2020 World Junior medal round primer

The round robin chaos of the 2020 World Junior Championship is behind us. Now, we get the medal round chaos over the final three days of action. Here’s a quick snapshot of what to expect from hockey’s best international event.


10 best Flames games of the 2010s

Hockey is a wonderful sport. But let’s not kid ourselves, friends: not all games are created equally. Sometimes you to go the rink for a Wednesday night game against Minnesota and come away feeling like you’ve lost hours of your life. Other times you come away wishing the next game would start in minutes, rather…


Flames in seven games: 2-4-1 in sixth segment

The Calgary Flames have completed 42 games of the 2019-20 regular season calendar. They’re 51.2% of the way through their season, and so we continue examining their performances in bite-sized seven game morsels. In the first segment of this season, they went 3-3-1. In their second segment, they went 3-3-1. In their third segment, they…


Flames close out 2019 with an uneven effort

The Calgary Flames finished off 2019 with something that’s become all too common in the latter stages of the year: an uneven effort culminating with a loss. The benefactor on New Year’s Eve were the visiting Chicago Blackhawks.