Photo Credit: Candice Ward/Stockton Heat

New additions to the FlamesNation team

It’s the off-season and like the Calgary Flames are expected to do, we’ve made some additions to our team’s roster. We’re excited to share a couple new faces on our team.

First up is Paige Siewert, who you’ve probably seen this season through her coverage of the Stockton Heat and the Flames for PuckProse and Full Press Hockey. If you’ve followed her Twitter (@flames_update), she is a treasure trove of Flames-related information and has watched more American League hockey this season than is probably healthy.

Shane Stevenson, better known in hockey writing circles as Flashalytics, is probably best known from his work at Matchsticks and Gasoline and his Twitter account (@flash_33), which is a superb source for Flames-related analytics. If you like analytics and cool charts explaining such things, he’s up your alley.

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We’re thrilled to have Paige and Shane join our team as we ramp up towards the draft lottery, the expansion draft, the entry draft, free agency and what’s sure to be a very, very interesting off-season for the local hockey club.