Calgary Arena History: Stampede Corral

Calgary has had bad luck with arenas, particularly early on. Sherman Rink burnt down. Victoria Arena burnt down. But so far, the old Stampede Corral has lasted the test of time and stands as the longest-lasting major arena Calgary has seen.


Best Flames Trades Countdown: #4 – Grand theft Dougie

The first few seasons of Brad Treliving’s tenure as Calgary Flames general manager were interesting. He seemingly had a plan, but he didn’t tip his hand much. Instead, he made a few tinker trades that eventually paved the way for bigger moves. Case in point: his wheeling and dealing prior to (and at) the 2015…


NHL reveals Return to Play details

On Tuesday afternoon, the National Hockey League announced the Return to Play plan. While not everything has been nailed down in terms of the details, they provided a lot of information about what’s going to happen… probably.


Calgary Arena History: Victoria Arena

When Sherman Rink burnt down in 1915, Calgary was left without a major arena with which to host dances, horse shows, curling and ice hockey. Lloyd Turner hustled to get a temporary outdoor space built across the street, but World War I sidetracked efforts for a permanent solution. But once the war ended, hockey found…


31 years ago, the Flames won the Stanley Cup

Way, way back in the 1980s, the Calgary Flames did something every hockey team dreams of doing. On this day in 1989, in the fabled Montreal Forum, they won their first (and to date, only) Stanley Cup championship. The Flames beat Montreal by a 4-2 score in Game 6 of the 1989 Stanley Cup Final…