NationBeer lands in Calgary

If you’ve been following us on Twitter and Instagram over the past few months, you may have noticed the launch of NationBeer back in May in partnership with the fine folks at Dog Island Brewing, but what you may not have known is that the beer has now landed in Calgary.

With the Labour Day long weekend quickly approaching, some of you fine citizens may be looking forward to a few adult beverages with your friends and family, and that’s why we wanted to post something quick about NationBeer and how you can try it out over the few days, weeks, and months. Put another way, could there be a more perfect time to give it a try than on the long weekend? Unlikely. Sounds like a good plan, right? Of course it is. If trying out NationBeer is something that interests you, feel free to check out where to buy it by clicking this link for liquor connect and seeing all available retailers in your areas. There they’ll have a list of all of the liquor stores that are currently carrying NationBeer across the province and near you.

From all of us here at Flanesnation, we wanted to wrap this up by saying thank you for the amazing levels of support you’ve shown us, and we hope you know how much it means to everyone here. To state the obvious, without you we wouldn’t be able to come up with different ideas like launching a beer line and those dreams can only come to fruition thanks to your support. Thank you, Flamesnation. Enjoy the long weekend.