    “ No Johnny Bucket on our guest list. You’ll have to come with me”

    “ Pal, can’t you understand sarcasm,” I replied. I’m not going anywhere with you, just find me a damn ice machine that works!”

    By this time, another Keystone cop has come along. They decide that since I’m being uncooperative, that they would take me to the Security office.
    After being detained for another half hour, all the while Mrs Otw has been fervently looking all over the hotel for me. What was a 3 minute job, turned into over an hour, with an unhappy Otw, and still no damn ice!

    Apparently, the exit has (tiny print beside the door) which states that upon exit, an alarm will sound and no re- entry is permitted.

    I didn’t have my glasses on, so I couldn’t read it. All I saw was the BIG exit sign. I took a picture of the sign and went to the hotel manager to show him. “ How the heck is anyone supposed to read this. It’s tiny, in red and there was no damn alarm when I went down the stairwell “
    “ Oh, it’s a silent alarm, “ says the Manager.
    “Huh, you mean to tell me that I’m supposed to know it’s a silent alarm and be able to read that small print?” Why isn’t the damn sign on the door, how come it’s on the right side, nowhere near the door?”

    “Good question, he says , we should really look into that”
    “ You think, I replied. I’m sure I’m not the only person to do this. Why on earth would you not put it on the door and make the font large enough for half blind buggers like me to read?”

    Five minutes later, I got $165 US funds taken off my hotel bill and had a full bucket of ice!

    The moral of the story?
    Ice is a necessity in the HOT weather. ( 37- 43C )

    Ice is needed to play hockey. Both are important for different reasons.

    Don’t be surprised if Tkachuk sits out for a bit. He might have taken the stairwell, but he’ll eventually get his ice!

  • Justthateasy

    I have always said these young ingrates with her big fat managers should twist in the wind if they don’t want to play. They cause nothing but grief and dissension when they finally come back to the team.
    What happened to the Love of the Game? You are a select lucky bunch that have been given an opportunity and all the breaks. There is always someone waiting to take your spot.
    I am the consumer here and I demand that you play first and if I like it I will pay you at that point.
    I say if you don’t take a bridge then who’s up next and who wants to play?

  • BendingCorners

    Trade #1 – Washington needs a bit of cap space. Flames can only do this if they follow up with another trade, but if they sign Petrovic then flip him to the Capitals along with a pick for Jansen, the Capitals save some space without touching their forwards and without affecting their top-4 D. The Flames get a reasonable third pair RD, which will help once they trade Brodie (#2, below).

  • BendingCorners

    Trade #3 – also with Anaheim because once the Flames take Rakell the Ducks will be in the market for another forward. Frolik for Sprong (RHS) and Terry (another RHS). Ducks might want to substitute some other prospect for Terry since he could need up being quite good (or not, too soon to tell), or may want Jankowski too. Flames get cap space and some potentially useful RHS forwards, Ducks get a useful forward so they can try to squeeze one more playoff season out of Getzlaf. Not sure hey give up Terry though.

  • CantstandyaOilers2

    Trade Tkchuk, he was a NO SHOW in the playoffs, he should not be making more than JG, SM and MG…he is a great regular season player, teams will pay a lot for him…trade him and Brodie to Ottawa, there are great young assets current and future the Flames can get back…Lucic is gonna help BIG time, he will bring other pieces to the table, leadership, tenacity, toughness and he is a BEAST, love this guy, glad the Oilers traded him to us, McDavid was injury free since Lucic signed with Oileds

  • The Red Knight

    Might have to wait and see when these rfas get signed before teams can see what they have left to trade for Brodie or Frolik ,could be a domino effect

  • Jimmyhaggis

    These RFA are starting to get a little greedy for my liking. I would think the average player would be starting to get a little pissed, they’re getting moved to bump salary or the GM is griding them because the team needs the cash to pay a few players.

  • Burnward

    There’s like 30 RFAs right now that ha ‘ve value.

    Simple economics, the market hasn’t been set yet. So we wait like two grown adults would do over any contract negotiation.

    Relax all.

    • Budgie

      Then there is the player agents, they have loyalty to their commission. This article shows that Calgary can’t move Frolik or Brodie easily, how much of the team should you trade away to sign Tkachuk? If Calgary can’t trade Brodie or Frolik then what?
      We need RW, and have lots of C’s-trade a Centre, the only ones to give Cap Relief are Backlund who has a NTC, maybe he would waive it, the other is Monahan. The Flames have to make a choice, keep Frolik at RW and trade either Backlund or Monahan if Brodie can’t be traded. All of this for Tkachuk?

    • Kevin R

      Ironically, everyone thought Aho would have been the last one to sign the way Carolina is so tight fisted paying players. Montreal sure did them a big favour. Teams arent offer sheeting because who is going to give away 2-5 1st round picks. These RFA’s are going to find they may not have as much leverage as they think.
      How do you raise the cap & keep the revenue split at what it currently is & I doubt the NHL will just give a way a bunch of points to the players without getting anything back. Players prepared to give guaranteed contracts? That might get them 2-4% extra of the revenue streams.

  • BendingCorners

    It’s Sunday and it’s raining here on the Wet Coast. Before I go for a walk, here’s an observation, followed by trade ideas in separate posts, for cheering and trashing, naturally.
    The observation is that Treliving appears to be of the same mind as Skylardog and WW – the team needs more grit up front, and he tried to get Kadri and Brown from the Leafs and Zucker from the Wild. Not sure the trades below bring back as much, but maybe they work?

      • Arthur-Leigh Adekunle Tig Junior Elvis

        Most projections have us finishing Top. 3 in the West even if goaltending is just average or slightly below. If it’s good we basically run away with the Pacific and are a Top. 3 Team in the league again. Mang and Valimaki became possession forces in the second half and most in the industry think they will make even bigger strides next season with more opportunity, plus Dube led all U21s in AHL PPG and is projected to possibly take the next step for us, so the internal growth could totally offset a loss. Honestly trading away a Jankowksi could actually turn into a positive increase if Dube steps up next year.

        It’s funny everyone has Colorado taking a step forward, but Tyson Barrie is a massive loss that a rookie like Makar will struggle to fill in just his first full NHL season. Barries had 59 Points last year, go look at who’s as the last NHL rookie defender to crack 60 Points before coming at me. I also watched Bowen Bryan 9 Times live last year, he’s got to learn how to play defence first before he becomes an everyday NHLer, he needs at least one more year in the WHL.

        • Kneedroptalbot

          Pacific Division, in my view…
          1. Las Vegas
          2. San Jose
          3. Calgary or Van, (depends on the goal tending).
          The rest. Arizona and Edmonton might be close? L.A. and Anaheim both in transition.