Post-Game: Jets set, Flames flicker

The Calgary Flames went into Winnipeg with three NHL regulars in their lineup. They left following 60 minutes of pretty smart hockey with a 4-1 loss to the Jets, victims of a few nice offensive plays and a few bad bounces.


Pre-FGD: Heading to Winnipeg (6pm MT, Flames.com)

The Calgary Flames head into the back half of their exhibition schedule tonight when they head to scenic Winnipeg, Manitoba – which has an airport – to visit the Winnipeg Jets. It’ll be a lean Flames group against an NHL-heavy Jets squad, which should hopefully make evaluation a bit easier for the Flames. The game…


Poll results: Flames 2019-20 MVP

The FlamesNation player poll asking for the Calgary Flames’ MVP this season has concluded. The poll worked by randomly posing two players currently in the Flames’ system that would be eligible to play in the NHL this coming season, including players on PTOs.


Looking at the roster spot races midway through pre-season

The Calgary Flames have played four pre-season games thus far, picking up two victories. More important than the wins and losses, though, are the assessments the Flames are making on the players vying for a handful of job openings. Here’s a snapshot of how the races are shaping up.