Calgary faces difficult dilemma with Michael Frolik

It seems like Michael Frolik is the first Calgary Flames player that comes to mind when discussing a salary-driven trade. We all know Calgary needs to clear cap space and Frolik’s $4.3 million seems like an easy contract to move out. The problem is, Frolik has been a solid contributor over the last four years and trading him solely for cap relief seems counterproductive to the on-ice product. As such, it leaves general manager Brad Treliving with an interesting dilemma.

Four years in the books

Entering the final season of a five-year, $21.5 million contract, Frolik has been as advertised. The Flames targeted him in free agency thinking they were getting a strong two-way winger who could add secondary scoring. Frolik has delivered on both fronts.

Season GP G A PTS
2018-19 65 16 18 34
2017-18 70 10 15 25
2016-17 82 17 27 44
2015-16 64 15 17 32

Other than a down 2017-18 where the percentages dried up (6% SH%), Frolik has been good for around half a point per game. That’s where he was in two seasons with the Jets and in the range of what Calgary was expecting. But that’s only a fraction of why Frolik was signed. A quick look at his five-on-five underlying metrics paints an even clearer picture.

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Season CF% Rank G/60 Rank P/60 Rank OZS%
2018-19 56.3 2nd 0.83 7th 1.95 6th 52.5
2017-18 56.9 2nd 0.38 10th 1.26 8th 47.7
2016-17 55.6 2nd 0.62 6th 1.51 5th 36.9
2015-16 51.4 2nd 0.85 5th 1.78 5th 48.0

Since joining the Flames, Frolik has been a top two possession forward every single season. Paired almost exclusively with Mikael Backlund, Frolik has consistently been one of Calgary’s most effective two-way players, even in his one down year offensively.

In the other three seasons, Frolik has also been one of the team’s most productive players at five-on-five. While he doesn’t get significant powerplay time and is used more often in tough defensive situations, Frolik has regularly hovered around the top five in even strength scoring rates. That’s seems to fit the definition of secondary scoring.

Finally, Frolik has been very useful on the other side of special teams. In four seasons in Calgary, he’s averaged 1:37 per game on the penalty kill and has totalled eight shorthanded goals, more than anyone else in that same stretch. It’s tough to argue the Flames haven’t gotten what they were looking for.

The dilemma

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Based on what’s been laid out above, the notion of trading Frolik would be a strange one under ideal circumstances. Of course, Calgary’s cap situation isn’t exactly ideal right now. I believe Frolik’s contract is the best one Treliving has signed in free agency, and his AAV still looks fine to me. Of course, money is a huge consideration currently and $4.3 million is a nice chunk of change.

If the Flames could find a partner willing to take on all or most of Frolik’s deal, it would open up the space needed to get Matthew Tkachuk and Andrew Mangiapane under contract. Heck, it would likely leave Calgary with a little breathing room if they wanted to make another addition later in the season.

This is where things get difficult, though. September is almost here, Tkachuk isn’t signed, and Frolik remains a member of the Flames. It’s my belief if there were a market for Frolik, he would have been moved by now. The problem is there aren’t a lot of teams lining up to lend Calgary a hand. And, in reality, there aren’t a lot of other GMs with the ability to help even if they wanted to.

Seeing the Flames offload Frolik’s $4.3 million on and getting a commensurate return seems more unlikely now than it did a few months ago. As such, it feels like Calgary would have to accept a lesser return and/or eat salary, which isn’t ideal when talking about a very useful player.

In the end, Treliving may not have any choice but to move Frolik if he wants to get Tkachuk signed. You can understand, however, if the Flames’ GM is hesitant. Calgary is smack dab in the middle of a competitive window and Frolik helps them win right now. Trading him solely for cap relief doesn’t help the on-ice product, and accepting a poor return to make it happen is even less ideal.

Therein lies the dilemma for Treliving and the Flames.

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  • freethe flames

    So the question is what is a fair market value for Frolik based upon the current situation; do you trade him away for some magic beans or do you need to get something for him? How sure of you are about his possible replacements with the organization(Dube, Mangiapane, Czarnik or that matter Bennett or Janko)? How much cap space do you need to clear to get Tkachuk signed? Read on Spector’s hockey that maybe the Flames would look at a trade with the Blue Jackets for Riley Nash for Frolik; would the savings be enough to get Tkachuk and Mangiapane signed?

    • Garry T

      Frolik is of equal value as a contributor as is Tkachuk. We need to keep Frolik.
      Kylington would be a terrible loss. Keep him. Therefore the answer is Czarnik has to go for a 2 pick. If we are doing poorly do a deal for Frolik at the deadline. Give Mangiapane $1.5 for 3 years. Give Tkachuk $6.5 for 5 and you have a small amount set aside for injuries. Val can go on injury reserve, you then hold camp , see what you have and man the team accordingly. If Tkachuk balks, screw it, tell him you will ask him when he want’s to negotiate … June, July August .. anytime in there is good for us to renew! Holding the team hostage is BS.

      • freethe flames

        So over the three years in which they have mostly played together Tkachuks numbers have been 48,49, and 77 while Frolik’s numbers have been 44,25, and 34 they are of equal value; not by any means is that a valid statement especially when Tkachuk did this on his entry level contract vs Frolik’s $4.3m contract over that time. If you want to suggest that Frolik’s contract at $4.3m vs whatever Tkachuk’s contract is may be of equal value that may indeed be the case next year. I like Frolik and he is a good fit with Back’s a 2a/2b line whose primary purpose is to contain other teams better lines; I also sometimes have gotten frustrated when he does not get some PP when other lesser players have over the years.
        Like you I would like to see Mangiapne signed for around 3 years but think the cap hit should be a little lower; close to Czarnik’s hit. I don’t see Tkachuk signing for $6.5m unless it is a very short term bridge deal; 1 or 2 years; there is no way he signs and gives up a year of FA for less than Johnny makes.

        • Garry T

          Free the Flames. To respond to your points, please ask yourself, what was the function best describing the Frolik line’s responsibility. Simply they were the shut down line for every big line that came our way. Not only did he arrest goals against, he was a critical need that turned their turnovers into goals for. Without Frolik’s take away capability, and ability to convert defence to offence, Tkachuk does not get as many of the points he did. I have advocated for a year now that Frolik earns and deserves every penny he makes. If you moved Frolik to Johnny’s line,
          You would see results not seen before from this guy. He is as valuable defensively and offensively as Tkachuk, and maybe more so. Tkachuk is going to be a great player on this team, but he is not worth more than Johnny is and that will indeed show this season.

      • Garry T

        For all of those who disagree, I respect that. However, this is a team game. As a GM you must be physically responsible. We have $7.5 mil in
        Cap space. Lose Czarnik and add his numbers to that. Johnny is our best player and he out-performs Tkachuk. This is a team and that team has a stringent budget. TJ and Frolik are very important, so if we need to pay Tkachuk, it’s a max of $6.5 for 3-5 years and if that is not good enough for selfish reasons, we can get equal in trade by acquiring two quality players for him at the same total. Everybody forgets he takes elbows to the head for his mouth. He has had two concussions and the next one could be debilitating. If he gets $10 mil this year, I will be sorely disappointed. If you still disagree with this reasoning, you can kiss my ass in front of city hall, unless the Mayor is nearby and then I think I would renegotiate timing on that offer. Y’all have a real nice day in Flamesland.

    • Bond 0097

      It’ simple you just trade Lucy, oh that’s right he’s UNTRADEABLE!!! BAHAHA Well maybe you can dump Jenny and then sign the turtle, get him some dancing lessons tho so he could at least pretend to engage. He is a national embarrassment to Canada when he lays on the ice snivelling and crying don’t beat me up, he looks like a European woman’s team soccer player.

    • HOCKEY83

      I think you get rid of him whether the beans are magic or not. Get it all done so the team has no stress moving into the season. It’s not like Tavares is walking away for free…it’s frolik

    • Raffydog

      Cheers to that. Tkachuk is one of the most overrated players in the league. It makes me sick to my stomach that somebody with zero skills is going to be making almost 10 million a year. There are 50 goal scorers making less than that, its frustrating to say the least.

      • Trevy

        I’m not a huge Tkachuk fan, but saying he’s “overrated” and has “zero skills” is delusional. He’s 21 yrs old and improved each of his last 3 seasons. Is he going to get $10 mill like you claim, not even close. Plus, these 50 goal scorers that are making less, signed their contracts years ago. The market has changed, cap has gone up. Players like Matthews and McDavid have now set new bench marks. This is why there are so many RFA’s still unsigned

      • RealMcHockeyReturns

        He brings a lot and he will sign by eve of regular season within 15% of my estimates, based on term which are:
        1-year at $7.5M or 2 years at $7.25M bringing him when new US TV deal starts, or maybe 3 years at 7.75, or 5 years at $8.25M

      • Searsy

        Who the hell said anything about $10 million per year? Where are you getting that from? There have been zero reports out of either camp claiming a number being discussed anywhere that range. The most recent and best reporting claims the sides are down to debating term only – 5 year vs 6. And the AAV being reported starts with a 7….

  • Justthateasy

    Another thing tkachuk should ask himself is the following, “am I playing for the team or am I playing for myself?”
    Making his kind of splash in a couple of years in the league (ie; elbow to the head, constant chirping), does not qualify for millionaire status.
    I say take your bridge, fit in, and your mega compensation will come when due.

      • Justthateasy

        I agree that the points are there. But how many were standing in front of the net on the power play? Let’s have a look over the next couple of years and see what else he brings. Why are we afraid of a bridge? If he is more rounded then we pay up when the time comes. If we pay now and he plays later then you never know what you’re going to get. It’s a gamble that we don’t need to take.

        • HarveysFleaCollar

          So? Those are the toughest points. Have you ever played hockey justtahteasy? You take a beating standin there. I tip my hat to the warriors that do so just knowing what I did to opposing players in minor and jr hockey who tried to take shop infront.

          • HOCKEY83

            Ya just ask Roberts….Tkachuk also got 53 of his points at even strength. If you watched him at all last season you would realize how incredibly skilled he is at tipping the puck toward the net from any angle no matter what direction he’s facing.

          • Justthateasy

            That sounds one-dimensional to me Harvey. Is that worth a higher paycheck than any other Flame? And at such a young age. And to the detriment of the rest of the team. And on such a subjective pay scale! I don’t know. It seems like an over pay way too soon. You’re telling me that we need to pay up to keep him and let somebody else go so he can have the extra two mil? There is more to team sports than just me me me.

          • HarveysFleaCollar

            That isnt all he brings to the table. Just one of his many skills. His leadership, and hockey IQ rival anyone on the Flames. He has a good shot, great pass and hands. He can hit. He is arguably the best all around forward on the Flames.

      • HOCKEY83

        What does not fighting have to do with his salary. He’s much more effective when he’s aggravating the opposing team and skating away from it. Great players in history use this tact. Teams hate them until you get one on your team. I’m hoping he keeps giving the sneaky elbow to the head of every oiler player and force them to take a penalty out of frustration.

          • HOCKEY83

            Not if they’re sneaky enough. Doesn’t have to be an elbow to the head though could be a covert spear to the ribs with a stick…as long as it makes the opposing team take a penalty out of frustration and Tkachuk gets to skate away. Tkachuk draws a lot of penalties.

          • The Iggy complex

            He has also been one of the best at driving play while having a very high defensive zone start percentage and still puts up points even strength. But what do those stats matter when you have a personal vandetta against him for reasons

          • Flaming moe

            Sneaky enough? If your going around elbowing guys in the head and spearing guys in the ribs I’m pretty sure one of the 20 cameras in the rink will catch it. Most suspensions come after the game when reviewed. Let’s be honest tkachuk isn’t doing either of those things cause he doesn’t like to drop the mitts and a some point if your playing like that you will have to answer the bell. I guess he could embarrass the flame logo again by going into a full on fetal position. That’s worth at least $8 mill per. 🤮

          • Cfan in Van

            Ah, so Flaming Moe outs his second identity, CalFan 79. His posts are often in the trolling catagory, so keep that in mind… “Tkachuk needs to square up and stop turtling…” “I would put Lucic on the top line”… Lets get this season started so Oilers Trolls with multiple accounts can go hide again, as per the annual pattern.

        • Justthateasy

          Yes Harvey I agree with the great pass, hockey IQ, hand eye coordination, willingness to Stir It Up, willingness to hit if he doesn’t put himself out of position but not consistently a tough hitter. Leadership has not been developed yet. Leadership deserves higher pay but he’s not there yet and it has to be earned through time and example.
          Unless his sticking point on signing is the bridge deal he is not showing leadership by going for huge bucks at this early stage. Leadership shows you know your place and your willingness to work your way up.

          • HarveysFleaCollar

            He has done all of the above. He played with Backlund and Frolik when he should have been given a shake to play with Johnny and Monny. He wears an A going into his third season. What else is the kid able to do to show he is a leader? He is a great hockey player.

  • Cheeky

    I get that BT doesn’t want to give Frolik away but in all reality, that may have to be the case. We lose him for nothing next year anyway, so we either get what we can get (later pick) or retain some salary and get a mid pick. I think Frolik wants a fresh start, especially in his contract year, it’s not a matter of trying to get best deal, it’s getting any deal at this point to free up space…

  • AnonymousAllan

    Stop whining. We get it. You make minimum wage and anyone who has worked hard for a living that makes anything more are spoiled brats. Change the station bro

  • Brian McGrattan's Salute

    Very glad to read this article. Frolik is a really solid player, and doesn’t deserve the hate he sometimes gets.

    I would be shocked to see him traded this late in the off season, yet I do wonder about Chucky.

    Is this going to be a bridge deal situation?

    Having this many RFA’s unsigned at this point seems like madness to me. I am on the players’ sides, but something has to be done here, structurally, to find a way to get around this blockade in the future.

    Anyway, I wonder where Frolik will go in the lineup anyway — BPs has already suggested a third line of


    And putting Benny on the second line has at least been implied, so I do wonder what will happen with the lines. You could have a second line of Fro-Backs-Benny and put chucky on 1RW, but then where does Lindy go? Maybe he goes 3C, but then you break up the best line.

    Hard to see moving forward, but at least training camp will start soon!

    • Kevin R

      Top line wont get broken up. Thats money in the bank. Game situations will dictate some line shuffling but that top line remains intact. I like Frolik as well but he’s is gone at the end of this year. We have no room to sign him. So moving him one year earlier is just NHL reality for many teams trying to keep a younger core. Magpie doesnt get over 1 mill. 1-2 year bridge, he still has a lot to prove at NHL level. Janko is on 4th line with the likes of Dube & Czarnik. If we need a few mill to fit, Czarnik & Janko are going to be the cap space casualties. If we want a return, one of them with Frolik will have to be sacrificed. The key is what is Tkachuks deal going to come in. Deal is probably already done but both parties have agreed not to announce yet while Tre gets the needed cap space in line.

          • Jumping Jack Flash

            No kidding…Janko has clearly run over some posters’ dogs. He is soft especially for a big man but at least play him with decent players or try him on the wing before you cut bait.

            By now Janko. Has heard that he was part of the Kadri trade and needs to be better. I don’t think BP is a fan and Janko needs to win him over. Frolik should be the guy we move since he wants a new start and he is blocking a top 6 spot…and his contract gives us the cap room.

          • Kevin R

            Burn I dont hate either of these kids but something has to move to fit key pieces into our cap structure. Nature of the NHL beast. Now if Frolik & Brodie cant get returns as they are the captain obvious to freeing up space, then dont move them until we dont have to & then maybe teams will give you better value back. I think Czarnik & Janko, especially Janko, can get us a decent return. Crap Oilers are so thin on NHL centres, Holland might give up Pulji & a 2nd for Janko. Just saying these kids are moveable & if its a few mill we need, well this could be an easier solution. This is also based on Magpie is the better player & having a higher upside & value to the team as well. just because I suggest to trade them doesnt mean I hate them.

          • That was a lot of luck. I will bet you a lot that he doesn’t come close to repeating it. I will say he looked good on the kill last year but that was the only place he actually looked engaged. I don’t hate him or even dislike him. I do disagree with many of you that think he is anything but a borderline 3rd line player or a decent 4th. Getting time on the 1st line? Not if we want to go very far.

  • Seabass

    It is my understanding that players can be signed to extensions 1 year before the next season (not sure the date this officially takes effect). If this is the case, the Flames could sign Chucky to a 1 year deal for 6.5 with a handshake deal to extend then for 9 mil x 7 years and do that deal the next day. We know we have a lot of cap room after this year (better to use that money then on a young proven player like Matthew than an overpaid old UFA) . This would allow us to get Mangiapane on a 1 year 1 mil deal with an agreement as well to sign an extension for 2 more years at 2 mil after and do that one the next day. Is this even possible in the rules? If so, solves a ton of problems at once.

    • Waiting For a Cup

      2 things:

      1. Handshake deals are clearly circumventing the cap. Ask New Jersey how harsh those penalties are.

      2. If your employer asked you to work for 2/3 salary with the promise of a big increase in a year would you do it or would you find a new job?

      • HOCKEY83

        I guess it depends if 2/3 of your salary means you still get millions or just thousands. the difference between 6 mil and 9 mil compared to $60,000 or $90,000 is huge.

      • cornwallroyals

        Isn’t this what Kevin Lebanc do recently in San Jose? That contract was ridiculous from the player’s side. Let’s see what he signs for next January. In Kevin’s case, he is working for 1/6 or 1/7 of his salary.

  • HarveysFleaCollar

    Pay the kid. Prove you want him here and that that you want to build a team with and around him. Over pay now and save later for the future captain and leader of this franchise. Tkachuk will not have as long of a shel life as players like Marner, Gaudreau etc as he plays in the trenches and puts his body on the line.

  • Budgie

    Frolik is a UFA after this season. Most players will perform well to increase their value, and pending UFA depreciates Frolik’s trade value-Keep him-he is a good two-way player and Calgary needs RW talent. Assuming Tkachuk wants 8.5 million then the current Cap Space of 7.7 needs at least 3 million to sign Tkachuk and Mangiapanne, with a little extra to operate during the season. Assume 9.5 million for Tkachuk and Mangiapanne.

    Loaded with Centre man- Calgary needs to move a Centre to clear room for Tkachuk. Backlund, and Frolik have NTC, therefore the needed Cap space is found in Ryan-3.125 million-I like Ryan, its between Ryan and Tkachuk in my estimation. No defenseman can go-no one would bring the return needed-Jankowski, Czarnik, their salaries are too low. Is Tkachuk worth giving up a decent player for Cap Space? I think yes, but if he would take 7 million it would be easier on the team. The only viable option I see is Ryan which is the loss of a great face-off man and good two-way player.

  • freethe flames

    So if BP keeps the first line together: Johnny/Monny/Lindy and as indicated he wants to look at Mangi/Ryan/Lucic what do the other lines look like? Do you keep the 3m line together?(assuming Frolik is not traded) what does the 4th line look like? Bennett/Janko/Dube or Czarnik? If Frolik is moved who plays with Tkachuk/Backs/Bennett or Czarnik or Dube? I still of the opinion that I would like to see Lindy with Tkachuk. Or even Lindy and Janko based on their chemistry on the PK.

  • Mickey O'Reaves

    Treliving has gotten himself into a bit of a pickle here, not wholly created by himself. He thought he had trades on the table to move Frolik last year for Zucker, and Brodie earlier this season for Kadri. Obviously both deals fell through.

    Frolik is a useful enough player. But most teams have their roster’s pretty much spelled out before camp. In a cap-sorta-way the situation is similar to Subban and the Predators. David Poile: “Here, someone take him. I need the cash.”

    At this stage Treliving needs the coin for other more important matters. It might come down to Frolik for a minor prospect, or a 5th (or worse) draft pick. Will be interesting to see how this plays out.

    • Speed Kills

      Don’t forget the $81.5 million cap is $1.5 million lower than the projected number (83 mill) Bettman used at the Board of Governors meeting in December. That 1.5 Mill would have probably Helped soften most of the Cap issues this year for Many Teams, including Trades that just can’t happen now.

      • DJ_44

        The challenge for the Flames is obviously Frolik’s $4.3M salary — for a bottom six forward. Not getting assets back for that. Really, it is difficult to see a team will to take on Frolik’s salary without either taking back similar salary/player; or giving up assets in return.

        Only hope is for injuries on other teams and Frolik starts the season hot and scores a bunch of goals.

  • With Respect

    Chuckys agent is being very coy about this negotiation. It is all about term and length of contract, Tkachuk wants big money for 5 years or less. His camp does not want to part with any UFA years and not sacrifice any money. The Flames are willing to pay top dollar but want some UFA years in a 7 or 8 year deal. Someone has to flinch first.

  • drogon

    Beyond statistics, there are important unknown variables like off-ice behavior and locker room chemistry. Assets management is an ongoing daily business. Expiring assets like Frolik and Brodie only have one direction to go and it’s out. They won’t be protected in 2021 and are not part of the long term plan. Better having a return for them than lose them for nothing. Also, BT is not going anywhere but up in the organization.

  • Chucky

    Looks to me like a 3 way Mexican standoff. There are 4 or 5 teams with cap space, there are a handful of RFAs who are holding out and there are about 7 teams with real cap problems. It would seem that the Leafs are in the worst shape, already over the cap with Marner left to sign so they blink first. Once they dump $10 million in salary for a hope and a prayer then the rest of the league will be willing to resolve issue but until then it is deadlock. Philly and Colorado have probably offered two 4 round picks 2025 and 2026 for Rielly, Kerfoot and Kapanen all the while indicating that they would go to third rounders for Marner. Without the Stone and Neil signings the Flames could have been one of the takers.

      • Chucky

        According to Hockey Buzz current situation is they are $2,897,199 over cap, they get back $10,550,000 from LTIR. That gives them $7,652,801 for a guy who is looking at $10 million. So they are in the giveaway zone unless they can get a good deal from Marner. If Marner signs for less than 7.6 then Tkachuk is in the 6.5 range and the Flames can keep Frolic.
        But in the long run somebody with cap space is going to get a very good player for nothing.
        I think the order is Marner, Point, Laine, Tkachuk and Rantanen. If Marner gets 10 the trade gate open.

        • BendingCorners

          They have 23 on the roster so need to demote one when they sign Marner. Can demote 2 or even 3 if they wish. When Hyman and Dermott are activated two more go.
          Marner at 10.5 fits but it will be tight. Marner for under 10 gives them wiggle room in-season.
          I don’t cheer for them but they’ve done a good job assembling talent. Dubas’ approach is putting pressure on his competitors in the Atlantic.
          I hope Treliving gets Tkachuk at a discount but the Leafs are setting a new standard for cap management.

  • Intercourse the Penguins

    Wave Czarnik. Sign Mangi for league minimun. Keep Frolik until Tchuk signs. MT may sit for an entire season and we will need Fro badly if so. If MT signs it is time to move Frolik. Not before.

    • Chucky

      I think that the qualifying offer for Mangiapane had to be $775,500 (110% of his 705,000 salary from last year). Sometimes you have to wonder who in their right mind drafted this complex a contract.

      • Intercourse the Penguins

        Lawyers and agents drafted it. The former are what saves us from anarchy (such a bad thing?): the latter are why we hate pro sports (and yet still love them).

  • everton fc

    BT signed Neal, after failing w/Brouwer. That was a risky move. I never liked the Ryan signing. Sure, hindsight’s always 20/20, but we have been burned signing over-30 free agents. I’d rather we signed Roussel as a 3rd/4th line mucker, than Neal.

    All that said, seems Tkachuk’s camp is looking for term. He’s the same age as Aho, had 34 goals. and has grit and draws penalties – two things Aho will never have, nor do. They are worth the same salary though, in many ways. Aho’s being a centre may give him the edge, but Tkachuk’s “game” is really what this team needs.

    Tough situation for BT. Tkachuk’s worth $8 million, on the open market. Minimum. It is what it is. I think Frolik and Czarnik are gone – particularly the latter. I will say publicly, I am a fan, of Frolik. But Dube m ay be able to match his point totals sooner, than later. Brodie will be here, the entire 2019-20 campaign. I don’t mind this. If you want to win The Cup next season, maybe you keep Frolik. But we can’t. If they dump Czarnik, keep Quine up here, and add Lomberg as the 2nd extra forward, and sign Mangiapane at $925K, we have $8.2 million cap space to sign Tkachuk, with Frolik still on the roster. But, you have to hope no one gets injured…

    Which, unfortunately means we have to move Frolik…

    Tough situation.

    I think Dube can replace Frolik, in many ways. I will be bold and say he can produce the same goals/assist, as Frolik, if given the opportunity – meaning, a full season, with no injury issues. If we can get the same goal totals from Dube as we get from both Bennett and Jankowski, then Dube replaces Dube, next season. It’s a bit of a dice roll, most obviously. But I think it will work. He can play RW. We really have no choice – the gun’s at our temple, as an organization.

    (Researching this, I found it am amazing Philp, Tuulola, Ruzicka, Pospisil, and Zavgorrodny – not to mention Gawdin and Phillips – all have a bigger cap hit, than Lomberg, in terms of non-roster forwards.)

    • Albertabeef

      “all have a bigger cap hit”-I don’t see why you think that is amazing. Pretty much every player on that list has an obvious higher ceiling than Lomberg. It’s really hard to pay him more than Gawdin or Phillips when the two rookies had more points than Lomberg. Lomberg has been fairly consistant in the AHL getting 28-29 points per season but hasn’t really taken many steps forward. Then you could look at pre-NHL accolades to compare the three.

      Matthew Phillips
      AMBHL Most Sportsmanlike Player
      Western Canada Challenge Cup Gold Medal
      AMHL First All-Star Team
      AMHL Most Assists (40)
      AMHL Most Points (73)
      AMHL Top Forward
      WHL Most Goals by Rookie (37)
      WHL Most Points by Rookie (76)
      WHL Rookie of the Year (Jim Piggott Trophy)
      WHL (West) First All-Star Team
      WHL (West) First All-Star Team

      Glen Gawdin
      NHLPA All State All Canadian
      BCMMHL All-Star Game
      BCMML All-Star Team
      WCCC-16 Gold Medal
      U17 WHC Silver Medal
      CHL Top Prospects Game
      U18 WJC Bronze Medal
      WHL (East) First All-Star Team
      WHL Best Plus/Minus (+61)
      WHL Champion
      WHL Playoffs MVP

      Ryan Lomberg

      I don’t think the fact Lomberg makes less than these guys should be surprising at all. A 24-25 year old who has yet to score more than 13 goals in a single season in his first 3 seasons in the AHL? You think he should be a top paid prospect? Wow.

      • Budgie

        Yes, but Lomberg came up and hit everything in sight, he has heart-Giordana wasn’t even drafted, Lomberg is likely in the AHL full time but we need him on a depleted farm team-he is a leader

        • Albertabeef

          I don’t question Lomberg’s heart, heart alone does not get you paid. The debate was pay amounts of non roster players. I am okay with him being a farm team leader, if that is what he does. Just saying contract wise, the list presented has a much higher ceiling than Lomberg. Therefore they get the bigger contracts. Comparing this kid to Gio is a joke and an insult to Gio.

  • CantstandyaOilers2

    Bottom line trade Tkachuk, he should not be paid more than JG and MG, the team will get an amazing return for him… Tkachuk was a NO SHOW in the playoffs… again I blame BT for mismanagement, he should never have signed JN last season knowing he has to sign MT this season…Lucic is gonna be great in Calgary, he is a BEAST, he won’t score lots but he will be a great Leader and will bring all the important intangibles to the Flames

    • HOCKEY83

      This is not a time of amazing returns. Why would teams want to give up all for a player who’s team is behind the 8 ball. No…they will offer as little as possible.

  • SeanCharles

    Unfortunately we are likely forced into a situation where we need to trade him. He isnt going to re-sign here with Peters behind the bench so it’s an inevitability we need to face at some point.

    I’d prefer to move him and see if we could also add a guy like Coyle (big RHed winger and BOS needs cap space) in 2 seperate deals but if we move him strictly for space we aren’t too bad off until injuries hit: