Beyond the boxscore – G4: Hanging on

Through four games the Flames have yet to get off to a weak start 5v5, but against the Capitals Saturday afternoon the Flames struggled in the second period. Second time in as many games such an occurrence has happened, except this time the team that put the pressure to them was one that knew how…


Flames Post-Game: Flames lose lead in D.C., win anyway

The Calgary Flames played a couple good periods against the Washington Capitals on Saturday afternoon. Their second period, their bad period, almost completely undid all their good work, though. But despite blowing a three goal lead, the Flames managed to beat the Capitals 4-3 in overtime.


FGD 4: A brunch game in Washington, D.C. (11am MT, SN West)

A day and a half after capturing their first victory of the season, the Calgary Flames (1-1-1, 3 points) are back in action! This time, it’s a brunch-time game against the Washington Capitals (3-0-1, 7 points). The Capitals are undefeated in regulation, while the Flames have played their systems fairly well through three games. Can…