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What will Jakob Pelletier’s contract look like?

We’re a week away from September and Calgary Flames general manager Brad Treliving has some business left to complete. In addition to contracts for restricted free agents Matthew Tkachuk and Andrew Mangiapane, 2019 first round selection Jakob Pelletier has yet to be signed.

There’s no real urgent to sign first round picks, but historically Treliving has signed his first rounders pretty quickly:

  • Sam Bennett signed the week after he was drafted in 2014.
  • Matthew Tkachuk signed a couple weeks after the 2016 NHL Draft.
  • Juuso Valimaki signed about three weeks after the 2017 NHL Draft.

The RFA goings-on likely contribute to any potential Pelletier delays – all of Treliving’s attention is firmly on getting his NHL roster players sewn up and since Pelletier is a distinct longshot for NHL time this season, he’s on the back burner.

But while Pelletier plays the waiting game, the market for his services has become abundantly clear.

What will his contract look like?

For the most part, first round picks tend to sign in accordance to a general pattern. Super high picks get lots of potential performance bonuses. Lower picks get less bonuses, or none at all. Every first rounder tends to get the rookie maximum salary ($925,000) with the maximum signing bonus ($92,500).

So far, 14 first round picks have signed their entry level deals.

Pick Player Team Perf. Bonuses (Avg.)
1 Jack Hughes NJD $2.850m
2 Kaapo Kakko NYR $2.650m
3 Kirby Dach CHI $2.500m
4 Bowen Byram COL $2.500m
6 Moritz Seider DET $0.850m
7 Dylan Cozens BUF $0.850m
8 Philip Broberg EDM $0.850m
11 Victor Soderstrom ARZ $0.660m
19 Lassi Thomson OTT $0.425m
20 Ville Heinola WPG $0.319m
22 Tobias Bjornfot LAK $0.238m
23 Simon Holmstrom NYI $0.000m
25 Connor McMichael WSH $0.000m
26 Jakob Pelletier CGY ???
27 Nolan Foote TBL $0.000m

Based on everyone else’s deals, most likely Pelletier won’t get any performance bonuses put into his contract.

When will Pelletier sign?

Under the CBA, the Flames have to sign Pelletier by June 1, 2021 or else he goes back into the draft. Barring anything crazy happening, that won’t be an issue.

Pelletier is 18 now and turns 19 in March. If he signs before the end of December, his ELC will be able to slide twice. If he signs following his junior season, his ELC will be able to slide once. Either way, because he won’t be 20 until March 2021 he’s not eligible to play in the American Hockey League until the 2021-22 season – meaning that unless he makes the Flames out of either of the next two camps, which is a longshot, he’ll be headed back to junior anyway.

There’s no time pressure, but it seems fairly likely that the Flames will try to get Pelletier signed during training camp for no other reason as to get the deal done and to cross something off their to-do list. The contract won’t change whether it’s signed now or in another year.

  • freethe flames

    If BT is unable to do anything else than worry about the Tkachuk contract as implied by ” all of Treliving’s attention is firmly on getting his NHL roster players sewn up” he only has Tkachuk and Mangiapane to sign then we are selling him and his staff short. This contract should be a no brainer and it have already been signed.

    • freethe flames

      That’s where they hope he can play; that’s where we hoped he could play and it might be the only way to get value for him. Unfortunately what we got was Neal the passenger and if he does not play with guys who can make him look good he can becoming a invisible passenger and worse one who pouts and hurts the team; that’s who we got. I have no expectations for Lucic; I did not like the trade and still feel the hockey team would have been better off buying Neal out but the owners likely did not support that cost. Can’t dwell on it can only dwell on the realities at hand; if Lucic has 100+ hits, takes on guys who take liberties, doesn’t take stupid penalties and scores 5 goals; plus is a good team mate then that will be enough for this fan, I don’t really care what Neal does for Edmonton.

      • Arthur-Leigh Adekunle Tig Junior Elvis

        Neal is going to embarrass the crap out of anyone who thinks he’s still capable of being a Top. 6 forward, LMAO. I honestly can’t wait to see him drag down McDavid for the five or six games they try to play them together (Neal couldn’t even keep up to Tkachuk last year, Lol) and then RNH for the next ten plus games before that doesn’t work either.

        I’ve said it elsewhere, but Neal has been carried by elite linemates the entire prime of his career (Brad Richards, Malkin, Filip Forsberg, etc). If you take away his time in Pittsburgh especially with Malkin he’s never broken 60 Points, so really it’s comical they think he’s going to “bounce back”…. Bounce back from what he’s been essentially a 45-50 Point guy the rest of his career outside of those Malkin years and he’s fallen off the proverbial age cliff the last three years failing to crack 45 Points (Lucic has cracked 50 Points more recently). It’s completely unrealistic to think he can be anything more than a 15G, 15A player and watching Neal last year, that’s a REAL stretch. He couldn’t even hit the net standing a foot away from the top of the crease. He has 7 goals and 4 basically bounces off his butt into the net.

        The biggest thing about this trade is
        Neal spent most of last season with Jankowski, Bennett, Backlund and Ryan. Whereas Lucic played with absolute plugs all year. If anyone is bouncing back it’s Lucic and the underlying numbers suggest Lucic was a better player to support that. Lucic has a Corsi Relative of +3.51% last year, Neal was -3.20%, LMAO. Neal also averaged 1.43 minutes more ice time a game and did zero with it.

        You want a laugh today, go look at the Oilers depth chart for next year, outside of McDavid, Draisaitl and RNH their roster is basically interchangeable with their AHL Team. I’ll give the Oilers some credit I even think Tyler Benson will score more points than James Neal next year, although again that’s not a high standard.

    • Budgie

      Yes, Neal is in on their top line actually, if he gets 21 goals we get a third rounder-go Neal go. The third rounder is likely the best player in the deal, no offense to Lucic-who knows, Lucic may park himself in front of the opposition’s net and Gio and Andersson can score some goals

  • freethe flames

    So I have been pondering what Peters will do if Tkachuk pulls a Nylander and holds out. What would lineup look like? Scary to think about. Do you keep the big three together or do you balance you lines up? If you keep the big line together does it look something like this: Johnny/Monny/Lindy, Mangiapane/Backs/Frolik, Bennett/Janko/Czarnik and Lucic/Ryan/Dube(quin); maybe you swap Janko and Ryan. Does anyone else challenge for spot? Anyone else interested in going down this rabbit hole?

    • Puck Head

      On the bright side we could try out some of our young guns and it could solve the cap problem for this season if he holds out long enough. It wouldn’t be the worst thing slotting in a fresh MT in the New Year. I also like the idea of forcing the team to really find out what they have in the young guys – enough of playing on the bottom lines or sitting in the press box.

    • Arthur-Leigh Adekunle Tig Junior Elvis

      I think both Andrew Mangiapane and Dillon Dube are primed for break out years, but let’s hope it doesn’t come down to that and I don’t think it will. Mangiapane was our best forward down the stretch in terms of driving play forward and Dube finished Tied for 1st in U21 AHL PPG.

    • Kevin R

      I honestly cannot see Peters splitting up the Monahan/Gaudreau/Lindholm line. They were gold that faded at the end of last year but I see the line starting the season. Otherwise, without Tkachuk, I really can see quite the line blender of the 2nd & 3rd lines, with most getting time in that top 9, including Lucic. Would love to see Magpie & Dube get a good look in those spots as well.

    • cjc

      For all the moaning about the lack of right wing depth, Calgary has a tonne of depth on the left side. Of course there is Gaudreau. Mangiapane looks ready to step into a larger role. Bennett has played alright with Backlund and Frolik before. Dube is a lefty who could conceivably play the wing for a bit. If they give Pelletier an audition then he may surprise people.

      Not that I think Tkachuk is too big for his britches or a primadonna even if he does sit out – after all, it’s the only leverage he has. But it’s quite possible that the team can compensate in the short term and that puts the pressure squarely on Tkachuk.

  • Off the wall

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    • freethe flames

      I would worry about the Dick keeping your damage deposit. Better yet just pay him no mind and carry on being the good guy you are kind of how I treat the trolls; I ignore them and look for something better to do or comment with. Here’s hoping you next place is a good place.

      • Off the wall

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      • idbr

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    • Albertabeef

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    • Off the wall

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  • Herringchoker1971

    My guess is if Mangiapane gets signed first then I would brace for a long game of chicken with Chucky. This is going to be a tough one……if Chucky signs, this team might have to get crazy with its roster size. Someone like Dube whose still waiver exempt might find themselves jumping back and forth to Stockton but, never leaving Calgary if they don’t free up cap. There needs to be an owners induced arbitrator that gets activated when RFA contracts hit an in-pass just before training camp.