Photo Credit: Sergei Belski-USA Today Sports

Habs COVID rescheduling impacts three Flames games

Last week, a few members of the Montreal Canadiens landed on the NHL’s COVID unavailability list. Things ended up getting cleared up rather quickly, but three games between Montreal and Edmonton and one between Montreal and Ottawa were postponed.

On Sunday the NHL announced those four games have been rescheduled, which causes some ripples that impact three scheduled Calgary Flames games.

Let’s follow along:

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  • March 22 (Montreal/Edmonton) moved to March 30, resulting in that day’s Montreal/Ottawa game moving to May 5
  • March 24 (Montreal/Edmonton) moved to May 10
  • March 26 (Montreal/Edmonton) moved to May 11
  • March 28 (Montreal/Ottawa) moved to April 17

Because Montreal now hosts Ottawa on April 17, their game with Calgary on April 16 was moved up an hour from 5 p.m. MT to 4 p.m. MT.

To space out Montreal’s third week of April a bit, their April 20 Edmonton game was moved to April 21 and their April 22 Calgary game was moved to April 23, creating a back-to-back in Calgary that Friday and Saturday.

It’s unclear entirely why, but Montreal’s April 26 game against Calgary has been moved up from 8 p.m. MT to 4:30 p.m. MT. It’s probably travel-related, as their next game is April 28 at home against Toronto.