WWYDW 2.0: Mike Babcock

If you put $100 on Mike Babcock being the first coach to get fired this season, you’ve made yourself a very nice return.


WWYDW: Let’s fix the Flames by opening up some cap space

It’s safe to say that the Calgary Flames haven’t had the season thus far that they had envisioned. Coming out of Tuesday night’s game with the Colorado Avalanche, they’re a game south of .500. They have very little cap space to work with and any call-ups will be tinkering on the fringes of the roster.


The devil’s in the details for the Flames during their skid

The Calgary Flames weren’t awful against the Colorado Avalanche on Tuesday night. They weren’t great, either. They’ve improved their systems play recently to the point where they’re not getting crushed most of the time. But some key lapses in the details came back to haunt them.